We Are Hiring!

Seeking: part-time sales associate(s) for our Brookside storefront (depending on availability, we are looking for 1-3 people)

What exactly does a sales associate at IBB do? One thing about small business and retail, each day will be different than the last!

The store is currently open:
10-4 Tues
10-4 Wed
12-8 Thurs
10-4 Sat
And we are looking to expand to Fridays.

Expected Duties To Include:
  • receiving, sorting, pricing and shelving new inventory
  • light cleaning (you would not believe the amount of lint a gillion pounds of cotton products will generate on a daily basis)
  • educating, educating, educating (cloth diapers, baby carriers, natural family products - all require a level of understanding, and it would be your job to help teach, in a succinct and understandable manner, just how these products function in a family's day-to-day life)
  • packing up online orders
  • ringing up customers
  • merchandising the windows and in-store displays
  • executing opening and closing checklists
  • reorganizing after a whirlwind of toddlerdom ransacks the bottom two shelves
  • assisting with inventory audits
  • making goggly eyes at new babies

  • ten to twenty hours per week
  • shift lengths vary from four to six hours
  • must be able to lift 40lbs
  • must be available at least two Saturdays per month *
  • to start mid-June   
  • *6/3 update - we've had so many prospective employees interested in Saturdays we are expanding the hours available. If you are only interested in regularly working shifts between Tues-Fri, and the Saturday requirement was holding you back from applying, please submit your application! 
All applications must be received by Wednesday, June 5th. 

Experience with cloth diapers and babywearing much preferred but not necessarily required. We are looking for intelligent, outgoing, self-motivated folks who will fit in well with our store (case and point - late on a Thursday you might find us weighing a Chipotle burrito to see if it would ship first class or priority, if one were to ship a burrito).

  • Please send a cover letter and resume to me at itsybitsybums at aol dot com 
    • Not sure what to include in your cover letter? Here's an outline of questions we lovvveeee to ask: 
      • At IBB we are a small family business, and see our employees as an extension of this family. We want the dynamic to be fantastic for everyone! Why do you want to work for us, and what makes you a good fit? 
      • With the prevelance of big-box stores carrying cloth diapers and baby carriers, how do small stores such as IBB compete? And, by extension, what does the phrase 'shop local' mean to you? 
      • Many of our customer interaction is focused on education, as most of the items we carry in the store are a brand new foray for the families who come in, and will require some 101. What past experience - personal or professional - has prepared you well for this education component? 
      • Which of our products are your personal favorites? 
      • Anything else we should know about you?
    • Please be sure to also include availability, total hours desired and wage requirements in your cover letter 
Look forward to hearing from you! 



Preloved Diapers: Selling Off Your Stash

Have Preloved Diapers You Want to Sell? We have some tips for you!

Cloth diapers are an investment, and one perk is that they have resale value! You took good care of the diapers and are ready to send them on to their new home. And now you are wondering, how on earth to start the process? Read on! This post covers the where, who and how behind selling your stash. 

A note – this is crazy detailed, definitely longer than I expected. But all the information is pertinent. Don’t get overwhelmed. I tried to include everything I get asked, and much may not apply to you.

First, Where To Sell?
-       Local Audience
o   Craig’s List
o   Local Facebook Cloth Diapering Group
-       Online Audience
o   eBay
o   Buy/Sell/Trade (B/S/T) Groups on Facebook - there are a TON, from brand-specific to price-specific and more
o   Cloth Diapering websites/chat boards – Babycenter, Diaperswappers, Hyena Cart’s Spots Corner
-       How to decide? Depending on what you are selling, one or more of the above sites likely will be the best option for you. How to know?
o   How ‘hard to find’ (‘HTF’) or abundant are the items you are selling? Selling diapers is an excellent example of basic supply and demand. Know your audience and market - the more abundant an item, the more you need to be . Have something really HTF? Consider auctioning the item to try to maximize your sale. 
-       Also, decide the legwork you want to put in -
o   Want it all gone in a quick and painless way (meaning, no trips to the post office, no Paypal payments to deal with, etc)? Use Craig’s List and deal only in person. Price it all as a lot, and price competitively.
o   Want to make the max dollar? Try several sites. Brand-specific B/S/T pages will give you the most focused audience. If you are selling a hard-to-find print or color, maybe retired a couple of years ago, people on these boards are looking for that item!! But you will have more legwork (negotiating price, arranging payment, shipping).
-       Selling Etiquette (more on this below under ‘Be a Good Seller’)
o   Be sure to read a site’s selling rules before posting your items. Some require prior selling feedback (e.g. Diaperswappers), while others will have specific requirements where and how you should post photos.

Getting Your Listing Up
-       Photograph and describe the items well. Including a lot of information builds buyer confidence and protects you in the case the buyer has issues with the diaper(s) upon receipt.
-       What to cover in your listing?
o   Describe each diaper by its full name (avoid abbreviations, many reading these listings are still learning terminology and all the brands and options out there) – e.g. BG4.0 Snaps-Zinnia written out bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Pocket with Snap Closure in Zinnia
o   Condition (this can be very subjective, which is why it is important to stipulate the following information, and include good photographs)
o   How were diapers washed and dried? Detergent, additives, line-dried, occasionally machine dried?
o   Any flaws or issues with the diapers? 
o   Used in a large rotation? Used only for a few months? Washed but never used? 
o   Will you take offers? Prices Firm? Discounts for buying in lots?
o   Inserts included with Pocket diapers?
o   If you are selling online, include what their purchase includes (Delivery Confirmation? Insurance? Signature confirmation?).
o   Will you ship outside your country? (See more on this under ‘Protect Yourself as a Seller’) 

How to Price
-       Price is dictated both by the condition and how hard to find an item is
-       For most readily-available items, here is a general rule of thumb - 
-       Excellent Used Condition (‘EUC’) 80% of the original retail
-       Very Good Used Condition (‘VGUC’) 70-85% 
-       Good Used Condition (‘GUC’) 50-70% 
-       Well Loved 25%+  
(these metrics are quite subjective - scroll around the forum you are considering to figure out what their 'EUC' item looks like - in general - EUC means almost like new, VGUC is the average 6mo stash, and GUC is anything beyond there. Well-loved refers to diapers that need a good dose of TLC to be useable)

Be A Good Seller
-       Be Honest – don’t hide anything in the listing
-       Communicate quickly and succinctly with your buyer. When relevant, include reply times in your listing (e.g. ‘I am only at the computer in the evenings, and will reply to any inquiries then.’)
-       Ship the items in the manner stated (first class, priority) and in a timely fashion – provide the DC# to the purchaser (more on DC# below)

Protect Yourself as a Seller
-       Be upfront in your listing – do not try to gloss over any flaws or issues with the diapers, this only creates issues for yourself further down the road
-       Tracking Information/Delivery Confirmation (this term changed recently – you’ll here it referred to several ways – most often you’ll see the abbreviation ‘DC#’): this is a number the post office assigns your package – you must request for first class packages, and will be a small fee; priority package pricing should include this, but be sure to ask at the counter as I’ve had a few people comment they didn’t get the # from the counter (it should also appear on your receipt). Why DC#? This will show where the package is en route, and also show when delivered.
-       So why consider insurance and signature confirmation? Insurance will protect you if the package goes missing en route. Signature confirmation is especially powerful – this proves the package got in the recipient’s hands. Did you know? A buyer can file a claim with Paypal that they never received the package, even if the DC# shows it was delivered, and Paypal almost always sides with the buyer! Meaning, you are out the money they originally sent you (yes, incredibly frustrating!). Hence, signature confirmation!
-       International Shipping: when shipping internationally, you only get a DC# if you upgrade the package to priority - first class shipping does not have the option to add DC#. And priority shipping is expensive! Unless you already have a trusted relationship with the person on the other end of the package, I don’t like international shipping. Too many variables in the postal systems, not to mention zero proof to show whether the package was ever received.

Closing Thoughts
-       In general, the more behind-the-scenes effort you put in to selling, the better the price you will get. For example - sunning out stains, creating nice, detailed listings with good photographs versus a quick somewhat-blurry photo on Craig’s List with a rushed description – you can guess which of those two listings is going to capture more attention
-       ‘Buy, Sell, Trade’ – I am a big proponent of the first two – buy and sell as you need. Trading, eh, I’m much less a fan. There are just so, so many variables. The only time I will endorse a trade is in-person: each person brings their item, they agree, they complete the deal. Two online horror stories experienced by friends:
o   Online, you establish the trade, no payment is exchanged, and each party agrees to mail. What happens when one party mails her/his half of the trade, but their other side does not? Typically Paypal, as the payment processor, acts an intermediary between buyer and seller. However here there isn’t any way to financially claim your possession back. You can still file feedback with the online site on which the trade was arranged, but that’s about it.
o   I’ve also heard stories of people arranging a trade during which the first person mails their item while the other person does not. Recipient waits to get the item, then claims it was not what was stated, and demands to cancel the trade, saying she will not pay to return as the item was ‘not as described’ (when in reality, buyer’s remorse is the only thing at play). The shipper then has to decide if she wants the item back, and now pays to ship again!
o   In either of these scenarios, the price of listing the item outright on a ‘sell’ page, then ‘buying’ the item from the original buyer, is much more conservative and, in my opinion, the more prudent way to go.
-       Should you Sell?
o   Good question, right? Be sure to figure out the price of shipping when deciding if you wish to sell, and also ask yourself if the item has a second life beyond the diapering days.
§   Prefolds and Flats are very dense, and cost a lot to ship. They make great cleaning rags and last for years and years. I always highly recommend keeping both of these items and instead incorporate into other areas of the home.
§  While light and inexpensive to ship, both Cloth Wipes and Wet Bags are items handy to have far past diapering. Cloth wipes make great rags for small hands, and Wet Bags are great for travel, the pool or the gym.
§  Microfiber inserts? Again, pretty expensive to ship. These are a greener option for your Swiffer disposable inserts – wash and reuse.


Attn: Locals! Mother's Day Giveaway!

Mother's Day is nearly here, and we want to celebrate those very special women in your lives and, of course, YOU! Motherhood is the most uniquely challenging and blessed time I've ever had, and there aren't words to truly say how special Mother's Day is to me.

To celebrate this special day, we've partnered with several local businesses to bring you some fabulous prizes. And several of these businesses are mom-run, just like IBB! We couldn't love that more! 

What's Up For Grabs?
  • Pamper Mom Basket from 5B & Co. Candlemakers - hand-poured candles made right here in Brookside, just a few blocks from the store. Next time you are in the area, please stop by! Their store smells positively heavenly! an $80 value congratulations Marjorie Power
  • Two 31 Bags from Kyndal Costello, Independent Consultant - these bags need no introduction, I'm fairly certain. And perhaps my favorite thing, they make it easy to get organized. I love, love things all organized in neat little rows. Yup. And they are pretty. Organizing Utility Tote a $30 value congratulations Kathleen McCabe & Insulated Lunch Tote $18 Value congratulations Erin Hiser
  • $50 Gift Certificate to Drunken Fish - hello, mom's night out! Husband, girlfriend, doesn't matter who you bring, it is sure to be delicious! congratulations Crystal MacMillan
  • It Works Wrap and Greens Sample Pack from Jennifer Patterson, Independent Consultant - wrap it up! For those who have always been curious how these things work, now the chance to give it a whirl! a $30 value congratulations Jessica Warlick
  • Birth Photography Session from Olive Leaf Photography - for yourself or gift to an expecting friend. Ali's eye for quietly capturing those most precious of moments is amazing. Head over to her Facebook page to check out her portfolio. a $350 value congratulations Alexis Falcon
  • Jamberry Nail Wraps from Jamberry Nails consultant Jennifer Novogoratz - nothing like a manicure that lasts for weeks. Now that speaks to my busier-than-busy schedule! And the designs are crazy fun. Bonus! a $30 value congratulations Tiffany Haning
  • $50 Gift Certificate to The Fiddly Fig florist - located just down the street from the store! They deliver all over the Kansas City area, and offer a wide variety of gifts, in addition to their floral arrangements! Check out their Mother's Day offerings here. congratulations Keli Perkins
  • Kelly 
And Itsy Bitsy Bums is throwing in some prizes as well!
  • Delish Gift Set - one bottle of lotion, one bottle of shampoo and body wash and one delish yum-bum-butter to go. You pick the scent(s). Delish lives up to its name, promising to pamper you in those (hopefully) few quiet minutes you get in the bath. a $34.97 value congratulations Ellen Short
  • 25% off a Carrier Coupon - that's right - take 25% off the carrier of your choice. congratulations Chanda Wilson
  • Chewbeads Jane Necklace - entertain a distracted nurser, or simply dress up your mom-style. No need to have a teething baby to enjoy this necklace! Check out all the Chewbeads options here. a $29.50 value congratulations Alanah Tripp
  • $20 IBB Gift Certificate - whatever your heart desires. ♥ ♥ ♥ congratulations Jessica Williams

How to Win?
  • No purchase necessary!
  • Visit the store between May 4th and May 11th (once, twice, up to all five days we are open, you pick! check our hours here) and throw your name in the hat. Limit one entry per family per day.
  • We will draw winners May 14th and drop you an email to arrange how we'll get your prize to you! 
  • Cheaters never prosper, and if we catch any un-IBB-like behavior it will void your entries.