Wet Bag Week: Freebie Friday & Stash Saturday

Now that you've had a chance to read all my wet bag tidbits, I want to hear (read) yours!!

Post a photo of your wet bag stash on Facebook, and leave a comment on how you make it work for you. How do you travel? Do errands? Store diapers around the house? How do you make your wet bags multi-task? Share all those pearls of wisdom you've accumulated along your cloth diapering way.

All stash photos posted between now and Sunday evening go in the hat for a free Small Wahmies wetbag. You pick the print - Chocolate Animal Crackers or Groovy Guitars. 
Fine Print
  • Photos must be posted by 11:59 CST 3/13/11.
  • I will post on the winner's photo Monday morning. 
  • Feel free to post as many photos as you like, but each person only goes in the hat once. 


  1. I have a few wetbags... 2 GM smalls which I use to store my personal stuff - lotions, mama cloth, etc. in the diaper bag or my purse. I have two small WAHMies wetbags - one to store my dirty mama cloth and one for the wipes, wipes solution, diaper pins, and rash cream/ointment. Then... I have 2 large WAHMies wetbags - one is for the diaper bag and another as our dry hanging pail upstairs in the bathroom. Finally, lol - I have three WAHM wetbags - one backup and a backup medium and small set for the diaper bag. As you can tell, I like my diaper bag wetbags to match.

  2. ooh can we win that wahmies shroom kaboom tdf!! :P posting pics after nap time.

  3. it is a shame....i only have 2 wetbags...is that bad?? :) i have a small brown one and a big owl one, i love my owl bag, it is cute and just big enough for a few hours or all day, so it my go to all the time

  4. We have 4 wetbags, all Planet Wise. 2 Large, 1 md, 1sm.
    We use the 2 lg around the house, fill one up then wash and use the other. The md and sm stay in the diaper bag unless we get behind on laundry lol. We usually use both the sm and md when we are out and about, depends on how long we are out.
    I have tried many storage options for diapers. With a "get into everything" toddler running around, I have yet to find an option that works for us haha

  5. I have 3 wetbags, all hanging ones. They are currently storing the dry diapers we aren't using, so I don't have a picture of them.