Trick or Treat! Tonight only!

Trick or Treat!

It's a Party! From 5-9pm ct, orders of $59+ get in on the goodness (both online and in-store)

What do I get? Well, that's the fun part. You choose - Trick or Treat

Trick - freebies vary from a heaping handful of Dum Dums to a $50 gift certificate - we will have all of the possible prizes on slips of paper in a hat, and draw out a piece of paper for your order - whatever we draw is your freebie! (I'll post a photo of the 'trick' swag pile once we get to the store). Apply code 'TRICKME' at checkout. 

Treat - handful of goodies - a pair of Bamboobies regular bamboo nursing pads, a delish lip balm and a Grandma El's sample. Apply code 'TREATME' at checkout. 

I picked Trick! When Do I Know What I Snagged? At 10pm ct tonight I'll announce on Facebook order #s and the freebie drawn. A virtual raffle drawing. Hope to see you jumping up and down with excitement if you are one of the big winners! 

Fine Print
  • No order limit per customers. Feel free to come trick or treating over and over again! 
  • Newborn Diaper Rental bookings do not qualify. 
  • Cannot be combined with any other sale or giveaway. 

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