Welcome to the Carnival!

Welcome to the Carnival!
The IBB Carnival is in town for the next 48 hours! Pick your attraction!
The Carnival is now closed. Thank you everyone who stopped by!! 

Fishing Pond
All orders under $59 get a handful of freebies thrown in (may include any mix of cloth wipes, rash cream samples, wet bags, baby leggings and other such goodies; note – a mix = a smattering, array or sampling; mix one of everything listed). No code necessary. Gift certificates and 101 class bookings do not qualify.

Quick Draw
Do you have quick-like-a-cat reflexes? If your order ($59 or more, before tax) number matches one of the luckies from the following list, you've won! No code necessary, we'll automatically apply the goodies. Order MUST be paid at time of purchase. In other words, ‘Local payment via check’ is not an option. Newborn Diaper Rentals and gift certificate purchases do not qualify. 

Wonder what order # we are on? I’ll give periodic shout-outs on Facebook throughout the next two days. Customers are also welcome to work together to report their order number on Facebook.

Order #
2296 free Jellystone Designs Jellystone necklace
2298 free chewbeads bangle
2299 free Delish Yum-Bum-Butter to Go Stick
2300 free Changing Diapers book
2301 free Changing Diapers book
2303 free BubuBebe fitted
2306 free Planet Wise food bags 3-pack
2308 free Thirsties Duo Wrap + Thirsties Hemp Prefold (we’ll contact you to confirm size)
2310 free PIMP pad
2311 free Changing Diaper books
2314 free GroVia shell + OsoCozy Better Fit prefold
2315 free GroVia shell + OsoCozy Better Fit prefold
2318 free BubuBebe fitted
2320 free delish body scrub
2323 free delish body lotion
2324 free delish brown sugar scrubbie bar
2325 free chewbeads bangle
2328 free Blueberry wet/dry hobo bag
2331 free Planet Wise food bags 3-pack
2334 free Peachy Green All-in-Two Sprout Up Shell
2338 free AppleCheeks Shell + stay-dry insert (we’ll contact you to confirm size)
2339 free Thirsties Wipes + Thirsties Booty Love Diaper Ointment
2344 free Boba Air carrier
2346 free GroVia Shell
2347 free GroVia Shell
2350 free jChew Choc Bar Teether
2354 free Kleynimals
2358 free Peachy Green All-in-Two Sprout-Up Shell
2359 free Peachy Green Cover
2360 free GroVia wet bag
2361 free GroVia wet bag
2362 free GroVia wet bag
2364 free GroVia wet bag
2370 free Swaddlebees Capri Cover
2374 free one-size diaper (min. value $19.95)
2375 free one-size diaper (min. value $19.95)
2376 free one-size diaper (min. value $19.95)
2377 free one-size diaper (min. value $23.95)
2382 free Jellystone necklace
2383 free jChew Smart Phone
2385 free Pink Daisy pad
2386 free chewbeads bangle
2389 free Changing Diapers Book
2390 free Changing Diapers Book
2391 free Changing Diapers book
2393 free Jellystone Designs Organic pendant
2395 free $100 Gift Certificate

Fine Print
  • Both offers expire Thursday at 11:59am ct or when we reach order #2395.
  • IBB picks color/print/closure/etc. We will do our best to match the freebie with the ‘feel’ of the rest of your order – ie. If you order 10 green and blue snapping diapers your freebie will not be a hot pink aplix diaper. We will contact you to confirm the SIZE desired, if your freebie is a sized or two-size diaper.
  • Newborn Diaper Rental bookings, gift certificates and 101 class bookings ineligible for any freebies.
  • Orders cannot be amended or canceled once placed! Please do not email me that paying for your order will not enable you to take your cat to the vet for her teeth cleaning.
  • Thank you!! 

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Some exciting changes to report! 

First, we are moving
The store will be moving to a larger brick and mortar space in October. A preview of the new space (replete with its previous-tenants decor - will be getting a facelift in the next two weeks) - 

Second, party time!
We will be celebrating this Facebook milestone with a 48-hour party! Details will be published at noon central time (in other words, just a few hours away). 

Thank you so much to all who have been so supportive over the last two years. We couldn't be more excited to help you along your cloth diapering journey, and look forward to serving you for years to come. 


Bitsy Bucks Update

A gentle request - please, please be patient as I work through these. The goal has always been to get them retroactively applied to accounts as they are something our valued customers have earned, but it will be quite manual and will take some time. If we get a large set of requests at the start of this process it might take longer than initially projected.   Thank you!