Our Anniversary Present to You....

Paper, schmaper - how about a free Snappi, or two, or three? Yes, the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, but I think it is time to mix it up. 

A year ago tomorrow, August 10th, we switched to cloth diapers! In honor of this exciting milestone, it is time to pay tribute to what got us started - the prefold and Snappi. Therefore, Itsy Bitsy Bum's gift to you - 

A free Snappi for every dozen prefolds purchased! 

But wait, there's more. Rather buy a fitted? In honor of our WAHMlight of the month - for each Cow Patties Famous Pocket Fitted purchased you will receive a matching Snappi for free! 

Offer good August 10th only, while supplies last. No code required for freebie(s). And, as always, free shipping on domestic orders over $35! 

From the desk of Marky Baby - 

I remember our first cloth diaper like it was yesterday. The excitement of newly prepped unbleached prefolds hung in the air.  There they were - fresh out of the dryer, warm to the touch and soft as a baby's bottom. Ok, maybe not that last part, I might be getting a bit carried away (Editor's note - really? that neeevveerr happens around here). 

The prefolds were stacked and ready to go, taking the place of the disposables we'd used for six weeks prior. It was time. Dun, dun, dunnnnnn.

No more landfills for us. Just prefolds and Snappis, with a few Thirsties covers to round out the stash. I'll admit, the first time I did an overnight diaper change it was a bit scary. Let's just say it wasn't my best jelly roll. 

Now, a year later, I still use prefolds as my workhorse, or when I need to babysit and buff the car at the same time (you know, wax on, wax off). Yeah, these days I tend to prefer an all-in-one or pocket for convenience's sake, but prefolds will always hold a tender place in my heart. 


  1. that wasn't her very first diaper picture, was it?! how cute! mine is in a swaddlebees, on the bedroom floor. i mean, camden's picture is in a swaddlebees, on the bedroom floor, moments after being born!

  2. yup, that was her very first. really should have started with the orange edge :)

    I think a contest for first diaper pictures is in order!