Smarter than the Average Bear

Marky Baby hit the ground running this morning, to say the least.....

ps. He passed his test last week! Thank you everyone who sent your well wishes his way!

From the Desk of Marky Baby - 

To: the author of those books (you know who you are)

You know, those books that think husbands are bumbling idiots. The same husbands who must have pulled the old bait and switch with their wives. The same husbands who are doctors, lawyers, stay at homes, financial professionals, factory workers, et al. I guess no matter who you are, if you have a y-chromosome, you can't cut it. 

Dear author, I hope that you yourself have a husband who cannot read. 

Here's what I have to say. Can you only get your laughs by belittling men? I truly hope that is not how you really feel. What were you in your past life, a writer for Married With Children? Here's my suggestion - if you cannot connect with people without putting down half of the population perhaps you should try a different profession. If you need a laugh in your books, perhaps hire a comedian. 

I can't speak for all the men out there, but I can speak for me. You don't read men's manuals that put women down. So why do you need to do the same? 

So in closing, really think about it for your next book, or revision to the current edition.

And another thing, my shirt is Pink, not Salmon. 


The Bitsiest of Bums

A question I want to ask any and every pregnant woman who passes me by - 'what kind of diapers will you use?' And, in my rose-colored-glass-half-full mind, I think, 'Fuzzibunz,' 'Kissaluvs' or 'prefolds!' But most probably would answer with a major brand of the paper and plastic variety. 

Having been asked a host of random questions myself from the second I started to show (no I will not discuss my cervix with you, random grocery-store lady), I never intend to approach full-blown strangers with my question.

But you, my online friends... different story. I feel like we already know each other so well. Your thumbnail photos keep me company in the late-night hours. And, you already know my exceedingly-sarcastic grandfather calls my husband Marky Baby.  

So I ask you, instead of the unsuspecting lady at the bank, what kind of diapers will you use on your newborn? 

Have you considered a Newborn Diaper Rental? A rental offers a pocketbook-friendly alternative to purchasing your newborn stash outright, and an environementally-friendly alternative to using disposables until your one-size diapers being to fit.

Your 12-week Itsy Bitsy Bums Newborn Diaper Rental includes

  • 25 Kissaluvs - size 0
  • 4 Thirsties covers with aplix - size 1
  • and two great samples - Rockin' Green detergent and Grandma El's rash cream

All for the rental fee of $75 (plus deposit). Imagine that?! Diapering your newborn for only $75!

While I still know common decency prevents me from running up to pregnant women at the post office, and bank, and grocery store, I still cannot help but wonder if they'd like to know how much money she would save with cloth diapers. Hmmmmm.

In the meantime, dear readers, I instead turn to you to share my exciting news. Diaper your newborn for $75!

ps. I'll admit I've referred to this package as the 'Newborn Rental' on more than one occasion. Poor choice of inadvertent short-hand! Can you imagine - 'rent this adorable squishy for only $75?' Never! She's priceless.

my pensive Avalee, 7 weeks old


Mini Marky Baby

Dear Readers, 

This week's MBM takes a slightly different spin. Corporate worker by day (and witty writer by night), Marky Baby has a massive licensing test tomorrow and is unable to come to the computer. But the show must go on! Rather than attempt to mimic his careful balance of sarcasm and sincerity, I instead want to just leave you with this fabulous peak into his past - 

the coverless prefold modeled by our very own Marky Baby, circa 1981


Items That Make Daddy-hood Easier

My dear readers, welcome to Marky Baby Monday. No, don't adjust your monitor. Just another busy week at the IBB home, which tends land Marky Baby Monday onto Tuesday. Three trial packages currently out to prospective homes, and another few newborn packages just made their way out the door! So giddy over all the new cloth diapered bums! 

And, very large Thirsties and Fishnoodle replenishment orders are due to arrive any minute, along with the much-anticipated business cards (well, much anticipated by me and my proud parents, at least)! At long last, I can justify buying one of those adorable business card holders. Ekkk! 

With that, I leave you to Marky Baby. Happy trails! 

From the Desk of Marky Baby - 

As another week dawns on us here in Diaperland (perhaps the other Happiest Place on Earth?), I am late with Marky Baby Monday once again. Sorry for the delay!

As a father there are a slew of things I have in my trusty super hero utility belt (it's like the male version of a purse, but not a fanny pack). Some are very useful and some are just there for flash (we all need some flash). Below I have listed items that I have found to be most useful during this stage of Daddy-hood. 

  1. Diaper Sprayer - Spraying diapers into the toilet sure beats rinsing them outside under the cover of darkness (Editor's note - purely conjecture about the outside spraying, fear not!)
  2. Random Stuff on the Changing Table - From rash cream to wipes, the more random the better it distracts Avalee so I can get to the business end of things. Literally.
  3. Facial Expressions - There is nothing Avalee likes more than trying to decipher what kind of face I am making at her. She sometimes looks perplexed at the new face, but then ends it with a smile. 
  4. The Dog - (Editor's note - hmm, how does one fit a dog in a tool belt?) Avalee and Daisy Dog are quite the dynamic duo. They usually play so well together for me, although I can't say the same about them when I am not around (Editor's note - TRUE that!). But, at least they do greet me at the door most days when I get home from work. Always a welcome sight after a long day!
  5. A Remote Control - If all else fails, a remote always sparks new interest. It's one of those forbidden items. Plus, she records the darnedest things. 
  6. Madden - How, you ask? Avalee loves all the colors and movement. Why not a cartoon, you ask? Because they kind of bore me. Since Avalee doesn't really understand what's going on anyways, we might as well bond over some football. (Editor's note - Hmmmmm.....Madden vs 'Super Why?' We'll see.)
  7. Facebook - Have a question? Need some attention? Maybe some conversation? Post it on Facebook and prepare to be entertained. Also, something I check as I rock Avalee to sleep in her car seat. 
patiently waiting

maybe the trusty super hero utility belt would be handy here? 

(Editor's note - and there's the UPS man! Lots of goodies await in truly the happiest place on earth!)


Calling Melissa H.!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with an important announcement! 

Melissa - you are the winner of the Facebook Fishnoodles giveaway! So far I haven't been able to reach you via Facebook, and don't want you to miss out on your fabulous (and did I mention FREE!) diaper!

Please contact me with your information! 

And stay tuned for your usual programming - Marky Baby Monday.


Time to go a-Fishnoodling

I love Fishnoodles. Pretty much anyone near and dear to me has heard me wax poetically about their brilliance.

However, in case you've missed these musings, let's go over them just one more time: 
  • They are incredibly trim - I swear I almost can feel my daughter's bum cheeks through the diaper (in a non-creepy way)
  • They wash up very well - I bought four used from a friend, yet they looked so new my husband thought I'd bought new diapers (while I've been known to sneak a diaper or two in on occasion, this was not one of those instances)
  • Great colors - the bright colors stand up to repetitive washings brilliantly (har har)
  • The super thirsty bamboo keeps the diapers slim and trim, yet capable of going the daytime distance with my heavy-wetter
  • Did I mention Dawn? The momma behind Fishnoodles is pretty awesome to work with, and a fellow midwesterner to boot!
I'll admit, had I found Fishnoodles earlier in my cloth diapering journey they would probably be the bulk of my stash (with pockets for overnights). Unfortunately, I only discovered them late winter, by which time my diaper stash already rivaled rabbits for the multiplying award. So I instead have four Fishnoodles which I treasure like gold and treat like family. 

Now let me ask you a personal question - Have you tried Fishnoodles yet? Want to for free

Two ways to win!

Easy peasy!

Ok, Abby, I'm following you, now what? 

Well my dears, here are the specifics: 

  • Facebook winner:
    • Once we reach 200 fans on Facebook, one of those lucky fans will be randomly selected to win
    • Winner to be announced on Facebook and contacted via their Facebook account
  • Blog winner: 
    • Once we reach 100 fans, one of the lucky commenters on this thread will be randomly selected to win (please note, you need to comment on the blog's post, not the BBC feed of this post)
    • Winner to be announced on this blog - if you would like to be contacted personally please leave your email address in your comment (I respect your privacy and will not use your email addy for anything other than showering the love of a free Fishnoodle).
  • You pick the size, I pick the print or color
  • I cover shipping to the fifty nifty United States (international peeps will need to cover their shipping, less the $3 I put in the pot for you)

Happy Fishnoodling!

ps. Fishnoodling, kind of sounds wrong, right? Like canoodling or something?


Our Anniversary Present to You....

Paper, schmaper - how about a free Snappi, or two, or three? Yes, the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, but I think it is time to mix it up. 

A year ago tomorrow, August 10th, we switched to cloth diapers! In honor of this exciting milestone, it is time to pay tribute to what got us started - the prefold and Snappi. Therefore, Itsy Bitsy Bum's gift to you - 

A free Snappi for every dozen prefolds purchased! 

But wait, there's more. Rather buy a fitted? In honor of our WAHMlight of the month - for each Cow Patties Famous Pocket Fitted purchased you will receive a matching Snappi for free! 

Offer good August 10th only, while supplies last. No code required for freebie(s). And, as always, free shipping on domestic orders over $35! 

From the desk of Marky Baby - 

I remember our first cloth diaper like it was yesterday. The excitement of newly prepped unbleached prefolds hung in the air.  There they were - fresh out of the dryer, warm to the touch and soft as a baby's bottom. Ok, maybe not that last part, I might be getting a bit carried away (Editor's note - really? that neeevveerr happens around here). 

The prefolds were stacked and ready to go, taking the place of the disposables we'd used for six weeks prior. It was time. Dun, dun, dunnnnnn.

No more landfills for us. Just prefolds and Snappis, with a few Thirsties covers to round out the stash. I'll admit, the first time I did an overnight diaper change it was a bit scary. Let's just say it wasn't my best jelly roll. 

Now, a year later, I still use prefolds as my workhorse, or when I need to babysit and buff the car at the same time (you know, wax on, wax off). Yeah, these days I tend to prefer an all-in-one or pocket for convenience's sake, but prefolds will always hold a tender place in my heart. 


Move Over Letterman....

Welcome to another Marky Baby Monday (well, belated Monday)!

From the Desk of Marky Baby - 

Why did I switch to cloth? Hmmm. Good question.

Presenting the 'Top Four Reasons I Switched to Cloth.' 

4. Cost Savings
3. Environmental Impact
2. Fashion
1. It makes Abby happy! (Editor's note - awwwwwww)

So we all know cloth saves money. I knew it, but not really until I did the math myself. You can break those apples down as far as you want - a two or three year total savings, or a monthly savings, or even a per-change savings. No matter how you slice it, you need to find a number that sells either you or your other half. Just remember, for your partnership you are already convinced, but your partner may not be. Since I'm a bottom-line-numbers guy, all the possible cost-savings scenarios work for me. In fact, the initial cloth naysayers at my office got an earful of the following phrases: 
  • 'Guess who saved $3 yesterday? Not you.'
  • 'Guess who saved some landfill space yesterday? Me!'
  • 'Do you really own jean diapers? I have sushi ones!'
But seriously, Abby and I work very hard for our money, why would we let Avalee poo on it and then throw it away? This is an investment. Plain and simple. You buy them, use them while saving money, and you typically can sell them when you are done. Or, if you are Abby, when you find a prettier one. (Editor's note - true fact!)

As the proud owner of a worm composter, I obviously care about the environment. We recycle, carpool, walk when we can, use fluorescent lights and do not own an SUV - why would we throw away diapers that have an estimated landfill shelf life of 500 years or so? Not sure. Some people may argue that disposable diapers are more eco-friendly than washing diapers over and over, but I am pretty sure those are the same people who said the world was flat. 

Ok, so the boring part is over. Money and the environment, as important as they may be, don't hold a candle to the fashion. Solid, prints and patterns - oh my! You have different clothes for different uses, and you also need different diapers for different reasons. Think about how cute your baby is dressed. I can imagine it now - a cute dress from Gymboree just below the knee, with a gorgeous flower print in a color scheme that brings out your little girl's eyes. Then styled up with some Robeez and maybe a purse? Who knows. Then your beautiful girl rolls on the ground, playing with the dog. 

Bam. There is Winnie the Pooh, and Piglet too, just looking at you from their crinkly paper background. 

Talk about ruining the moment!...like when your shoes don't go with your purse (or belt). Why not have coordinating diapers for your little one's outfits? You do it up with baby legs or shoes, why not diapers? You may as well. So break out the kitten heels (after all, you have a little one and cannot exactly chase them in stilettos) and let's accessorize. (Editor's note - is the chasing in stillettos a challenge? I accept!)

The last and final reason is simply that Abby really wanted to do cloth. That's all the reason I needed. All the other stuff was just fluff. Money is always good to save and the environment is cool and fashion is fun, but in this partnership we call a marriage, Abby had something she wanted and it was my job to sell myself. 



You've heard of the spotlight, you've heard of the limelight, but have you heard of the WAHMlight? 

Every month at Itsy Bitsy Bums you will find one fantastic lady in the WAHMlight. Get to know her through interviews, behind-the-seams photos and super special access to her diapers. AND, if that wasn't exciting enough, how about winning one of her fabulous creations? 

That's right, you heard it here first. Upload your favorite photo of your darling little one sporting the WAHMlight brand of the month to be entered to win (see details at the end of the interview). 

So, without further ado, please join me in welcoming Cow Patties Cloth Diapers to the WAHMlight!


Itsy Bitsy Bums: Tell us about yourself - your family, your likes, your dislikes. 
Cow Patties Cloth Diapers: I'm Megan, 26, married to S. for 4 1/2 years and mama to H. (almost 4), M. (2), and S. (15 months). We live in a small farming town in Nebraska which is close to many friends and family. I have always been around farming and ranching so I sort of like our little town! I love spending time out with our two horses Mollie and Ruby - I could spend the better part of a day in the saddle. It's a hobby that has taken a backseat for awhile, but I am getting back to it. Also love to read, sew and garden. We spend many weekends at my parent's farm - they raise grassfed beef and are getting into sustainable farming (another interest of mine). I have sort of started the 'Green movement' in my family! I'm not a huge fan of hot/humid weather which has been around our whole summer, or clowns. My poor kids will never have a clown at a birthday party!


IBB: When did you start making cloth diapers? 
CPCD: I started when we began [cloth diapering] our oldest H. at 11 months old. We were a young poor married couple and really couldn't afford even the cheapest of diapers on the market. So I went to Walmart, got all the basic fabrics and supplies and began sewing. We started out with just fitteds and flannel prefolds. I then got PUL online and began expanding my horizons!


IBB: What is your favorite part about working as a cloth diaper WAHM? 
CPCD: This is a big toss up between custom diapers and testers. I love customs because I get to bring to 'life' someone's idea in their head, with my own flair to it! Testers are fun because I'm taking an idea that's only been in my head rattling around and letting others see it. I just did a large testing and it's been really rewarding to hear all the feedback.


IBB: What is your personal favorite fabric currently stocked at Itsy Bitsy Bums? 
CPCD: This would be the pink with black sparrows. It's funky but classy!


IBB: How did you come up with the Famous Pocket Fitted
CPCD: My son M. is a heavy wetter, so I needed something that would get him through the night. We were doing 3-4 changes a night! I loved bamboo fleece so I played around with a few prototypes before the FPF was born!


Now that you've gotten to know more about Megan, take a chance to explore her great creations. Itsy Bitsy Bums currently has a full stocking of both sized and one size Famous Pocket Fitteds!

In addition, Meg's Famous Pocket Fitteds are part of the Down Came the Rain Package Deal - a great way to try several new brands of diapers AND save some money - can't beat that! 

Interested in winning a free diaper? Thought so! Here's how -

  • Post a picture of your little one wearing your favorite Cow Patties Famous Pocket Fitted to the IBB Facebook page in this album
  • All entries must be posted by August 31st
  • Feel free to post as many photographs as you like 
  • I will select a winner, with the assistance of my shipping clerk and inspector, no later than September 2nd
  • Winner will be notified via his/her Facebook account as well as announced on Itsy Bitsy Bum's Facebook page
  • Any and all photographs you post must be your original artwork and, by posting, you agree I can use the winning photograph for my blog or website