Items That Make Daddy-hood Easier

My dear readers, welcome to Marky Baby Monday. No, don't adjust your monitor. Just another busy week at the IBB home, which tends land Marky Baby Monday onto Tuesday. Three trial packages currently out to prospective homes, and another few newborn packages just made their way out the door! So giddy over all the new cloth diapered bums! 

And, very large Thirsties and Fishnoodle replenishment orders are due to arrive any minute, along with the much-anticipated business cards (well, much anticipated by me and my proud parents, at least)! At long last, I can justify buying one of those adorable business card holders. Ekkk! 

With that, I leave you to Marky Baby. Happy trails! 

From the Desk of Marky Baby - 

As another week dawns on us here in Diaperland (perhaps the other Happiest Place on Earth?), I am late with Marky Baby Monday once again. Sorry for the delay!

As a father there are a slew of things I have in my trusty super hero utility belt (it's like the male version of a purse, but not a fanny pack). Some are very useful and some are just there for flash (we all need some flash). Below I have listed items that I have found to be most useful during this stage of Daddy-hood. 

  1. Diaper Sprayer - Spraying diapers into the toilet sure beats rinsing them outside under the cover of darkness (Editor's note - purely conjecture about the outside spraying, fear not!)
  2. Random Stuff on the Changing Table - From rash cream to wipes, the more random the better it distracts Avalee so I can get to the business end of things. Literally.
  3. Facial Expressions - There is nothing Avalee likes more than trying to decipher what kind of face I am making at her. She sometimes looks perplexed at the new face, but then ends it with a smile. 
  4. The Dog - (Editor's note - hmm, how does one fit a dog in a tool belt?) Avalee and Daisy Dog are quite the dynamic duo. They usually play so well together for me, although I can't say the same about them when I am not around (Editor's note - TRUE that!). But, at least they do greet me at the door most days when I get home from work. Always a welcome sight after a long day!
  5. A Remote Control - If all else fails, a remote always sparks new interest. It's one of those forbidden items. Plus, she records the darnedest things. 
  6. Madden - How, you ask? Avalee loves all the colors and movement. Why not a cartoon, you ask? Because they kind of bore me. Since Avalee doesn't really understand what's going on anyways, we might as well bond over some football. (Editor's note - Hmmmmm.....Madden vs 'Super Why?' We'll see.)
  7. Facebook - Have a question? Need some attention? Maybe some conversation? Post it on Facebook and prepare to be entertained. Also, something I check as I rock Avalee to sleep in her car seat. 
patiently waiting

maybe the trusty super hero utility belt would be handy here? 

(Editor's note - and there's the UPS man! Lots of goodies await in truly the happiest place on earth!)

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