The Bitsiest of Bums

A question I want to ask any and every pregnant woman who passes me by - 'what kind of diapers will you use?' And, in my rose-colored-glass-half-full mind, I think, 'Fuzzibunz,' 'Kissaluvs' or 'prefolds!' But most probably would answer with a major brand of the paper and plastic variety. 

Having been asked a host of random questions myself from the second I started to show (no I will not discuss my cervix with you, random grocery-store lady), I never intend to approach full-blown strangers with my question.

But you, my online friends... different story. I feel like we already know each other so well. Your thumbnail photos keep me company in the late-night hours. And, you already know my exceedingly-sarcastic grandfather calls my husband Marky Baby.  

So I ask you, instead of the unsuspecting lady at the bank, what kind of diapers will you use on your newborn? 

Have you considered a Newborn Diaper Rental? A rental offers a pocketbook-friendly alternative to purchasing your newborn stash outright, and an environementally-friendly alternative to using disposables until your one-size diapers being to fit.

Your 12-week Itsy Bitsy Bums Newborn Diaper Rental includes

  • 25 Kissaluvs - size 0
  • 4 Thirsties covers with aplix - size 1
  • and two great samples - Rockin' Green detergent and Grandma El's rash cream

All for the rental fee of $75 (plus deposit). Imagine that?! Diapering your newborn for only $75!

While I still know common decency prevents me from running up to pregnant women at the post office, and bank, and grocery store, I still cannot help but wonder if they'd like to know how much money she would save with cloth diapers. Hmmmmm.

In the meantime, dear readers, I instead turn to you to share my exciting news. Diaper your newborn for $75!

ps. I'll admit I've referred to this package as the 'Newborn Rental' on more than one occasion. Poor choice of inadvertent short-hand! Can you imagine - 'rent this adorable squishy for only $75?' Never! She's priceless.

my pensive Avalee, 7 weeks old


  1. I want to squish all those diapers! And Avalee's cheekies! Ooooh, my uterus hurts.

  2. I'd totally rent that beautiful thing! :) I'm totally coming to you when the next one comes around!

  3. i think a NB rental is a great idea - whether it's a live one or of the cloth variety! i hope lots of moms take advantage of it, as it would make decision-making easier!