Mini Party: 4,100 fans!


When? Tonight 7pm ct through 7pm Sunday evening ct

Up for grabs! Limit one of the following per order 
  • Orders $59-$98.99 two Planet Wise food bags (value $15.98)
  • Orders $99-$148.99 one-size diaper (min. value $17.95) 
  • Orders $149+ Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag or Blueberry Wet/Dry Hobo (min. value $28.95)
Buy Something, Get Something! No limit per order. Can be combined with the above.
  • For every dozen OsoCozy prefolds or flats purchased, get a free Snappi ($3.95 value)
  • Spend $99 on AppleCheeks products and get a free AppleCheeks size 1 storage sac ($12.95+ value)
  • For every Fuzzibunz, Rumparooz or Charlie Banana One-Size Pocket purchased, get a free hemp doubler (min. value $4.75)
  • Spend $45+ on GroVia items and get a free GroVia wet bag
  • Thirsties Bakers Dozen! Buy Twelve Thirsties All-in-Ones (any combination of sizes, closures and solids/prints) and get a thirteenth free to order this, please drop me an email rather than going through the website

Fine Print
  • Preloved items do not qualify towards 'Buy Something, Get Something' totals - they do count towards your overall order total on 'Up for Grabs.'
  • Newborn diaper rentals, gift certificates, trial packages, and newborn diaper rental store credit bumps do not count towards order totals. 
  • Due to expect order volume, Bitsy Bucks will not be applied any party order. Yes, still cranking away with the BB calculations so if you are waiting on that amount rest assured you are still on my to-do list. 
  • IBB loves you XOXO


welcome to IBB: ones&twos

Announcing the arrival of ones&twos. In diaper speak - a one-size aplix all-in-one diaper with a stay-dry inner. 

Why these make a fantastic addition to the IBB-lineup (and perhaps to your stash as well) - many folks who snagged the sized bumGenius 3.0 aplix All-in-Ones last year are finding their little one is outgrowing their current size. With the 3.0 AIO discounted, there is a definite shortage of stay-dry, truly one-piece AIOs out there, and this diaper fills that void nicely. True, it is a one-size instead of a sized diaper. But, many, many testers are reporting the fit is so trim that this difference can be overlooked. And just $16.95 per diaper! 

What a local customer (and huge BG sized AIO fan) had to say about ones&twos - 

One of the main things I wanted in a diaper was a slim fit, narrow between the legs, more like a sized diaper. I adore the fit of the one and two aio! It is a one size with the trim fit of a sized diaper! It is very narrow which does make it a little difficult to stuff [in additional doublers] but the shape is my favorite feature so I can over look that. I am able to stuff it but my husband can't fit his hand.
The doubler it comes with is microfiber that is [topped with suedecloth], so could be laid inside the diaper also. It is very absorbant and has lasted through some pretty heavily spoiling episodes by my son without a single leak.
I really wanted a diaper that was comparable to the bum genius 3.0 sized diapers that are now discontinued and found it in this brand! The velcro is also great quality! It is the aplix that won't scratch baby's skin but holds as well as any other industrial kind that I have seen. It has laundry tabs to prevent a diaper chain in the laundry.
I have tried several brands trying to find the perfect diaper...this one comes pretty close to meeting all my requirements. The sewn-in soaker is as wide as back of the diaper instead of being a rectangle shape. That little bit of added absorbancy makes a big difference for my heavy wetter. I have tried a few wahm diapers, blueberry simplex, bg's, blueberry pockets, applecheeks, tots bots and rar's. Out of all of these, One and two aio fit is the best for my 4 month old with his chubby legs and slim waist.  It is a close second favorite behind bg sized!

Ready to shop ones&twos? Check out the product page here

You're Invited! Mid-March Fever

As a thank you to our amazing 4,000-strong Facebook fan page, we want to PARTY!

Party Details

7pm ct tonight - 7pm ct Tuesday


what's the swag? 
orders $59-$98.99 pair of BabyLegs + Planet Wise Food Bag 
orders $99+ diaper (min. value $17.95 - you pick sized, one-size or two-size*)  


all orders $59+ go in the hat for a grand prize goodie bag (a $100+ value)! 

grand prize goodie bag includes a bunch of the new stuff freshly-arrived at IBB: 

Fine Print

  • *IBB picks closure, brand and specific color/print. Please do not email me that you only like bright yellow aplix diapers from X brand or otherwise your dog will cry when the package is opened, as I usually cannot accommodate these requests and then am consumed with the guilt of letting my customers down.  
  • Limit one goodie per order. Limit two goodies per household. 
  • We have a limited number of BabyLegs. If we do happen to run out before the party ends, they will be traded out for a second Planet Wise Food Bag.
  • Newborn Rental packages, Gift Certificates and Trial Packages and 'store credit value' newborn Rental deposit refunds ineligible. 
  • Cannot be applied to pending or prior orders and cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupons. 
  • Due to anticipated order volume, Bitsy Bucks not eligible towards any goodie orders. 
  • Any orders canceled may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. 
  • Because the grand prize goodie bag winner will be drawn Tuesday evening, orders will begin shipping Wednesday and continue shipping through the weekend. 

ps. This kills me - LOL! 


Sized versus One-Size, How Do I Choose?

When people visit our local store, usually the very first question when they walk in - 'how on earth do I decide?' Fair question, certainly, as we have more than 40 brands staring back at them. I do what I like to call a 'diaper diagnosis,' asking questions about budget, washing frequency, convenience-factor and so on. Once I know a family's priorities, it is then fairly easy to pull down a few options from the shelf that match all of their metrics.  

Well, one of the questions we discuss - do they prefer a sized or one-size diaper? We then review the pros and cons of each - 

Pros: Sized diapers will always be the trimmest option, sized diapers tend to last through multiple children as the diapers are not used as long
Cons: require two or three purchases from birth to potty training


Pros: An economical choice as one-size diapers grow with your baby and ensure you do not need to buy more diapers as baby grows from an infant to a toddler to potty
Cons: thanks to daily wear and tear over two or three years - one-size diapers may not last well through multiple children, most one-size diapers start to fit around 9 or 10lbs - thus necessitating a newborn diaper solution, one-size diapers are bulkier on small babies

As you see, you trade off trimness with a one-size diaper, but you also have a diaper that is going to work from 9- or 10lbs through potty. But with a one-size diaper, what do you do for that newborn period? Sure, there are newborn diaper solutions (enter newborn diaper rental!). But what if you could use a diaper that always was decently trim, started to fit from birth and accommodated even those chart-topping toddlers? Enter a third style of diaper - the two-size diaper.

Pros: trim-fitting, start to fit a smaller weight range than one-size diapers and will go to a larger weight range than one-size diapers (oftentimes at least 35lbs, if not closer to 40lbs)
Cons: when you initially switch from size one to size two - the shift in fit can be shocking (suddenly you go from a diaper that is almost outgrown to a diaper that completely envelops the bum) 

Want to check out some Two-Size diapers? Thirsties and AppleCheeks are two brands that excel with the Two-Size diaper system. Thirsties Duo All-in-One, Duo Wrap and Duo Fab Fitted are all examples of Two-Size diapers, and AppleCheeks entire line is built around the Two-Size fit premise. 

When you think about it, keeping your baby in cloth diapers from birth through potty means you will inevitably be sizing up, even if you go with a one-size diaper. 

One-Size Diapers
1. Newborn Diapers
2. One-Size Diapers

Sized Diapers
1. Newborn Diapers
2. Medium-Size
(3. some larger toddlers will need to go through)

Two-Size Diapers
1. Size One
2. Size Two

One final advantage to a Two-Size diaper system is the overall economic advantage - the less wear and tear your diapers experience, the longer they will last and the higher the resale value. As Two-Size diapers cover a more equitable range (Size One usually going until somewhere around 15lbs, with Size Two picking up wherever One leaves off), your diapers are likely to wear better and show less age. 

With that, IBB-folks, I present you with a third diaper option to consider - the Two-Size Diaper.