April = Favorite Things

April is almost here, which means my favorite's birthday is just a few weeks away (yes, I am bending the English language a bit by turning 'favorite' into a noun,  bear with me.....). My husband is my rock, my live-in comedian, the love of my life, and what better way to celebrate his birthday than by turning the entire month of April into a celebration of favorites! 

April 1 - 7 I hope to take my daughter to the Sacred Road in Rome when she's all grown-up.
April 8 - 14 ??
April 15 - 21 ??
April 22 - 30 ??

Stay tuned for more details and hints to the upcoming products (and it wouldn't be IBB-style if there weren't some great deals and freebies to be had as well).  And April's WAHMlight is just a few days away! Good times!

Hope visions of tulips, plump robins and spring showers are filling your days! See you April 1st.

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  1. Ohhh the Colosseum! Someone on my FB posted a GORGEOUS picture of it. Can't remember who it was but my heart yearned to be there!