Round Four

The Great Fluff Hunt of 2011 details here

Cyber Monday & Free Fitteds!

One-Size Bamboo Velour Fitteds

Watch Facebook (and Twitter - as all my Facebook posts auto-tweet) through midnight. I'll announce 'the next order received over $X will earn Y.' Freebies will vary from one or two fitteds to one cover to one cover + one fitted. And the single (and adorable!) newborn set can be subbed in, if you are the winner and prefer something for your newbie. 

Winner chooses their print. View album here


Fine Print
- Limit two winnings per customer.
- Gift certificates, newborn rentals and trial packages excluded from qualifying.
- Qualifying order total must be reached before any sales tax and/or shipping charges.
- Any order cancellations may be subject to 20% restocking fee.


Round Two

what's this? why, The Great Fluff Hunt 2011!

Round One

details can be found here

The Great Fluff Hunt of 2011

example only - do not start hunting on the above!

Think you know your diapers? Let's win us some good stuff!

How it works - 
  • Through Monday, spectrum photos will be periodically posted on Facebook (photos will also be posted on Bitsy Buzz immediately following the Facebook post). 
  • The diapers will be numbered (see above photo as an example). 
  • Your job, should you decide to partake, is to hunt down each and every diaper pictured. 
  • Note the brand and color or print name of each
  • Email your completed list to itsybitsybumscs AT aol . com (yes, this is different than the usual IBB address) 
  • Each round will have ten winners (possibly 11) 
    • First ten forms received with at least 90% of the answers correct each earn one entry into the drawing
    • First form received completely correct earns 25 entries 
    • Note - only one entry per round per person - you must choose, and choose wisely. 
  • Once all winners have been identified, the round will be closed. This will be announced in the Facebook photo's caption as well as on Bitsy Buzz. 

Wonder what you are playing for? IBB's Black Friday-Cyber Monday raffle (not even yet announced, although I can spill that the grand prize rhymes with schmergo). 

May the fluff be with you, and happy hunting!

Fine Print
  • Each rounds' winners will be notified via email.
  • No purchase necessary. 
  • Cheaters never prosper. 
  • Stay tuned for raffle details. 
  • Limit one 25-entry win per person. If you already won that 25-entry spot, you are welcome to participate in subsequent rounds and, provided you are one of the first ten forms received 90% correct, you will still earn one-entry.


Black Friday - Cyber Monday

The I'm-Stalking-your-Stockings Black Friday Deals & Steals Thread

Stay tuned to this post - it will be updated through the week! For now, here are the goodies I can share ahead of time.....

Tips & Tricks & FAQs
Timing? All deals listed good Nov 25th - 28th unless otherwise specified (and as always, just while supplies last). Complete list of sales, deals and freebies will post at midnight eastern - and all sales (including exclusives and doorbusters) will go live at 12:30am eastern. This hopefully will give you time to make your list and check it twice!

Pre-Shopping Advice All deals will go live at 12:30am eastern. Because of the shopping cart's design, any discounts that go live then will *not* apply to items that are already in your cart (and the items currently in your cart will likely give you an error message). In other words, you need to wait to load your cart until the stroke of 12:30 - anything added to your cart before then will not reflect the sale or freebie promo.

Combining Shipping? I am happy to combine shipping on orders that are placed within an hour of each other.

Combining Freebies? For any orders placed within an hour of each other, those orders be added together to determine your freebie tier.

Bitsy Bucks? Do to anticipated order volume, Bitsy Bucks cannot be used on any orders placed Nov 25th-28th. This is to ensure your orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible. Any weekend orders still contribute to your BB count as usual.

Now for the good stuff - 

Monday Doorbusters - Nov 28th, 12:00am eastern until 2:00am eastern - expired
All Day Monday
  • Facebook Giveaways
    • Watch Facebook through the day - you'll see posts announcing additional freebies for the next order that comes in. Freebies include WAHM-made bamboo fitteds and accessories. Wondering how you can keep track? All the IBB Facebook posts auto-tweet, so now is as good of time as any to follow IBB on Twitter. Details here
  • Cyber Monday Raffle
    • All orders Monday received midnight eastern through 23:59:59 central will be entered to win! (This is on top of your 'IBB Freebies,' outlined below!)
    • Raffle Prizes include: 
      • Grand Prize: Ergo carrier 
      • First Prize: 3-pack of WAHM-made bamboo fitteds + WAHM-made one-size PUL cover + 2 Bamboo Doublers
      • Second Prize: Two One-Size diapers 
      • Third Prize: Prize closet sampler - a huge stash of goodies and samples I've acquired along the way as IBB has grown that haven't necessarily made it into the store
    • For every $20 you spend,* your name will go in the hat once. Spend $100 or more and your entry count is doubled. 
    • *Gift certificates, newborn diaper rentals and trial packages and promo GroVia items excluded from order total. 
    • You tell me boyish, girlish or neutral, and IBB will pick the specific items. 
    • Any order canceled after winners are announced may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. 

IBB Freebies - all orders* Nov 25th - 28th (exclusions apply, please see below)
  • Spend $25 - get a free sampler pack - Yum Yum Butter, CJ's BUTTer and Grandma El's samples and a free cloth wipe (a $5.00+ value)
  • Spend $49 - get a free delish Yum Yum Butter tin (a $14.99 value) or free One-Size Cover (valued $16.95+) - you tell me your preference
  • Spend $85 - get a free one-size diaper (valued $17.95+) AND diapering accessory (valued $8.99+)
  • Spend $125 - get a free one-size diaper (valued $19.95+) AND diapering accessory (valued $15.99+)
  • Spend $250 - get one of everything listed above!
  • *Excluded from qualifying order total - any Buy 2, Get 1 GroVia items' total excluded per manufacturer direction. GroVia soakers, Biosoakers, wet bags, Magic Stick and GroVia single shell or GroVia AIO purchases do count towards order total. Gift certificates, newborn diaper rentals and trial packages excluded from order total. Sales tax and shipping also excluded from order total. 
  • You tell me 'boyish,' 'girlish,' or 'neutral' in 'notes to seller' at checkout. No other code required. 
  • These deals are not stackable unless you spend $250+ - in other words - you get the designated freebie for your order total, not all freebies listed below it. 
  • Noted freebies available while supplies last. If an item isn't available, an item/items of equal or greater value will be substituted. 
Sales & Promos 
    • AppleCheeks
      • 20% off - Shells, Inserts, Doublers and Swim Diapers
      • No limit per customer. 
    • Bottombumpers
      • All-in-Ones - Buy 6 solids or 4 prints and Get 1 Free - includes both sized and one-size 
      • Please include free diaper choice in 'notes to seller' at checkout. Depending on colors and quantities ordered,  a portion of your order may ship directly from  Bottombumpers. Free diaper must be equal or lesser value to purchased diapers. 
    • Bright Star Baby
      • 10% off all All-in-Ones
      • No limit per customer. 
    • bumGenius
      • 10% off Elemental All-in-Ones
      • No limit per customer. 
    • Eco•Posh
      • 10% off all eco•posh Trainers
      • No limit per customer. 
    • GroVia
      • Buy Two, Get One Free - Newborn AIOs, One-Size AIOs and Hybrid Shells
      • No limit per customer. 'All three items must be 'like' items - ie. three one-size AIOs, three hybrid shells (any mix of closures). 'Buy Two, Get One' GroVia items excluded from qualifying order total for freebies, per GroVia. 
    • itti*bitti 
      • 15% off tutto All-in-Ones offer good through 8th, or while supplies last. 
      • No limit per customer.
    • Oh Katy
      • Buy 5 Get 1 One-Size Pockets offer good through Dec 16th
      • No limit per customer
      • Peachy Green 
        • Free Hemp Doubler with purchase of three Peachy Green All-in-Ones (any mix of solids and/or prints)
        • No limit per customer.
      • Preloved Diapers
        • All preloved diapers 10% off 
        • No limit per customer. 
      • rump•a•rooz
      • SuperUndies Training Pants
        • Buy three or more pairs of trainers (any combination of Pocket and/or Pull-on) and receive a free SuperUndies waterproof training rug (great under a potty seat - protects the floor from any 'misses') - an $11.99 value (please specify 'girlish' or 'neutral').
        • Buy three or more pairs of Nighttime Undies and receive a free SuperUndies waterproof sheet or mattress pad - a $20+ value
      Diapering Accessories

      For the Family
      • chewbeads 
        • Buy any two necklaces, get a free bracelet. 
        • No code necessary. IBB will pick the bracelet or bangle. Max 2 per customer. 
      • delish naturals - body care for the whole family
        • 10% off - introductory pricing
      • Lily & Sparrow
        • Savvy Nursing Covers - 20% off 
      • Mama Cloth Intro Package
        • Packaged goodness - mama cloth sampler and wet bag
        • Make Your House Green Kit
          • Packaged goodness - kitchen wet bag, cleaning cloths, washable food bags and all-purpose cleaner
        • Pork Chop Kids
          • 15% off - Leggings+Socks in One
        • Ergo Carriers will stock Friday evening
          • Free infant insert with carrier purchase + Ergo goodie bag through December 25th
        IBB-Exclusives & Limited Editions

        New In Store


        OhKaty! Pocket Diaper Review

        Another photo review from our fabulous resident diaper addict/reviewer Anna - the Oh Katy One-Size Pocket Diaper. 

        I know what you are thinking - 'seriously, another one-size pocket?' I won't lie, that is what I thought when I walked by Oh Katy's booth at the fall ABC product show. IBB already has a wide variety of one-size pockets, and I didn't know if that category could support one more option. But keeping an open mind I asked Oh Katy for a sample to try on my daughter. That night at the hotel I discovered you can instantly be in love with a diaper (ok, so I already knew it was possible, but I discovered there is another diaper I add into my top echelon of favorites!). 

        This is the trimmest one-size pocket I've ever tried, bar none. Amazing! And the cross-over waist snaps (Anna will talk more about these) really do allow for a great fit on a newborn (I had the chance to see an Oh Katy on beautiful new baby boy this week. He is around 8lbs (update: 7lbs 2oz) and the Oh Katy pocket fits him perfectly - even better than a sized newborn pocket diaper! I wish I would have remembered to ask to take photos, as I am still amazed at the fit through his legs and waist). A few photos submitted by his momma:

        Love what you see? Want to give Oh Katy a try? Now through Thursday, November 24th, buy three or more Oh Katy Pockets and get a free small Wahmies wet bag (a 9.50 value) Fine Print: Limit one free wet bag per household. No code necessary - just tell me 'girlish' or 'neutral' at checkout in 'notes to seller.'  expired

        A few weeks ago, I received the best fluffy mail EVER!  That's right, I received not one, but two packages of diapers from Abby to review for you fabulous Bitzy Buzz readers!  It has been so much fun trying out so many brands, types and styles of cloth diapers.  Some I love, some I like and some are not my favorite, but one thing I want to assure of is that even though these diapers did not come from my personal stash, I will still review them as honestly as if they had. 

        The thing I am loving most about trying all these diapers is finding that there really is a perfect fit for your baby!  (If you haven't already bought your fluffy stash, I highly recommend doing a trial first!).  The flip side is that while there is a perfect fit out there, every one-size diaper I have ever tried has provided a good fit that contained the messes and kept leaks at bay.

        Until I received the "review diapers" from Abby, I had only ever tried BumGenius and Sunbaby pocket diapers and figured that most pocket diapers were generally the same.  I thought that BumGenius 4.0 were pretty much the end-all-be-all pocket diaper and hadn't even considered trying other brands.  Boy, have I been missing out!  BumGenius are still amazing, but there are a lot of other high quality pocket diapers out there.  OhKaty!  is one of the fabulous pockets I would have missed out on, had Abby not sent it.

        OhKaty! Overview
        OhKaty! pocket diapers (formerly Katydid) are one-size pocket diapers designed to fit most babies from birth through potty training.
        Brand:  OhKaty!
        Style:  Pocket Diaper
        Closure:  Snaps
        Sizing:  One-size fits approximately 8-35lbs
        Materials:  Outer is made from TPU, a more environementally friendly alternative to PUL.  Inner is a super-soft polyester microfleece.  Inserts are microfiber.
        Price:  $17.95
        Manufactured in China.

        Remember my insanely naive statement earlier that I thought most pocket diapers were pretty much the same?  Well, I couldn't be more wrong--especially when it comes to the unique design features of the OhKaty! pocket diaper.  The color shown in the pictures is "Berries,"  a beautiful, creamy pink.



        You'll notice that there are 2 rise snaps, allowing you to adjust the diaper to sizes small, medium or large, depending on your baby's size.  At the waist, you'll notice that there are extra snaps you don't normally find on other pocket diapers.  These are hip-snaps.  Hip snaps are fabulous additions that keep the "wings" from drooping on newborns and skinny/petite babies like my daughter.  More on that later.

        One of the first things you'll notice about the inside of the OhKaty! is that the pocket is located at the front of the diaper, which keeps everything laying flat and neatly tucked in place.  In most cases, it also makes it easier to stuff and less messy when removing.

        At the waist, you will find a LOT of snaps!  Snaps are nice because they are typically more durable than aplix/velcro style closures and much more difficult for babies to undo.  Although you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of snaps, don't worry--it's really quite simple! 
        The double row allows you to adjust the waist size, and the two in the center on the sides are the hip snaps.  If you've got an older baby, you probably won't need to use the hip snaps.

        Wing Tabs:
        OhKaty! offers one of my all-time favorite cloth diaper features--cross over snaps.  Cross-over tabs allow you to get a good fit on brand new babies because it makes the waist really small.  The real reason I love them though is because I'm forgetful.  I can't tell you how many times I've left the house and forgotton to put a wetbag in my diaper bag.  The cross-over snaps of the OhKaty! pocket diapers let you fold that messy diaper up into a little pocket that neatly contains the ick, so you can put that diaper back into your diaper bag--even if you forgot the wetbag!

        Each OhKaty! pocket diaper comes with two microfiber inserts.  One is a "one-size" insert that can be snapped down to the appropriate size for your needs.  The other insert is a newborn size which can be used on its own for the newborn stage and as a booster to the regular insert later on when your child requires more absorbency.

        This diaper is newer to me, but so far in the few weeks we've used it, it has been superb.  I have found it to be easy to use and reliable.  The absorbency is great and when used with both inserts, can stand up to overnight use.  During the day, we just use the one-size inserts and it has been sufficient, even during naps.

        I am very pleased with the fit of our OhKaty!  My daughter is 16 months, 19lbs and 29"--so she's pretty petite!  Her waist is still small enough that the hip snaps come in handy for us.  On other diapers, wing droop is something that often annoys me, so it's nice not to have to worry about that with these.  As you can see from the pictures, this is a very trim fitting pocket diaper! 

        If you have a skinny or petite little one, OhKaty! is definitely worth considering! 

        If one-size pockets are your preference, you may also be interested in:
        BumGenius 4.0
        Fuzzibunz Elite


        Let's Celebrate: 2,500 Fans!

        Let's Party Help us Celebrate Reaching 2,500 Facebook Fans!!

        All orders over $79* through November 20th get a free Blueberry One-Size Pocket. 
        Please specify 'girlish,' or 'neutral' at checkout in 'notes to seller.' Please also specify if you prefer stay-dry or bamboo or have no preference. 

        Fine Print
        • Not valid on pending or prior orders.
        • *Gift certificates, newborn rental and trial packages and Bitsy Bucks excluded from qualifying order total.
        • Limit one free diaper per household. 
        • Offer ends at 23:59 central 11/20/11 or when supplies run out. 


        Giveaway Alert: Coming Up Peachy Green

        That's right, the amazing line Bright Star Baby has a new brand name - Peachy Green - and adorable logo to boot! To honor of the occasion, two special edition All-in-Ones are up for grabs. 

        Multiple Ways You Can Enter to Win!
        be sure to check out the fine print at the end of the post
        • Entry Options -
        • How to enter - 
          • Comment on this blog post! Please be sure to comment once for each entry, and comment in this format: name, entry type, email address.
          • In other words, if I was entering this drawing and I'd done all possible entry options plus bought two AIOs, here is what my comments would look like -
            • First comment: 'Abby F, Fanned Peachy Green, itsybitsybums @ aol dot com'
            • Second comment: 'Abby F, Signed up for Peachy Green's newletter, itsybitsybums @ aol dot com.'
            • Third: 'Abby F, Fanned Itsy Bitsy Bums, itsybitsybums @ aol dot com'
            • Fourth: 'Abby F, Already receive IBB's newsletter, itsybitsybums @ aol dot com'
            • Fifth: 'Abby F, Purchased AIO, itsybitsybums @ aol dot com'
            • Sixth: Fifth: 'Abby F, Purchased AIO, itsybitsybums @ aol dot com'
            • Seventh: 'Abby F, Purchased AIO, itsybitsybums @ aol dot com'
            • Eight: 'Abby F, Purchased AIO, itsybitsybums @ aol dot com'
            • Ninth: Fifth: 'Abby F, Purchased AIO, itsybitsybums @ aol dot com'
            • Tenth: 'Abby F, Purchased AIO, itsybitsybums @ aol dot com'

        Bright Star Baby's Off to a Good Home
        So you are probably wondering - what is to become of those Bright Star Baby's hanging around in the wings? They will continue to be offered at IBB until we sell out. Size One is virtually already sold out (might be one or two lingering around, email me if you want to know the colors/prints), but I still have a decent offering of Size Zero and Two. 

        Stalking Those Stocking Alerts
        Going forward, Peachy Green will release a new round of solids and prints every other month. Unlike Bright Star Baby, all of the solids and prints are limited edition. In other words, once they are gone, they are gone. Act fast to be sure you snag your favorites. The fall collection currently available - 

        Black Friday Is Coming!
        IBB has not one or two but three Exclusive Peachy Green AIOs stocking on Black Friday! The only hint for now - two solids and one print, and all inspired by the winter season's loveliness.  

        Special Edition Giveaway - Fine Print
        • Winner will be contacted to confirm preferred All-in-One size. In the event their size isn't available, a Size One will be substituted. If winner does not reply within 48 hours of notification, an alternate winner will be drawn. 
        • 'Mandatory Entry' means that you must complete this step in order to be entered. If you are the winner, and are found to not have completed both the mandatory entries, you automatically forfeit your prize. 
        • Giveaway ends November 20th at 23:59pm central. All entries must be submitted by that time. 
        • Not valid on pending or prior Peachy Green purchases. 
        • Limit one prize per household.

        now closed