Hot Pants! aka April WAHMlight

You know me and my WAHMs. I have a serious crush on those who can make both motherhood and career-hood commingle while simultaneously maintaining their sanity and a functioning website. So when I found The Spotted Box last year I went nuts - so many WAHMs packed into such a small space and shipped directly to my doorstep. 
my box's contents

Included in my Spotted Box was a coupon for a free mama cloth liner. I already had a mixture of mama cloth liners, so this wasn't a new concept to me. But the design was. 

Hello Wasabi Mommi Lemon Liner, nice to meet you. 

Very trim while still very absorbent, the Lemon Liner quickly became a favorite in my stash. And once IBB opened I knew Wasabi Mommi Works was a brand that I'd love to bring to more people, and the first WMW products stocked late last year. With stocking WMW came my opportunity to work with Jess, the momma behind those endearing peas of spicy Japanese goodness and amazing mama products! Jess is very sweet and so lovely to work with. And did I mention her products are top-notch!

With that - welcome to the WAHMlight Wasabi Mommi Works! 

Itsy Bitsy Bums: Tell us a bit about yourself. Your family. Your likes. Your dislikes.
Wasabi Mommi Works: My name is Jessica, I was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. I am married and have two beautiful babies, Lilly and Jonathan.  Before I was a sewing wahm I was a professional henna artist. I did henna for middle eastern and south Asian weddings and was featured in The Washington Post in 2007. I made the switch to a more home based business when I got pregnant with my first. I enjoy crafting of all kinds, and chocolate.

IBB: When did you first encounter mama cloth?
WMW: I first encountered mama cloth while pregnant with my daughter. I found that I had become allergic to the ‘new’ material my favorite sposie brand had switched to. I thought there had to be an alternative! And so, I was cloth converted!

IBB: When did you decide you'd go into business making mama cloth? How do you come up with your designs?
WMW: I traded for my first cloth pad. I fell in love with Minky at first touch but was dissatisfied with the leak protection that pad provided. I decided I would get out my old dusty sewing machine and try my hand at a more customized shape to fit my needs. I started with a basic outline of a sposie and went from there. I knew I wanted more protection in the back and so the swooped back pads were born! I wanted all sizes to stay consistent so, all ‘wing spans’ of my pads are the same size and shape. I knew I would be staying home with my kids and loved the sizes and shape of the pads I had come up with so much, I decided to spread the cloth love and become a wahm.

IBB: I've always had a serious infatuation with your logo. It is so absolutely darling! How did you come up with your brand name, and the subsequent logo?
‘WasabiMommi’ was a screen name I came up with while pregnant with my daughter. While madly researching pregnancy and fetal growth, I joined a lot of websites and message boards. I wanted a cute, unique screen name I could use everywhere which sported my new title as a mommy. My husband is part Japanese so I jokingly suggested WasabiMommi…and it stuck! The moment I suggested it I envisioned a little wasabi pea mommy and her little wasabi pea baby lovingly looking at eachother. My best friend is a graphic designer and she did a wonderful job bringing my wasabi peas to life for me. I absolutely love them!

IBB: Any other products in the works at Wasabi Mommi's?
I have been thinking about offering more cloth alternatives geared towards moms. As a new mommy for a second time, I know how hard it is to take some ‘me’ time to relax and take care of myself. Some ideas I have been throwing around are: scented stain remover, various sized wet/dry bags, and aromatherapy eye masks.

IBB: What is your favorite part of being a WAHM?
WMW: I love shopping for fabric! I have a small addiction to hoarding fabric. I am lucky enough to have a small sewing room at home filled with fabrics I have acquired over the years. When I find fabric I really like, I can rarely bring myself to use it on a project. Running a small business making pads, I am able to get the urge to buy awesome fabric (and actually use it) out of my system. I also love that I get to be home with my babies and take the time I need to be there for them and of course, being my own boss.

IBB: Anything else we should know about you?
WMW: I love feedback, questions, comments and suggestions! I try to reward my customers for their two cents! So, don’t be shy! 

Now that you've had a chance to get to know Jessica and WMW.... I know you are just antsy to win some of these fabulous pads! And of course buy a few for your own stash! 

Winner will get $20 to spend on any mixture of Wasabi Mommi pads and liners. I'll contact the winner via email to arrange her order. 

Many ways to enter
Be sure to comment on this post, leaving one comment for each entry. Please leave your email address with your comment(s) (I recommend a format spambots cannot farm - with spaces or 'AT' in place of '@' - etc). 

Winner will be drawn the first week of May. 

Did you see March's WAHMlight spotlighting the Lily & Sparrow? You can still enter tL&S giveaway through April 15th! 

ps. While digging for my photo of the Spotted Box's content, I discovered that the same week my Spotted Box arrived I also took this photo of my lovely baby girl (still my favorite to date). If you are on Babycenter's Cloth Diaper board you are likely to recognize it.....


Abby's Favorites: Week 1

For the month of April I'm celebrating some of my favorite things, in honor of my favorite (yes, used as a noun). I know you've waited with breath that is bated so let's not keep you in suspense any longer.

What do I love? GroVia's One-Size All-in-One

Why do I love them? Super trim, super easy to use. Amazing colors and prints that are sure to satisfy!

Why else does my heart aflutter? Natural (organic!) fibers against the bum. Snap-in doubler allows you to get a snug fit on a smaller bottom. One-size! (Up until last year, this AIO was manufactured as a sized diaper under the name 'Dreameze.' Dreameze was discontinued by Natural Baby Company during the rebranding of GroBaby to GroVia. With this switch ushered in a more grown-up version, with better quality PUL, softer cotton soakers and prints!)

What to read more? Check out Haute Clothed Buns for more, including lots of photos!

Get them while they're hot! For the month of April Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

Want More? For the first week of April (April 1 - 7) spend $100 or more on GroVia products and get a free Magic Stick or free Soakers 2-pack.

Fine Print
  • Must specify 'Spring Fling' in 'comments to retailer' section at checkout. Also include your top three color/print choices so I know what to aim for when pulling your freebie.
  • If ordering over $100 specify preferred freebie at checkout.
  • Offer good while supplies last. 
  • Not valid on prior orders.
  • No limit to the number of 'Buy Three, Get One' freebies. 
  • Limit 2 '$100+ freebies' per household.


April = Favorite Things

April is almost here, which means my favorite's birthday is just a few weeks away (yes, I am bending the English language a bit by turning 'favorite' into a noun,  bear with me.....). My husband is my rock, my live-in comedian, the love of my life, and what better way to celebrate his birthday than by turning the entire month of April into a celebration of favorites! 

April 1 - 7 I hope to take my daughter to the Sacred Road in Rome when she's all grown-up.
April 8 - 14 ??
April 15 - 21 ??
April 22 - 30 ??

Stay tuned for more details and hints to the upcoming products (and it wouldn't be IBB-style if there weren't some great deals and freebies to be had as well).  And April's WAHMlight is just a few days away! Good times!

Hope visions of tulips, plump robins and spring showers are filling your days! See you April 1st.


Rock Chalk Freebies 3

Sweet sixteen a success! Let's celebrate!

The Freebies
  • Orders $25* - $49.99 = Planet Wise Wipes Wet Bag (an $8.00 value)
  • Orders $50 - $84.99 = Wahmies Small Wet Bag ($9.50 value)
  • Orders $85 - $124.99 = Wahmies Regular Wet Bag ($16.50 value)
  • Orders $125 - $174.99 = Planet Wise Medium Wet/Dry Bag ($22.00 value)
  • Orders $175+ = Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag ($29.99 value) 

Up next, Elite Eight Sunday night!

The Terms
  • Must use code 'Rock Chalk' at checkout (in 'notes to seller' comments box)
  • Please also indicate 'girlish,' 'boyish' or 'neutral' 
  • *Orders must be $25 before shipping
  • Offer not valid on prior purchases. 
  • Limit 2 orders per household. 
  • Good while supplies last. 
  • Trial packages and newborn rental orders to not count towards qualifying order totals. 
  • Offer expires at tip-off of Sunday's Jawhawk's game (3/27/11)

ps. Shhh.... mention code 'Bitsy Buzz' and get an extra freebie with your order!


Rock Chalk Freebies 2

YAY! Time to celebrate!

  • All orders $25.00* - $54.99 = 5 GroVia Biosoakers
  • All orders $55 - $84.99 = 1 GroVia Hybrid Shell + 5 Biosoakers
  • All orders $85 - $134.99 = 1 GroVia All-in-One
  • All orders $135 - $174.99 = 1 GroVia Hybrid Shell + 5 Biosoakers + 1 All-in-One
  • All orders $175+ = 1 GroVia Hybrid Shell + 2 Cotton Inserts + 5 Biosoakers + 1 All-in-One

The terms
  • Must use code 'ROCK CHALK' at checkout
  • Please indicate preferred GroVia Hybrid Shell closure type & 'Girlish,' 'Boyish' or 'Neutral' at checkout
  • *Order must be $25+ before shipping
  • Offer not valid on prior purchases. 
  • Limit 2 orders per household. 
  • Trial package deposits and newborn diaper rental deposits excluded when calculating your qualifying order. 
  • Offer expires at 20:21 CST (that's 8:21pm, in honor of the Morris twins) Tuesday 3/22

ps. Shhhh... mention 'Bitsy Buzz' and get an extra five BioSoakers added to your swag haul!


Rock Chalk Freebies

We must toast the Jayhawk's victory tonight, and what better way to celebrate than with a free diaper?

All orders over $65 through Sunday evening get a free One-Size Fuzzibunz (please specify 'boyish,' 'girlish' or 'neutral' at checkout). And I'm sure you already know that any order over $50 through Saturday evening earns you a free Wahmies Small Wet Bag. Yes, combine away! Just be sure to also mention your desired print for the Wahmies wet bag (prints can be seen on the store's homepage). 

The Terms
  • Offer not valid on prior purchases
  • OS Fuzzibunz offer ends 3/20 at 11:59 CST, or when supplies run out. 
  • Wahmies wet bag offer ends 3/19 at 11:59 CST, or when supplies run out, and is valid for any order over $50. 
  • Limit four OS Fuzzibunz, Leggings and Wet Bags per household. 
  • Trial package deposits and newborn diaper rental deposits excluded when calculating your qualifying order total. 

ps. Shhh.... Observant Bitsy Buzz readers get a bit of an extra perk. Spend over $100 and mention 'Leggies' at checkout to also earn a free pair of Fuzzibunz leggings, perfect to pair with your newest One Size diaper! 


What's A Happenin.....

That makes me laugh every time I watch it. I don't know if it is inherently funny, or if it just reminds me of a simpler time - when a bunch of preteen girls would huddle in a friend's parent's basement, watching it at 2am on a Friday night and feeling oh so rebellious. 

I picture stockings and stalking as similar events. A bunch of ladies (and sometimes the gents, I know you are also diaper fans!) gathering around the 21st century box television, the laptop, feeling a wee bit rebellious (at least for those that toe the wagon, it might feel a bit wild and crazy).

So here's whats happening tonight! Get your stalking fingers ready.... 

Big night tonight at IBB, especially for those with newborns, either in the belly or on the breast. Or older nursing babes, yup, we've got you covered as well! Not nursing? Oh there is also stuff for you, too!

Diaper packages featuring Thirsties, Cow Patties, Guerilla Fluff, Proraps and other great brands

Mama packages featuring Mother Moon + Happy Tushies

Nursing Covers and All in Ones from IBB's newest WAHM - the Lily & Sparrow - all tL&S items purchased before 3/19 get a free coordinating burp cloth!

And of course the package deals are at a discount (15%-20%+ off), because that is always great fun.

Did you know, through Saturday, every purchase over $50 earns you a free Small Wahmies Wet Bag! Be sure to check out the latest freebies and deals on IBB's homepage, there are more!


WAHMlight: the Lily and Sparrow

March's WAHMlight is a wee bit belated, I apologize. The way I reconcile this tardiness, if the Ides of March can be notable for Caesar, it can be notable for IBB as well (although let's hope it is far, far less dramatic for IBB). 

Without further delay, I am very pleased to introduce you to the Lily & Sparrow and the amazing WAHM behind L&S - Anna. I had the pleasure of meeting Anna just before Christmas, and we quickly realized that we have a lot in common, including the fact that both our resumes read 'WAHM.' So far our interactions have only been online, although I can tell that if (no, when! right Anna?) we'd be lifelong friends. Bosom buddies, really (an appropriate use of the term, wait for it....).

IBB will be stocking two items from the Lily & Sparrow: Nursing Covers and All-in-Ones (no ladies, get your mind out of the diaper drawer, these AIOs are like something you've never seen!). 

I have been using an tL&S Luxe Nursing Cover since December, and I am thoroughly in love. I even took it on a vacation as a thank you for its dedication and hard work, keeping both me and my wiggly toddler under cover.
San Juan

Exploring the waters of Aruba in a semi-submersible - did you know the color red doesn't exist anywhere more than 10' down? Day-glo pink, on the other hand, is far more hearty. 

Familiar with the term Renaissance Woman? Isabella d'Este was one. And I'd like to note Anna is one as well. In addition to the Lily & Sparrow product line, Anna also maintains a diaper review website, Haute Clothed Buns. I highly recommend taking a look! You can also say in touch with the latest and greatest from the Lily & Sparrow at the brand's website. This will be the place to watch for product previews and news before it hits the IBB virtual shelves. 


Beautiful Designs For Mamas And Their Chicks

Itsy Bitsy Bums: Tell us about yourself - your family, your likes, your dislikes. 
the Lily & Sparrow: I am a West Coast girl!  I was born in Oregon, and grew up in California and Washington.  I returned to Oregon for college and will probably always consider the Great Northwest "home."  It was at college that I fell in love and married my fabulous husband (he was my first boyfriend ever--how cool is that!).  We have been married for 8 years and have two adorable little girls, whom I absolutely delight in and treasure whole-heartedly!  My husband is a contractor with the US Air Force and we currently live in Germany, which I love!

I love art, photography, writing, Paris  and Thai food.  I dislike the cold, saying goodbye at the airport, and moving.  I am a procrastinator and function best with a deadline hanging over me.  The worst grade I got in college was when I decided to plan ahead and wrote the paper days before it was due!  I love doing cloth diaper laundry and hate the way disposables smell.  I like to vacuum but dislike dusting :)  I prefer tea (Earl Grey is a fav) to coffee, but occasionally do enjoy a good latte.

IBB: Where do you get inspiration for the designs you offer?
tL&S: I like the things I make to be reflections of the things I value--the marriage of function & form, beauty, intimate moments with baby, etc.  When I first started making the covers, I felt like they were practical and functional--but not necessarily pretty.  Sure the fabric was pretty, but basically they looked like a pretty piece of fabric used to hide the fact that mama's were nursing.
I believe that breastfeeding is beautiful, natural and beneficial for mama and baby.  I wanted my covers to reflect the beauty of breastfeeding and to both celebrate and protect the intimacy that happens when mothers breastfeed their precious little ones.  One of my favorite baby tops had box pleats at the top and I started thinking about how box pleating the nursing covers would do two things:
1) It would cut down on the excess fabric at the top of the cover while still providing ample coverage at the chest.

2.) It would turn the cover from a simple square of fabric with a neck strap to a fashion accessory.  Something pretty that moms could enjoy wearing that didn't make them feel like they were hiding something.
So, I started pleating my covers and it has been a hit!  Every mama who has ordered a pleated cover from me and returned to buy another for a friend has purchased a pleated one.

In regard to the All In One covers, I just got tired of carying 50,000 things in my diaper bag--diapers, wipes, change of clothes, nursing cover, blanket, rain protector for the stroller, etc.  One day, I decided that there had to be a way to make my nursing cover multi-task.  That night as I laid in bed, unable to sleep I came up with a design--a reversible blanket that had a hidden pocket for boning, removable neckstrap, clip ties that could be positioned wherever I needed them (not just in the center) and voila!  I tried it out the next day and discovered it could be a blanket, nursing cover, car seat canopy cover, stroller cover,  and more :)

IBB: When did you start making nursing covers? 
tL&S: I started making nursing covers 2 years ago.  I had offered to buy my friend one as a shower gift, and after looking at 50+ on the internet, she didn't see a pattern she liked, so I offered to sew one for her.  She ended up choosing a Pottery Barn bed sheet as the material--and it turned out to be a really cute cover!  Her friend liked it so much, she asked me to make one, and one thing led to another and here I am 200+ covers later!

IBB: What is your favorite part about being a WAHM? 
tL&S: I love that I can earn a little bit of fun money and be able to stay at home and enjoy my girlies!  I also love that it gives me a creative outlet--and pays for it.  How else could I afford to buy so many yards of beautiful fabric?

IBB: What is your favorite fabric currently stocked at IBB? 
tL&S: All of it.  That's a tough one!  I'm not sure I can narrow it down to just one.  For the pleated nursing covers, probably "Flora & Fauna."  For the All-In-One covers, probably "Pet Deer"  but then "Autumn Faeries" is an absolutely gorgeous fabric--the colors are so vibrant!

IBB: Anything else we should know? 
tL&S: Faith is an important aspect of my life.  The name, "Lily & Sparrow," was chosen because it is a symbolic reminder to me that God will take care of me and my family :)  

Now that you know more about Anna, take a minute to check out her lovely creations - Nursing Covers and All-in-Ones. All items will stock Thursday evening, 3/17, at 7pm CST.

This month's giveaway is one of Anna's Simply Coverage All-in-Ones + the Conversion Kit + a matching burp cloth! I love the fabric - so sweet, completely gender-neutral, lovely! 

LOTS of ways to enter this giveaway!
Be sure to comment on this post, leaving one comment for each entry (those who make a purchase or two - comment the relevant number of times - ie. 1 Luxe cover = 6 entries). Please leave your email address with your comment(s) (I recommend a format spambots cannot farm - with spaces or 'AT' in place of '@' - etc). 

Winner will be drawn April 15th. 


Multi-Tasking Mama Cloth

My lovely daughter likes to help fold laundry. This is a task she's enjoyed for several months now, and proves to always so darn helpful (at least, in her mind). Most times I find her actions entertaining, not to mention I constantly marvel at her growing skill set and desire to emulate us. 

One day I left the room to put away towels, and came back to find she'd helped me fold my mama cloth. 
gives new meaning to the phrase 'sanitary napkin' 

I'm sure Emily Post is so proud right now. I know Ava is. 
picking her own clothes and accessories proves interesting

ps. This especially made me marvel, since a) we rarely drink coffee or tea, so her decision to put a spoon in the cup was gleaned from somewhere else, or likely just her own imagination and b) we are not too prim with our coffee the few times we do drink it, and certainly have never put napkins under our cups. Although, we are diligent with our glass coasters, so I wonder if that is what she was aiming for?


Wet Bag Week: Freebie Friday & Stash Saturday

Now that you've had a chance to read all my wet bag tidbits, I want to hear (read) yours!!

Post a photo of your wet bag stash on Facebook, and leave a comment on how you make it work for you. How do you travel? Do errands? Store diapers around the house? How do you make your wet bags multi-task? Share all those pearls of wisdom you've accumulated along your cloth diapering way.

All stash photos posted between now and Sunday evening go in the hat for a free Small Wahmies wetbag. You pick the print - Chocolate Animal Crackers or Groovy Guitars. 
Fine Print
  • Photos must be posted by 11:59 CST 3/13/11.
  • I will post on the winner's photo Monday morning. 
  • Feel free to post as many photos as you like, but each person only goes in the hat once. 


Wet Bag Week: Traveling Thursday

I love to travel. Love it.

And I love cloth. Love it. 

Traveling + Cloth = Love it.
Strawberry Shortcake Bestbottom cover
(since we were on a cruise and did not have access to washing facilities, we opted to use GroVia's Biosoakers

Yup, you read that right. I love to use cloth when traveling. I love the challenge of coordinating laundry timing, diaper packing and any other logistics. And I promise, it isn't as daunting as it might seem.

I cannot speak highly enough of finding a wet bag rotation that works for you, as it will make traveling with cloth a breeze, and truly an enjoyable experience.

If we are driving...
  • Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag: The dry pocket gets packed with all our clean diapers for the weekend, along with our cloth wipes and any other spare changing items (Snappis, extra rash cream, small wet bags). This goes in the back of the car, to remain untouched until we get to our destination.
  • Planet Wise Medium Wet/Dry Bag: The dry pocket is packed with all changing supplies (sans changing pad, which is easily-accessible in the back of the diaper bag), and enough diapers to allow for one change an hour (although that has never been necessary, I like the Boy Scout's approach to life). 
  • This system allows the diaper bag to be packed with car supplies - a spare change of clothes (in case food/drink is spilled), car toys and books and car-appropriate snack foods, until we reach our destination.
  • Once we get to our destination, the Hanging Wet/Dry bag becomes the diaper pail for the weekend, with all the clean diapers unpacked and stored where we'll do diaper changes. And the Medium Wet/Dry stands by in case we are out of the house for a full day. And our Small wet bags are used as usual - in the diaper bag. 

    If we are flying...
    • Planetwise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag: packed empty in the suitcase, along with most of the diapers
    • Planetwise Medium Wet/Dry Bag: the dry pocket is packed with all changing supplies, including the changing pad. This bag then is tucked inside my carry-on. The reason, I don't like using a diaper bag when we fly; it is just one more bag to keep track of. Instead, baby supplies (toys, food, extra clothes) are packed in our carry-ons, and the diaper bag is checked in a suitcase.
    • Once we arrive to our destination, we unpack and store diapers just like if we drove. 

      Few notes...
      • This system is for one baby, and developed many, many months ago before I'd ever tried a Wahmies wet bag (hence the heavy reliance on the Planetwise).
        • To use the Wahmies in a similar capacity, I'd use the Regular in the car, with the clean diapers stored in the diaper bag, or even a shoe box so they are lined up all lovely-like. And once we reached our destination, I'd use an All-Day bag in the changing area, again with all our clean diapers lined up for easy changes. 
        • To fly with the Wahmies, I'd use our Skip-Hop Pronto changing station (something usually packed our suitcase for beach days) and a Regular size bag. 
      • If I had two babes in diapers, I would do things a bit differently.
        • I'd upgrade our car system, storing clean diapers in a tote at the base of the car seats, and use a Wahmies All-Day Bag as the car diaper bag. And, if a Planetwise Wet/Bag wasn't already in our stash, I'd take our Wahmies pail liner along. I'd hang it from a door handle by its elastic loop, and use it as our destination travel pail. 
        • And I'd keep our flying system the same, perhaps just using two Planetwise Medium Wet/Dry bags, one designated for each baby. 

      So what has worked for you? What hasn't worked for you? 

      ps. I feel compelled to add that you always should do what is best for you and your family. If the challenge of cloth+traveling turns from an interesting brain teaser to just plain miserable, it perhaps is time to reevaluate your travel-diaper plans. 


      Wet Bag Week: Washing Wednesday

      I still remember our first week in cloth. I took my lovely six-week-old daughter (that's right, we didn't initially plan to use cloth, read here for our cloth journey) to lunch at a lovely local place, Ingredient. This was our very first outing in cloth diapers. I dutifully added each dirtied prefold into our Planet Wise Medium Wet/Dry bag. Once we returned home I shook the contents of the bag into our diaper pail, then tossed the bag in as well.

      'Brilliant. That was so much easier than I expected.'

      Then the next day we started to pack the diaper bag for another day out of the house, quickly realizing a) 'we don't have a clean wet bag' and b) 'huh, now what?' Yup, having a newborn in the house is not compatible with forethought.

      So, for those who have a stash of wet bags the above will probably never happen to you But for those who only have a wet bag or two for days out of the house, what to do? Use a plastic bag? Sure, but that kind of negates the environmental aspect of cloth. Disposables? Nope, we'd sworn them off. Not leave the house? Um, after staying home six weeks with a newborn I think I would have clawed my way out. Staying home was simply not an option. So I fished out the wet bag, quickly eyeballed it for any rogue poo, and added it in the diaper bag. And from then on, until we added a second wet bag to our stash, I handwashed.

      On Handwashing Wet Bags
      • Flip the wet bag inside out
      • Using a cloth wipe or a spare rag, add a drop of soap or even just plain water, and wipe down the PUL
      • Rinse (the PUL portion only - if the cotton woven gets wet it will take much longer to dry!)
      • Hang to dry, or wipe PUL with a towel to speed drying time
      • Voila, you are ready to go!

      Happy scrubbing! 


      Wet Bag Week: Kitchen Towel Tuesday

      I love our kitchen rags. Strange? Yes. True? Yes. 

      Know what we use? Flat diapers, cut in half. So inexpensive, so easy to wash, so little financial commitment. Did I mention they are cheap?

      And pray tell Abby, where to wet bags fit into this? Well, we live in a relatively small house, and our laundry is on a different level than the kitchen, and we have a very active toddler. So when I have a dirty kitchen rag, being the organization nut I am, I need a place to put it. Enter our Wahmies All-Day wet bag. It hangs from the basement door handle (located at the edge of the kitchen), and we can easily throw in any dirty items through the day. 

      For us, this handy drop spot makes using unpaper towels* so much easier. And anytime you can make something more convenient, while still keeping life as green as possible, well that is just an all-around win! 

      How much do you love your kitchen rags?  

      ps. Tip - Create a hierarchy for your flats-turned-rags. First, use them for kitchen towels. You will have lovely, crisp towels. If one is stained, downgrade it to a garage towel or a bathroom cleaning rag.

      pps. *Vernacular lesson - some people also refer to their cloth kitchen items as 'unpaper towels,' directly referencing the lack of paper products being used in the kitchen. 

      ppps. While we eschew paper products whenever possible, I still keep a roll of paper towels on hand. You never know when you will have something that skeevies you out too much to use your unpaper products. For me, that is any time the dog gets sick or has an accident. Yuck.

      Wet Bag Week: Mama Cloth Monday

      **Let's preface this post - begin TMI alert**

      Okay, now that that is out of the way. Today's contribution to Wet Bag Week is all about the wonders that is mama cloth, and how you can seamlessly incorporate reusable menstrual products into your day-to-day life.

      First of all, my AF stash* (that is 'Aunt Flow' for you those of you new to the online lexicon): 
      For daytime I primarily use the cup with liners as backup. For nighttime I use the cup paired with the largest pad that is clean. I don't know if this happens to you (and I actually read there is some science behind this), but I don't sleep well when AF is in town. Instead, I am often sleepless, tossing and turning. I find that using a large back-up pad helps me sleep better.
      Now, on to the wet bags. I have found that I like having two wet bags to make my AF as easy as possible. 


      I love my double-sided portable wet bag. It ensures I don't fall back on my small stash of disposable products (kept mostly on hand for visitors to our home who might need an emergency loaner item or two). Instead, keeping the wet bag packed under the sink ensures I can grab  it, throw it into the massive mom purse (I use the term endearingly, as I love massive bags!) and go. I store clean pads in one pocket, with the other pocket is standing by. Or, if I'm expecting AF at any time, I pack liners in one side of the wet bag and the cup in the other side.


      My second wet bag is a Planet Wise Medium Wet/Dry. This bag serves a two  functions. While AF is here, I clip the bag in a handy spot (for me this is the door handle next to the toilet) and store all of my clean pads in the dry pocket. When I change my pad, I throw it in the sink and run it under cold water until the water runs clear (tip - don't wring the pad out - leaving a bit of water in the pad will help prevent stains). I then transfer the used pad into the wet pocket of the wet bag until laundry time (for now my pads are washed with our diaper laundry; once my lovely girl potty trains I imagine I'll do one small mama cloth load at the end of the cycle).

      The second use is purely to satisfy my desire to organize every possible area of my life. When AF is out of town (gosh, whoever invented that expression anyways?!), I store all my clean mama cloth , cup and small double-pocket wet bag in the dry pocket. I then can stash this neat little bundle of goodness in the cupboard.

      Intrigued? Want to learn more about mama cloth? Check out the bottom of this page for a quick primer on the types of mama cloth. Want to learn more about menstrual cups? I found this post incredibly helpful when deciding what I wanted to buy.

      *Just like cloth diapering is completely subjective, so is mama cloth. What one person loves will be completely off-putting for someone else. I quickly found I preferred the cup+liner over any other combination, so then I invested more in my liner collection. And I find some liners work best with different pairs of underwear. So, just like your baby has particular diapers for particular events, times or outfits, well.... so do I. ;)

      **end TMI alert - we now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming**