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Trick or Treat!

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What do I get? Well, that's the fun part. You choose - Trick or Treat

Trick - freebies vary from a heaping handful of Dum Dums to a $50 gift certificate - we will have all of the possible prizes on slips of paper in a hat, and draw out a piece of paper for your order - whatever we draw is your freebie! (I'll post a photo of the 'trick' swag pile once we get to the store). Apply code 'TRICKME' at checkout. 

Treat - handful of goodies - a pair of Bamboobies regular bamboo nursing pads, a delish lip balm and a Grandma El's sample. Apply code 'TREATME' at checkout. 

I picked Trick! When Do I Know What I Snagged? At 10pm ct tonight I'll announce on Facebook order #s and the freebie drawn. A virtual raffle drawing. Hope to see you jumping up and down with excitement if you are one of the big winners! 

Fine Print
  • No order limit per customers. Feel free to come trick or treating over and over again! 
  • Newborn Diaper Rental bookings do not qualify. 
  • Cannot be combined with any other sale or giveaway. 

Peachy Green: The 411

The Love Affair
I love Peachy Green diapers. I really do. The love started over three years ago, on my quest for the trimmest diaper on the planet. Cue old-timer in rocking chair on the front porch. Back in those days, the brand was 'Fishnoodles,' and I was already waxing poetic about the fit (check that out here). After enough confusion from outside folks that the brand was a restaurant or food company in some way (gross over simplification, but you get the gist; true story - Dawn once received a load of shipped in on a refrigerated truck, thanks to the belief they were some how transporting perishable food products).

And from Fishnoodles, Bright Star Baby was born. Unfortunately, another company with a not-really-similar-but-too-similar-for-their-liking company decided BSB was just not going to work, and thus, the just-baby-stages-Bright-Star-Baby brand received a makeover. And that is how the beloved Peachy Green came in to being in 2011.

If you ever hear anyone talking Fishnoodles (usually abbreviated 'FN') or Bright Star Baby ('BSB'), now you know why! And because I knew you were really looking for the history of the brand as well (right? nod and smile, nod and smile).

The Diapers
Back when I first discovered Fishnoodles Dawn offered sized All-in-Ones, and sized PUL covers (both in front-snapping and side-snapping). As research showed, the front-snapping covers were the lesser-chosen style, and many folks were looking for a one-size diaper option. With that, the front-snapping cover was retired and the One-Size All-in-Two style was introduced (still looking for the front-snapping cover? There are a select few still available! Shop here). 

So with a variety to choose from, how do you know which Peachy Green you'll like the best? The following is a brief rundown of all the styles. Pretend you are at the shop, standing next to me. I have all of these laid on the table, and we are talking through them. We'd likely be standing at that second white table>>

Solids $22.95 | Prints $23.95 
All-in-One diapers are grab-and-go diapers - with the waterproof- and and absorbent-layers already attached. Each is a single-use diaper. So, when it is diaper change time you take off the entire diaper, and toss in to your pail or wet bag. 

picture note - see how the 'tongues' of the soaker are laying past the diaper's front waist? once prepped, these will shrink up. Also - when you stretch the leg elastics out, the soaker tongues tuck right in to the diaper, leaving ~ one inch between the end of the soaker and the waist of the diaper. 

  • Sizing? These are a Sized diaper 
    • Three sizes - 0, 1 and 2
    • How do they run? Petite infants will get quite a bit of use from a size 0 - with some babies wearing them up to 6+mos of age; size 1 is the top-selling size, thanks to the generous weight range.
    • Baby looking to fit in both a size 1 and size 2? Taller babies are great in a size 2 as it gives extra room in the rise, while petite children can use either a 1 or 2, with the size 1 being a trimmer fit overall 
  • Absorbency?
    • These are a 'daytime absorbency' diaper. What do I mean by that? This is such a trimly cut diaper, there just isn't enough room to stuff it to pieces to last most children for overnight. Instead, its super-trim fit means it is a diaper intended to be changed every two hours (which is actually the intention of the majority of cloth diapers on the market). 
    • Baby a heavier wetter? The Peachy Green Hemp Doubler is a fantastic addition. Will detail more on this below. 
  • Colors and Prints
    • With each release, the favorites usually sell out within a day or two of release, while the shelf remains stocked with the rest of the options through the following weeks. By the time the next release rolls around, we are usually down to a very sad and empty shelf with just a few diapers left, so we do recommend shopping early if there are any prints or solids in particular that caught your eye. 
  • Design? 
    • Waterproof Outer fabric: super-soft PUL, squishes up nicely under clothes
    • Shell's inner fabric: bamboo! Translation, even though the insert snaps in to place in this All-in-One, it is not intended to be used multiple times - rather - this functionality is in place in case you ever wanted to remove the soaker and put in a new one you know, when your dog decides to break in to your diaper pail and have a Peachy snack, another true story. The shell's bamboo lining helps contribute to the absorbency of the diaper, while still keeping the fit quite trim
    • Shell's Absorbent Soakers (aka the 'tongues'): Bamboo again. Already snapped in at the back, you just need to make sure that the soakers are tucked in along the sides and front of the diaper 
  • Side Snaps? 
    • Side-snaps are part of what contributes to the very-slim fit of the Peachy Green, taking away the bulk from the front of the diaper and instead putting it along baby's hip.
    • Some people adore them (meeeeee!), while some people really dislike them. It is hard to categorically say what those who dislike them have in common, so I don't tell anyone to rule them out without giving them a try. 
    • A few tips on fitting a side-snapping diaper - 
      • Lay diaper under baby, lining up the back waist of the diaper with baby's back waist
      • Pull the diaper between baby's legs and up, creating a flush, smooth fit across baby's belly (this action of stretching the diaper between baby's legs and up will tuck those inserts in to place)
      • Snap the lower 'hip/leg' snap on one side, then snap the other side - take a look at your handiwork - how is the fit around the leg? Comfortable and snug, without being too tight? You should be able to get a fingertip comfortably in, but the elastic should also return flush to baby's skin when you remove your finger. Adjust if necessary. 
      • Once you've figured out where you like that lower snap set, then move to the second row of snaps - aka - the waist snaps
      • Again, snap one side, then the other, then check that it is the proper setting. You want the diaper to lay flush against baby's front
      • Very important note - don't be surprised if the waist and leg snap settings do not line up with each other! Depending on baby's proportions and growth spurts, you'll likely find you are back and forth over time. As long as you have that snug fit through the legs and waist, you have a great fit! 
  • Overall Fit? 
    • Incredibly trim
    • Crazy trim
    • Amazingly trim
    • I started my quest for the trimmest diaper on the market when my daughter was roughly six months old. I've tried almost all of the diapers that make the 'trim diaper' lists out there, with the exception of some WAHM options that retail for more than my car is worth kidding, sort of.
    • Some people will make up the bulk of their daytime stash of diapers Peachy Green All-in-Ones, while others will have three or four they use for those outfits when a bulky diaper will just not work.
  • Other Features and Points to Note
    • The elastic Dawn uses is top-notch - the best out there - gentle on any size leg, but still durable - I have Fishnoodles that I bought used almost three years that still had perfect elastic when Avalee switched over to undies
    • Because the PUL is softer than what most other brands use, it 'squishes up' better under clothes. So if your baby is just growing in to the size you bought, and there is a bit of blousy-ness to the bum, that extra fabric still doesn't ruin the diaper's trim fit

All-in-Two diapers are one of our top-selling styles, thanks to the combination of economy plus convenience. Often abbreviated 'AI2,' this diaper style allow you to change out just the absorbent inside, while reusing the outer waterproof pieces through the day (the words 'shell' and 'cover' are often used interchangeably - both refer to a waterproof layer that holds the absorbent innards).

For people who will use an All-in-Two system full-time, I recommend planning on three shells per day. This gives you one shell to be on baby's bottom, one shell to be airing out between changes, and one shell standing by in case a dirty mess gets on the inside of the cover. At the end of the day, toss all used covers in the pail, put on baby's nighttime diaper, and start the next morning with your next three shells.  And how many inserts? That depends on how frequently your baby is having bowel movements. If they are down to just 1-2 dirty diapers a day, 8-10 inserts should suffice. If they are having more, then increase the soaker count as necessary. 

Sooooooo Abby..... how does this translate to Peachy Green's All-in-Two offerings? Thanks for asking, friend.

There are two 'shell' styles to pick from - a one-size option and a sized option. So first you'll want to pick the style of shell you prefer. 

One-Size - 'Sprout Up' (thanks to its ability to grow, or 'sprout' with your baby).
Solids $18.95 | Prints $19.95

  • Sizing? 
    • Like most one-size diapers, it begins to fit at ~10lbs, and goes through potty time.
    • If you already familiar with the Peachy Green All-in-One, a quick comparison - the smallest rise setting corresponds with a size 0 rise, the middle rise setting corresponds with a size 1, and the largest rise setting corresponds with a size 2. That said, many, many anecdotal reports tell me that, despite having the same rise, the Sprout Up shell runs bigger than the All-in-One (which is why the Size 0 diaper starts to fit around 7 or 8lbs, while the Sprout Up is ~10lbs). 
  • Absorbency?
    • As the Sprout Up shell is just a cover, there isn't any absorbency to it. Rather, you add in the absorbency with a separate insert. 
  • Colors & Prints
    • As this is still a newer style, we tend to sell it in spurts. The top print or solid each release tends to sell out fairly quickly, while most other times we have enough in stock to offer a good rainbow of both solids and prints to choose from.
  • Design
    • Waterproof Outer fabric: super-soft PUL, squishes up nicely under clothes
    • Shell's inner fabric: poly fleece. Why? Fleece is durable, soft, and repels moisture when backed up against a waterproof layer. So, even if some urine gets on the inside of the cover, it will be repelled - beading up and pushed back to the absorbent innards of the diaper. 
    • Fleece-lined All-in-Twos are quite popular these days - thanks to their use in other brands such as Softbums and AppleCheeks. 
    • Snap settings at the back: these allow you to snap in your insert
  • Side Snaps? 
    • The same tips mentioned in the All-in-One still apply here. 
  • Overall Fit? 
    • Still amazingly trim! Definitely the trimmest one-size diaper I ever found, across any style of diaper (All-in-One, Pocket, Fitted, etc). 
    • I even have some customers who find it trimmer than their Peachy Green All-in-One!
  • Other Features to Note
    • The same highlights mentioned in the All-in-One still apply here. 

Sized - named 'Switcheroo cover-n-2' (thanks to its multi-tasking functionality)
Available in Prints only $15.95

  • Sizing 
    • This is a sized cover. Translation - available in size 0, 1 or 2. It is cut more generously than the All-in-One, so as long as you are using a slim absorbent inner (ie. the Peachy Green Sprout Up, or a trifolded prefold) you'll likely find it fits for an even wider weight range
    • But what is particularly great is that it is cut generously across the bum, so you can also use it over bulkier nighttime fitteds or prefolds folded around baby. 
  • Absorbency?
    • As the Switcheroo shell is just a cover, there isn't any absorbency to it. Rather, you add in the absorbency with a separate insert. 
  • Colors & Prints
    • Switcheroo are available only in prints. 
    • I stock these pretty deeply, so we almost always have all of the prints. A great place to check if you missed your favorite print in other styles.
  • Design
    • Waterproof Outer fabric: super-soft PUL, squishes up nicely under clothes
    • Inner shell: the laminated side of the PUL, which means you can wipe this shell clean if needed
    • Snaps at the back: these allow you to snap in the Peachy Green insert
    • Don't want to use the snaps? No worries, there is a flap of PUL that lays over them, so no exposed snaps against baby's skin. 
    • Want to use your own prefold, trifolded? Yup! That flap at the back, and another at the front, help keep your insert just where you want it. 
  • Side Snaps? 
    • The same tips mentioned in the All-in-One still apply here. However, because you have a second inner gusset on the cover, you will find there is more wiggle room with how loose or snug the waist needs to be to still get a great fit. I loveeeeeee those inner gussets (similar to Thirsties, Blueberry or Bestbottoms, if you've tried any of those)
  • Overall Fit? 
    • This is a trim cover option - that soft PUL squishes up so nicely under clothes!
    • Trimness will also be affected by what you use underneath, so if you want an ├╝ber-trim fit, use the Peachy Green Bamboo Insert. 
  • Other Features to Note
    • I really like these covers. We had a bunch in our stash, and I used them with the Peachy Green insert, pad folded flats, trifolded bamboo and cotton prefolds and fitteds. 
    • These were also one of my favorites when traveling. I would use a Flip or GroVia disposable insert, tucked under the flaps, and we were good to go. 

Picked the shell you want to go with? Decision made? Great! Haven't decided? If each sounds like it would suit your family well, it is worth trying out both! They are both high-quality, USA-made items that were favorites in my own stash. Feel free to ask me if you would like more help pinpointing. 

Next, you'll need to add in your absorbency - 
  • Sprout-Up - it is cut so trimly that I always point people to the one-size Sprout-Up insert as the place to be. It snaps in at the back, has an adjustable rise so you can be sure to get a proper fit, and it is just the right width to tuck in to the shell. Some people are able to trifold a slim hemp or bamboo prefold or pad fold a flat in to the shell, so that is also something to experiment with. The key is finding an insert that is quite slim, so it will fit inside the equally-slim Sprout-Up. 
  • Switcheroo - any of your favorite innards will work here - fitteds, prefolds, flats, contours, disposable inserts. The one-size Sprout Up insert snaps in at the back, and is also a great way to turn the usual cover in to a trim and convenient All-in-Two system. 

Last but not least, the one-size Peachy Green Hemp Doubler (aka 'Booster'). This doubler is ingenious. Just the right length to fit any size Peachy Green (or Fishnoodle, or Bright Star Baby) All-in-One or All-in-Two. AND, it snaps in underneath the diaper's soaker. So, you still have everything in one easy-to-use and easy-to-change piece. We found the Hemp Doubler would bump up our diaper 1-2 hours, which made it the perfect option for errands and naps. 

Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope that this has been helpful for you! If there are any questions we can help with feel free to ask! Our Facebook wall is especially ablaze right now with excitement over the next release, due out in just under 26 hours (Nov 1, 10am ct). If you are looking for more weigh-ins, feel free to post your question on our wall. I'm sure many of the Peachy Green fans would also love to help you! 


Newborn Diaper Rental Sale

Preloved Newborn Diaper Rental sale!! 

Choose your freebie: 
  • Accessories! free Changing Diapers Book + wet bag (min. value $21)
  • Diaper! free one-size diaper (min. value $19.95)
  • Teether! free teething toy (min. value $15)
  • For Mama! free Jellystone or Chewbeads necklace or pendant (min. value $16)

Anyone with a December - June EDD is eligible

  1. Book your preloved newborn diaper rental here, paying in full ($195) no need to confirm availability before booking - we will announce here as EDD's fill up
  2. Note in the comments section which of the freebies you'd like. 

Rental must be booked by Oct 23rd. extended to November 2nd! 

Other Specifics

  • Your freebie will ship with your rental. 
  • IBB picks the color/print/style/etc. 
  • Already have a package reserved but haven't made the $160 balance payment? You are also eligible. Simply make your balance payment of $160 by Oct 23rd.


While the Cat is Away, 48 Hour Freebies

While we are away at the ABC show, the mice are sure to play!

Code: BAGIT on orders $59-$98.99 - free Planet Wise food bag
Code: DIAPERIT on orders $99+ - free All-in-One (min value $24.95)

Limit one code per order, and two code uses per customer. Offers end 10.17.12, or when supplies run out. Newborn diaper rentals excluded. Not good on pending or prior orders. IBB chooses the diaper/print/color. Feel free to indicate colorway preferences at checkout. 
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