Multi-Tasking Mama Cloth

My lovely daughter likes to help fold laundry. This is a task she's enjoyed for several months now, and proves to always so darn helpful (at least, in her mind). Most times I find her actions entertaining, not to mention I constantly marvel at her growing skill set and desire to emulate us. 

One day I left the room to put away towels, and came back to find she'd helped me fold my mama cloth. 
gives new meaning to the phrase 'sanitary napkin' 

I'm sure Emily Post is so proud right now. I know Ava is. 
picking her own clothes and accessories proves interesting

ps. This especially made me marvel, since a) we rarely drink coffee or tea, so her decision to put a spoon in the cup was gleaned from somewhere else, or likely just her own imagination and b) we are not too prim with our coffee the few times we do drink it, and certainly have never put napkins under our cups. Although, we are diligent with our glass coasters, so I wonder if that is what she was aiming for?

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