I Love Diaper Laundry

I often hear from those considering switching to cloth that they are worried about the added laundry. Fair question, as I know sorting, washing and folding a family's worth of laundry sometimes seem to consume things. Goodness knows we've had a basket or three sit next to the couch for [I plead the fifth] days waiting for its turn to be folded.

laundry time!

So, just why do I love diaper laundry? And what makes it so different from the usual day-to-day laundry? 

1. It is already sorted! Just grab the pail or wet bag and head to the washing machine. 

2. Nothing special required. Once you establish your diaper laundry routine, that's it. No need to look for stains to pretreat, jean pockets to empty or errant crayons to retrieve. 

3. No ironing! And most days, no folding. Yup, on busy days the diaper laundry comes out of the dryer, lands in a basket, and that basket sits by the changing table. 

4. and this is my most favorite reason There is something very satisfying about doing diaper laundry. This tangible act is keeping diapers out of the landfill, chemicals off our baby's bottom, and money in our wallet. It is something so simple, but it has transformed our lives in such a huge way. 

I believe there is a reason cloth diapering parents bond so easily - the decision to use cloth, for most people, runs deeper than just changing a fabric diaper. Rather, you share similar motivations and goals, and are participating in something bigger than yourself. And I find that positively amazing. 


One-Size Diapers: Rise-ing to the Challenge

One-Size diapers (often referred to as 'OS diapers') are a favorite of many families thanks to their versatility. For, just when it seems your infant is outgrowing every item of clothing, you can rest assured your diapers will still fit next week, and next year.

Most* one-size diapers use rise snaps to allow them to grow with your baby -
As your baby grows, simply unsnap the rise and move it to the next rise setting - by moving up a row of snaps you now have more fabric in the rise. This extra fabric then gives you more diaper to pull up against baby's stomach, and therefore more wing length to wrap around baby's sides.

Quick tip - If you ever find your one-size diapers suddenly are leaking at the thigh or front inner leg, chances are it is time to adjust the rise setting.

Now, don't be surprised if your little one seems to outgrow his/her rise setting overnight. Also, do not worry if your baby is wearing the diaper fully unsnapped at 9mos. While there are a select few babies who will outgrow one-size diapers, most babies will be just fine in their one-size diapers through potty time. In fact, don't be surprise if you end up snapping the diapers down a row at some point.

Just today I had to snap the rise back down one setting on my ~32lb three-year-old (she had a growth spurt last week - suddenly the tallest rise setting came up too high on her belly) -

*Don't love the look of the snap-down rise? Consider these alternatives - all adjust the rise using the elastic around the legs -

  • Softbums: adjusts via a toggle attached to the leg elastic - this ingenious design feature is also what allows this diaper to truly get small enough to be functional on a newborn. 
  • Fuzzibunz: the elastic is held in its desired position via a button hole in the elastic - what sets Fuzzibunz apart is that the elastic is not sewn in at either end - so no sewing or seam-ripping skills required to replace elastic that has lost its stretch - AND - Fuzzibunz will send you new leg elastics for free if you need them 
  • Charlie Banana: the elastic is adjusted via a 'bra strap' slider on the leg elastic 


Whoopies Stash - 'Honey, I forgot the diapers.'

Ever get somewhere and realize you forgot to pack diapers? Did a one hour coffee date turn in to an afternoon out with friends? Little one decided to poop four times during errands, and you are now considering wrapping him in the paper napkins spilling out of your glove box?

Consider a Whoopsies Stash! In sum, a stash of diapers and accessories intended to be stored in the car.

In ours? 

Why do I Love This Assortment?  

  • The wet bag is the perfect size to hold all of the supplies until needed but not take up much trunk space
  • The prefolds and cover both work as one-size diapers - simply trifold the prefold and fold it in to the cover (diapering a newborn? consider also adding a Snappi to your kit, so you can fold and secure the prefold around baby) 
  • Disposable wipes dry out in the car over time - cloth wipes can be wet from my water bottle
  • Economically-minded prefolds and one-size cover keep the overall price low 

Murphy's Law

If you use your whoopsies stash, be sure to get them back in the car asap, lest you decide to have a Whoopsies Whoopies stash. For, as theory goes, as soon as your emergencies supplies are forgotten, that is sure to be when you'll need them again.

Happy Travels!


Love Letters

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Time to Hunt! The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt Has Begun

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt of August 2012 has officially begun!

I have the fondest memories of the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt. The first in which I hunted was November of 2009. My daughter was just a few months old, and perfectly content to snuggle on my chest. It was chilly outside, sometimes snowing, and staying inside snuggled together was blissful. She'd snuggle, I'd hunt - we had a grand time! As she got older my hunting moved to the evenings and naptimes, but nevertheless still incredibly enjoyable (and oh how I miss those newborn snuggles)! 

Not familiar with the GCDH? In short, it is an online scavenger hunt! Sponsors (Itsy Bitsy Bums included!) have hidden a 'found it!' icon somewhere throughout their website. And not usually a needle a haystack - retailers will  have scattered a trail of hints to lead you to the icon. Once you found, click it to register your find.

this is what you are looking for - 

Why hunt? It is so much fun to see all of the various stores out there (many varieties of WAHM businesses participate, not just diapering). In addition, some stores (IBB included!) offer an exclusive discount just for hunters. Finally, you are entered in a variety of prize drawings based on how many icons you are able to find.

Want to play along? Register here.

Looking for more details, rules, etc? Check out the information page here.

Happy Hunting!