Mark's Picks: Top Ten Father's Day Gifts

People often ask what my husband prefers. So, just in time for Father's Day Mark (aka 'Mr IBB') decided to jot down those top picks. Without further delay, the 'Daddy Gift Guide' (as he so named it). 

1. Tula Carrier
Super comfy. Even for the toughest of tough guys. It's comfy for you and your little one.

2. Lifefactory Bottles
Because you build up quite a thirst stuffing those Pocket diapers and carrying those little ones.

3. Gen-Y GO Bags
With so many prints to choose from, it's easy to match your shoes and other manly accessories. 
4. CJ's BUTTer in Monkey Farts
Intriguingly delicious.

5. Kido Airplane and Car
Because you, er, your children, need sturdy toys to play with.

6. Aden & Anais Swaddles
Soft blankets are not just reserved for children.

7. GroVia Mighty Bubbles
Your life is hard enough. This makes stripping easy.

8. Planet Wise Food Bags
Because M&M's melt in your mouth and not in your hand. No one ever mentioned your pocket.

9. Diaper Sprayer
Easy to hook up, no trip to the hardware store and you still come out a hero.

10. Episencial Bubble Bath 
For when your kids go to bed.


The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt: From Start to Finish

I've had many ask for a view of how our Great Cloth Diaper Hunt goes from start to finish. Here's the look! Note - sorry about the pixelated images. Screen shots didn't like the download-upload process too much.

First clue at the bottom of our homepage -
Clues 'so cozy' and 'Snappi, pins' lead to you OsoCozy Prefolds -

and the clue at the bottom of the OsoCozy page -

Clue: 'he had forgotten HIS wrap' (note the nurse didn't forget hers - which many thought would be a baby carrier). This leads to you the Thirsties Duo Wraps - 

and the clue at the bottom of the Thirsties Duo Wrap page - 

Clue? What did he wear? Slippers. Takes you to the Woollybottoms Slippers page - 

And the clue at the bottom of the page - 

The clues? The lullaby's. What is the theme of all? Carriers! Tula, Boba, Cat(bird) and Ergo. The other key here was to note that these brands offered more than the soft-structured style! Catbird makes both SSC and Mei Tai. And Boba makes both a SSC and stretchy wrap. 

Navigating to the carriers - 

Takes you to this view, and the chance to browse by category -  

Knowing the categories that might fit, here's what happens when you click on 'Mei Tai.' Breadcrumbs, dots, something that is completely and utterly out of place -

Following the breadcrumbs you land on the 'Hello' page. This is the final page. From here, the hunt really draws on the old-school hide-the-link fun. I still distinctly remember finding a hidden link on a hunt three years ago - the pure joy and satisfaction. Sometimes it's the little things.

The story is quick, and the final line's store initials, done in black, draws the eye to the period at the start of the ellipsis.

And that's it - hyperlink presents itself and you are done!