What's A Happenin.....

That makes me laugh every time I watch it. I don't know if it is inherently funny, or if it just reminds me of a simpler time - when a bunch of preteen girls would huddle in a friend's parent's basement, watching it at 2am on a Friday night and feeling oh so rebellious. 

I picture stockings and stalking as similar events. A bunch of ladies (and sometimes the gents, I know you are also diaper fans!) gathering around the 21st century box television, the laptop, feeling a wee bit rebellious (at least for those that toe the wagon, it might feel a bit wild and crazy).

So here's whats happening tonight! Get your stalking fingers ready.... 

Big night tonight at IBB, especially for those with newborns, either in the belly or on the breast. Or older nursing babes, yup, we've got you covered as well! Not nursing? Oh there is also stuff for you, too!

Diaper packages featuring Thirsties, Cow Patties, Guerilla Fluff, Proraps and other great brands

Mama packages featuring Mother Moon + Happy Tushies

Nursing Covers and All in Ones from IBB's newest WAHM - the Lily & Sparrow - all tL&S items purchased before 3/19 get a free coordinating burp cloth!

And of course the package deals are at a discount (15%-20%+ off), because that is always great fun.

Did you know, through Saturday, every purchase over $50 earns you a free Small Wahmies Wet Bag! Be sure to check out the latest freebies and deals on IBB's homepage, there are more!

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