Let's Celebrate: 3,500 Fans!

Let's Celebrate 3,500 Facebook fans! 
IBB wants to say THANK YOU to all of our amazing customers. 
For the next 24 hours (or until the party favors run out) please enjoy some goodies!
As always, fine print is fun. Check it out. 

Party Favors
Orders $29 - $58.99
free pair of Babylegs (you tell me boyish, girlish or neutral)

Orders $59 - $98.99
free 4oz Jar of CJ's BUTTer or 
free AppleCheeks Wet Bag size 1 or
Flip Shell + 3 disposable inserts

Orders $99 - $128.99
free GroVia shell + 5 disposable inserts or
free Planet Wise Sport Sac or
Teething Bling necklace  

Orders $129+
free Bright Star Baby All-in-One or
free AppleCheeks Shell or
free Chewbeads Necklace

IN ADDITION - Early Bird Appetizer
The first 15 orders $99+ also receive the ultimate sampler pack -

  • CJ's Lotion sample in a NEW scent - Viva la Juicy 
  • 2 cloth wipes
  • Delish Yum Bum Butter sample
  • CJ's BUTTer sample
  • Rockin' Green detergent sample
  • EcoSprout detergent sample
  • Lulu's detergent sample

How do I claim my freebie?

  1. Fill your shopping cart. 
  2. Visit this page
  3. Add your party favor that corresponds to your order total. 
  4. One of the first 15 orders over $99? Also be sure to add the early bird appetizer. 
  5. Selected party favor turning up as sold out? This means all of said treat have been claimed, and it is time move on to the next cater waiter (aka your second choice). 
  6. Check out. 
  7. Await your fluffy mail. 

Fine Print
  • Please note the shopping cart doesn't let me create buttons that don't charge you anything (silly shopping cart) so all freebies will ring up as a penny. We plan to store up all these pennies and buy the shipping clerk a snazzy nametag.
  • Freebie(s) must be in your shopping cart with qualifying order total. 
  • Bitsy Bucks and Newborn Rental Store Credit cannot be combined with freebie offers.
  • Trial packages, newborn rental packages and gift certificates not valid towards qualifying order. 
  • Limit three freebie purchases per household. 
  • Due to anticipated order volume, multiple sub-$35 orders cannot be combined for free shipping. 
  • Freebies valid through 7pm central 1.22.12 or when the trays are empty (aka supplies run out). 
  • Due to anticipated order volume, please, please allow an extra day or three for your order to ship. Paypal will send a shipping notice to your email address provided at checkout when your order ships. If you don't receive that notice, it hasn't shipped. Ready, set, break. 
  • See that was fun, wasn't it? 


TDoJ: Softbums Diapers

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 
Softbums - 10% off! 

What? 10% off Softbums individual shells and inserts through Jan 15th

  • The only one-size diaper that truly fits from birth!
  • Both snap- and aplix-closure shells available
  • Plethora of insert options or pair with your favorite fitted, prefold, contour or flat (love, love their Organic Bamboo Velour pod - it is my go-to insert)
  • Two shells available
    • Echo - use a a cover or AI2 shell
    • Omni - use as a cover, AI2 shell or pocket
    • Abby, which shell should I pick? Some people report the Echo shell is a bit more trim. If you know you you do not want the pocket functionality, then Echo. If you want the option, then Omni. 
  • Shells made in the USA (in fact, the Softbums inventor lives just an hour from my parents - yes - I have been to her house!). 

Want more? 
  • Today only, spend $100 or more on any combination of Softbums covers and/or inserts and receive a free 4oz tub of CJ's 
  • No code necessary. Not valid on pending or prior orders. IBB will pick the scent. 
Me & Softbums at the ABC Kids Expo, 2011.


TDoJ: AppleCheeks Diapers

On the seventh day of January my true love gave to me - 
15% off AppleCheeks! 

Love this diaper system! 

Why? Here's my laundry list - 
  • Impeccable quality 
  • Amazing color selection (and two prints, exclusive to AC)
  • Fits a wide variety of body types
  • Absorbent - the 3pli insert on its own is often sufficient for the average wetter
  • Versatile - use as an AI2 or Pocket 
  • Made in Canada
  • Elastic replacement system - no need to be crafty! Just mail back your shell and let them do the work! (not that I imagine you'll need it - we have a shell that has been in rotation for 22mos and still VGUC!)
  • Swim diaper - comfortable fit and slim profile means it will fit well under any swim suit (or is cute enough to stand in as the swims suit)
Wonder if this diaper is for you? Check out Anna's review here (and her little one sporting Raspberry Sorbet, my most favorite diaper color EVER). 

Today only - Spend $100 or more on any combination of AppleCheeks products and get a free Size 1 AppleCheeks wet bag in Coriander (a $12.95 value). No code necessary. Good while supplies last. Not valid on pending or prior purchases. 

My AppleCheeks fluffy mail - March 22, 2010 (and a WAHM fitted at the right, love)

Review: AppleCheeks Diapers

One of my favorite aspects of reviewing cloth diapers is seeing the creative and innovative ways diapers are made!  In many ways, each diaper is a unique work of art; it is the result of many hours of thought, ingenuity and creativity. While some diapers are just variations of other brands, others are truly unique and in a class all their own.  Enter Applecheeks.  These diapers are unlike any other diaper I've tried so far!

The outer shell, or "Envelope Cover" is amazingly versatile, both in terms of fit as well as function.  The two size options cover babies from 7-35lbs, so this is a system you could most likely use until potty training!  The feature that makes Applecheeks truly unique however, is the ability to be a pocket-type diaper--with no unstuffing required--or an AI2!!  And that my friends, is only the beginning of the innovation!

Style: Pocket, Cover OR AI2
Closure:  Snaps
Sizing:  Size 1:  fits babies from approximately 7-20lbs, Size 2:  fits babies from 18-35lbs
Materials:  Outer is PUL, Inner is super-soft microfleece lining, Inserts are Bamboo/Cotton Viscose
Pricing:  Envelope covers $19, 2 pli insert $8.80, 3 pli insert $10.80, 2 pack stay dry inserts $8, bamboo booster $3.80, stay-dry bamboo booster $6.70
Colors and Prints:  9 vibrant colors and 2 adorable prints

Shell Outer
 One look at the Applecheeks Envelope Cover and you can see that it is unlike other diapers.
For starters, the shape is entirely unique--you'll notice is doesn't have the distinct "T" shape that most front snapping cloth diapers have.  Secondly, the entire perimeter of the diaper is serged, not turned and topstitched.  This accomplishes two things:  1)serging accomodates more stretch, making the cover very flexible and stretchy and 2) serging keeps the edge as trim as possible, so you get a very slim-fitting cover!

The front has two rows of snaps, ensuring that you get the perfect fit in both the waist and the legs.  The front panel also has super-soft elastic gathering in the front, which acts as a barrier against leaks and prevents gaping.  The back also has the same soft elastic gathering to guard against blow-outs and contain the nasty messes.  The extra-wide tabs prevent annoying wing droop.

Shell Inner
Take a peek inside the envelope cover and you'll find amazingly soft lining and a pocket opening in the middle of the diaper.  While most pocket diapers have the opening at the front or the back of the diaper, Applecheeks places theirs in the middle, make it hassle-free to stuff the pocket even for wider hands.  This ingenius placement also means that the insert will work its way out in the wash, unstuffing itself so you don't have to!
I'm just going to slip a little personal preference in here and say that I love bamboo in cloth diapers!  It's soft and holds twice as much as cotton.  This means that you can have the same amount of absorbency with half the bulk!   Plus, bamboo is anti-microbial so it's a healthy choice for babies bottom and in my experience, resists the stinkies better than other fibers.  Naturally then, bamboo is the perfect choice for Applecheeks Inserts!  Depending on the absorbency needs of your baby, you can choose from either 2 or 3 pli inserts and if you need additional absorbency, boosters are available as well (including a stay-dry option!).
 The insert is rectangular and meant to be folded in thirds, giving you either 6 or 9 absorbent layers depending on which pli insert you are using.  Fold it lengthwise for a longer insert and widthwise for a shorter one.

Below:  2 pli insert, folded widthwise and set on top of the Envelope cover to be used as an AI2.
Below:  2 pli insert folded lengthwise and set on top of the Envelope cover to be used as an AI2.

Below:  Insert folded widthwise and inserted into the envelope cover to be used as a pocket.
The following pictures have a 2 pli inserts inserted into the envelope cover

My daughter is 17 months, 20lbs and approximately 29" tall.   In the pictures below, she is wearing an Applecheeks envelope cover size 2, with a 2 pli insert trifolded inside.  Both the legs and waist are snapped to the smallest setting and are perfectly snug.  The cover fit her well, and I imagine that a size 1 would actually still fit her alright at this point, judging from how much room she has in the size 2 cover.  Because she's smaller, the cover does "blouse" a little, but under jeans you don't really notice it.  It really is a fairly trim fitting diaper.  The blousing isn't a negative issue--it just means that there is plenty of room to grow :)

The Applecheeks reusable diaper system is fabulous!  I loved being able to use it as a pocket, cover or AI2, depending on what I needed at the moment. 

As an AI2, it is very easy to use and reuse!  Simply lay the insert on top of the cover and put the diaper on.  When it's time for a change, pull the wet insert out and put a dry one in it's place. 

The reason I love being able to use the Applecheeks as a pocket is because it made a great night time diaper--I just placed a Babykicks hemp insert in the center of the insert and wrapped the 2 pli insert around it, then stuffed it in the pocket!  (The 2pli insert wasn't quite absorbent enough for a 10 hour stretch).

If you prefer fitteds for nighttime, the envelope cover can also be used over flats, prefolds, fitteds or contours. 

Regardless of which way I was using the system, I never had any problems with leaks or irritations. 

The versatility of type and material (the option for natural fibers or stay-dry), make Applecheeks an ideal system for those who want to cloth diaper, but aren't sure if they need natural fibers or stay-dry and don't know if they would prefer pocket, AI2's, or covers and prefolds.

You may also be interested in Softbums Omni.


TDoJ: Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds

On the third day of January my true love gave to me - 
Why, you might be asking, is this amazing and life-changing? Well, you see, I've often considered these prefolds one of the best kept secrets in the cloth diapering world. They are: a. super-trim b. made in the USA c. super-soft d. super-absorbent e. super-versatile f. dry quickly g. notice all the 'supers?'

Try them laid in your favorite cover. Tucked inside a pocket in place of the usual microfiber insert (trim, trim!). Or, if you struggle with finding enough nighttime absorbency for your heavy wetter, I highly recommend giving them a try! 

Case in point, check out this feedback -  

Hi Abby,

I just wanted to share with you my experience with the thirsties hemp prefold. I will preface this by saying that we have struggled for over two years to find a night time diaper for our 26 month old daughter who is an extremely heavy night time wetter. We have tried everything under the sun and the only thing that currently works (about 75% of the time) is a fitted stuffed with two or three doublers of different varieties with a PUL cover and our fingers crossed. I wanted to try the thirsties duo hemp prefold because of my love for hemp and the softness of this product. Plus it seemed SO thin so I paired it with a hemp babies insert, stuck it in a PUL cover and figured if it didn't work all night it wouldn't be anything new to change sheets again before sunrise. 

I was shocked when I changed my daughter this morning and saw the diaper not only didn't leak, it wasn't dripping wet like the fitteds usually are. Her bum didn't reek of pee and she slept nearly 10 hours! I will be buying more of these and hope you tell others looking for a trim, absorbent diaper that this is the answer!!!


And there you have it, folks! Don't miss the other great Twelve Days of January sales, on now through January 15th.

ps. For every Hemp Prefold purchased today, 1/6/12, you earn a free CJ's BUTTer sample. Buttery-soft prefolds + delishly-scented BUTTer = Yum! No limit per customer. No code necessary. Not valid on previous/pending orders. Good while supplies last. 


Twelve Days of January Sale!

Twelve Days of Christmas? Naw. With the holidays winding down, what better way to jazz up the new year than celebrating customer favorites? How about the Twelve Days of January? Yay!

For the next twelve days you'll find twelve amazing brands in the spotlight - some with sales, some with freebies, and some with surprises along the way (hint - watch Facebook). All of the sales will run January 4th through 15th. You astute maids a'milking likely have noticed dates listed below. Each day we'll spend a few minutes on Bitsy Buzz singing the praises of the featured item or brand, just in case you wanted to know why I think said product is likely to send your swans a'swimming and geese a'laying (aka pretty darn fabulous). 

First day of January (1/4): Chewbeads 10% off 
Second day (1/5): Woollybottoms stocking - 8pm central 1/5 (previews coming shortly!)

Third day (1/6): Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds 10% off

Fourth Day (1/7):  Bright Star Baby Covers (will stock 9pm central 1/5 1/7 third time is the charm, right? 1/9/12) 15% off

Fifth Day (1/8): Delish Naturals introductory pricing of 10% off ends 1/15

Sixth Day (1/9): Tots Bots Easy Fit and Tini Fit 10% off
Seventh Day (1/10): AppleCheeks Single Shells + Inserts and Swim Diapers 15% off

Eighth Day (1/11): Softbums Single Shells + Inserts 10% off

Ninth Day (1/12): Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention  10% off

Tenth Day (1/13): Rockin' Green Detergent 10% off (through Jan 31st)

Eleventh Day (1/14): Bright Star Baby All-in-Ones 20% off 

Twelfth Day (1/15): Weehuggers Wet Bags 10% off

Now go call to your lords a'leaping that it is time to get out the french hens.
Happy Shopping!


Fine Print
  • No codes necessary - discounts already applied. 
  • Sale prices not applicable to pending or prior orders, and cannot be combined with brand's volume discounts. 
  • Newborn Diaper Rental 'store credit deposit value' cannot be used on any discounted items. Due to volume of inquires, Bitsy Bucks cannot be redeemed through the sale period.
  • We strive to ship orders every day. Because we are constantly packing orders, it isn't possible to guarantee combined shipping from day to day through this sale. EXCEPTION - Multiple orders placed on 1/5 within two hours of each other can be combined.
  • Complete store policies can be found here
  • And a partridge in a pear tree. Just checking. 


Snazzy Stash Shots 2011: Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone for submitting your Snazzy Stash Shots! The jury had so much fun 'ohhing' and 'ahhing' over so many adorable babies and lovely stashes! So much fun, in fact, I've decided the contest will reincarnate for each major holiday over the course of the year. So for those who want plenty of notice to get the creative juices running and the wheels spinning - the next theme - Valentine's Day!

ps. notice the 'so' count in the first paragraph - evidently I really was sooooo enamored.....

So, without further delay - 

Grand Prize
The Year of the Cloth Dragon submitted by Bridgette T.

First Prize
B is for  Bottombumpers, F is for Fuzzibunz submitted by Jeania D.

Second Prize 
submitted by Kristie H.

Twelve Days of January 2012

Twelve Days of January coming January 4th*
the holidays may have come to a close, but why does the party have to end? 
twelve days to celebrate fabulous products, and at a discount to boot! 

ps. winners of the Snazzy Stash Shot contest will be announced this evening. 

*yes, postponed a day. between crazy system issues, crazier travel plans and (craziest of all) my little girl starting preschool today, it simply wasn't meant to start Jan 3rd as planned.