Wet Bag Week: Traveling Thursday

I love to travel. Love it.

And I love cloth. Love it. 

Traveling + Cloth = Love it.
Strawberry Shortcake Bestbottom cover
(since we were on a cruise and did not have access to washing facilities, we opted to use GroVia's Biosoakers

Yup, you read that right. I love to use cloth when traveling. I love the challenge of coordinating laundry timing, diaper packing and any other logistics. And I promise, it isn't as daunting as it might seem.

I cannot speak highly enough of finding a wet bag rotation that works for you, as it will make traveling with cloth a breeze, and truly an enjoyable experience.

If we are driving...
  • Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag: The dry pocket gets packed with all our clean diapers for the weekend, along with our cloth wipes and any other spare changing items (Snappis, extra rash cream, small wet bags). This goes in the back of the car, to remain untouched until we get to our destination.
  • Planet Wise Medium Wet/Dry Bag: The dry pocket is packed with all changing supplies (sans changing pad, which is easily-accessible in the back of the diaper bag), and enough diapers to allow for one change an hour (although that has never been necessary, I like the Boy Scout's approach to life). 
  • This system allows the diaper bag to be packed with car supplies - a spare change of clothes (in case food/drink is spilled), car toys and books and car-appropriate snack foods, until we reach our destination.
  • Once we get to our destination, the Hanging Wet/Dry bag becomes the diaper pail for the weekend, with all the clean diapers unpacked and stored where we'll do diaper changes. And the Medium Wet/Dry stands by in case we are out of the house for a full day. And our Small wet bags are used as usual - in the diaper bag. 

    If we are flying...
    • Planetwise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag: packed empty in the suitcase, along with most of the diapers
    • Planetwise Medium Wet/Dry Bag: the dry pocket is packed with all changing supplies, including the changing pad. This bag then is tucked inside my carry-on. The reason, I don't like using a diaper bag when we fly; it is just one more bag to keep track of. Instead, baby supplies (toys, food, extra clothes) are packed in our carry-ons, and the diaper bag is checked in a suitcase.
    • Once we arrive to our destination, we unpack and store diapers just like if we drove. 

      Few notes...
      • This system is for one baby, and developed many, many months ago before I'd ever tried a Wahmies wet bag (hence the heavy reliance on the Planetwise).
        • To use the Wahmies in a similar capacity, I'd use the Regular in the car, with the clean diapers stored in the diaper bag, or even a shoe box so they are lined up all lovely-like. And once we reached our destination, I'd use an All-Day bag in the changing area, again with all our clean diapers lined up for easy changes. 
        • To fly with the Wahmies, I'd use our Skip-Hop Pronto changing station (something usually packed our suitcase for beach days) and a Regular size bag. 
      • If I had two babes in diapers, I would do things a bit differently.
        • I'd upgrade our car system, storing clean diapers in a tote at the base of the car seats, and use a Wahmies All-Day Bag as the car diaper bag. And, if a Planetwise Wet/Bag wasn't already in our stash, I'd take our Wahmies pail liner along. I'd hang it from a door handle by its elastic loop, and use it as our destination travel pail. 
        • And I'd keep our flying system the same, perhaps just using two Planetwise Medium Wet/Dry bags, one designated for each baby. 

      So what has worked for you? What hasn't worked for you? 

      ps. I feel compelled to add that you always should do what is best for you and your family. If the challenge of cloth+traveling turns from an interesting brain teaser to just plain miserable, it perhaps is time to reevaluate your travel-diaper plans. 

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