Snazzy Stash Shots 2011: Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone for submitting your Snazzy Stash Shots! The jury had so much fun 'ohhing' and 'ahhing' over so many adorable babies and lovely stashes! So much fun, in fact, I've decided the contest will reincarnate for each major holiday over the course of the year. So for those who want plenty of notice to get the creative juices running and the wheels spinning - the next theme - Valentine's Day!

ps. notice the 'so' count in the first paragraph - evidently I really was sooooo enamored.....

So, without further delay - 

Grand Prize
The Year of the Cloth Dragon submitted by Bridgette T.

First Prize
B is for  Bottombumpers, F is for Fuzzibunz submitted by Jeania D.

Second Prize 
submitted by Kristie H.


  1. Love! SO creative! (Note the additional use of SO)

  2. I had a feeling the dragon would win!!!!