Wet Bag Week: Kitchen Towel Tuesday

I love our kitchen rags. Strange? Yes. True? Yes. 

Know what we use? Flat diapers, cut in half. So inexpensive, so easy to wash, so little financial commitment. Did I mention they are cheap?

And pray tell Abby, where to wet bags fit into this? Well, we live in a relatively small house, and our laundry is on a different level than the kitchen, and we have a very active toddler. So when I have a dirty kitchen rag, being the organization nut I am, I need a place to put it. Enter our Wahmies All-Day wet bag. It hangs from the basement door handle (located at the edge of the kitchen), and we can easily throw in any dirty items through the day. 

For us, this handy drop spot makes using unpaper towels* so much easier. And anytime you can make something more convenient, while still keeping life as green as possible, well that is just an all-around win! 

How much do you love your kitchen rags?  

ps. Tip - Create a hierarchy for your flats-turned-rags. First, use them for kitchen towels. You will have lovely, crisp towels. If one is stained, downgrade it to a garage towel or a bathroom cleaning rag.

pps. *Vernacular lesson - some people also refer to their cloth kitchen items as 'unpaper towels,' directly referencing the lack of paper products being used in the kitchen. 

ppps. While we eschew paper products whenever possible, I still keep a roll of paper towels on hand. You never know when you will have something that skeevies you out too much to use your unpaper products. For me, that is any time the dog gets sick or has an accident. Yuck.

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