OhKaty! Pocket Diaper Review

Another photo review from our fabulous resident diaper addict/reviewer Anna - the Oh Katy One-Size Pocket Diaper. 

I know what you are thinking - 'seriously, another one-size pocket?' I won't lie, that is what I thought when I walked by Oh Katy's booth at the fall ABC product show. IBB already has a wide variety of one-size pockets, and I didn't know if that category could support one more option. But keeping an open mind I asked Oh Katy for a sample to try on my daughter. That night at the hotel I discovered you can instantly be in love with a diaper (ok, so I already knew it was possible, but I discovered there is another diaper I add into my top echelon of favorites!). 

This is the trimmest one-size pocket I've ever tried, bar none. Amazing! And the cross-over waist snaps (Anna will talk more about these) really do allow for a great fit on a newborn (I had the chance to see an Oh Katy on beautiful new baby boy this week. He is around 8lbs (update: 7lbs 2oz) and the Oh Katy pocket fits him perfectly - even better than a sized newborn pocket diaper! I wish I would have remembered to ask to take photos, as I am still amazed at the fit through his legs and waist). A few photos submitted by his momma:

Love what you see? Want to give Oh Katy a try? Now through Thursday, November 24th, buy three or more Oh Katy Pockets and get a free small Wahmies wet bag (a 9.50 value) Fine Print: Limit one free wet bag per household. No code necessary - just tell me 'girlish' or 'neutral' at checkout in 'notes to seller.'  expired

A few weeks ago, I received the best fluffy mail EVER!  That's right, I received not one, but two packages of diapers from Abby to review for you fabulous Bitzy Buzz readers!  It has been so much fun trying out so many brands, types and styles of cloth diapers.  Some I love, some I like and some are not my favorite, but one thing I want to assure of is that even though these diapers did not come from my personal stash, I will still review them as honestly as if they had. 

The thing I am loving most about trying all these diapers is finding that there really is a perfect fit for your baby!  (If you haven't already bought your fluffy stash, I highly recommend doing a trial first!).  The flip side is that while there is a perfect fit out there, every one-size diaper I have ever tried has provided a good fit that contained the messes and kept leaks at bay.

Until I received the "review diapers" from Abby, I had only ever tried BumGenius and Sunbaby pocket diapers and figured that most pocket diapers were generally the same.  I thought that BumGenius 4.0 were pretty much the end-all-be-all pocket diaper and hadn't even considered trying other brands.  Boy, have I been missing out!  BumGenius are still amazing, but there are a lot of other high quality pocket diapers out there.  OhKaty!  is one of the fabulous pockets I would have missed out on, had Abby not sent it.

OhKaty! Overview
OhKaty! pocket diapers (formerly Katydid) are one-size pocket diapers designed to fit most babies from birth through potty training.
Brand:  OhKaty!
Style:  Pocket Diaper
Closure:  Snaps
Sizing:  One-size fits approximately 8-35lbs
Materials:  Outer is made from TPU, a more environementally friendly alternative to PUL.  Inner is a super-soft polyester microfleece.  Inserts are microfiber.
Price:  $17.95
Manufactured in China.

Remember my insanely naive statement earlier that I thought most pocket diapers were pretty much the same?  Well, I couldn't be more wrong--especially when it comes to the unique design features of the OhKaty! pocket diaper.  The color shown in the pictures is "Berries,"  a beautiful, creamy pink.



You'll notice that there are 2 rise snaps, allowing you to adjust the diaper to sizes small, medium or large, depending on your baby's size.  At the waist, you'll notice that there are extra snaps you don't normally find on other pocket diapers.  These are hip-snaps.  Hip snaps are fabulous additions that keep the "wings" from drooping on newborns and skinny/petite babies like my daughter.  More on that later.

One of the first things you'll notice about the inside of the OhKaty! is that the pocket is located at the front of the diaper, which keeps everything laying flat and neatly tucked in place.  In most cases, it also makes it easier to stuff and less messy when removing.

At the waist, you will find a LOT of snaps!  Snaps are nice because they are typically more durable than aplix/velcro style closures and much more difficult for babies to undo.  Although you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of snaps, don't worry--it's really quite simple! 
The double row allows you to adjust the waist size, and the two in the center on the sides are the hip snaps.  If you've got an older baby, you probably won't need to use the hip snaps.

Wing Tabs:
OhKaty! offers one of my all-time favorite cloth diaper features--cross over snaps.  Cross-over tabs allow you to get a good fit on brand new babies because it makes the waist really small.  The real reason I love them though is because I'm forgetful.  I can't tell you how many times I've left the house and forgotton to put a wetbag in my diaper bag.  The cross-over snaps of the OhKaty! pocket diapers let you fold that messy diaper up into a little pocket that neatly contains the ick, so you can put that diaper back into your diaper bag--even if you forgot the wetbag!

Each OhKaty! pocket diaper comes with two microfiber inserts.  One is a "one-size" insert that can be snapped down to the appropriate size for your needs.  The other insert is a newborn size which can be used on its own for the newborn stage and as a booster to the regular insert later on when your child requires more absorbency.

This diaper is newer to me, but so far in the few weeks we've used it, it has been superb.  I have found it to be easy to use and reliable.  The absorbency is great and when used with both inserts, can stand up to overnight use.  During the day, we just use the one-size inserts and it has been sufficient, even during naps.

I am very pleased with the fit of our OhKaty!  My daughter is 16 months, 19lbs and 29"--so she's pretty petite!  Her waist is still small enough that the hip snaps come in handy for us.  On other diapers, wing droop is something that often annoys me, so it's nice not to have to worry about that with these.  As you can see from the pictures, this is a very trim fitting pocket diaper! 

If you have a skinny or petite little one, OhKaty! is definitely worth considering! 

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  1. My favorite thing about this diaper is that it fits my 7lb 2oz newborn with super skinny thighs. I have trouble with some NB diapers because his thighs are so small. I so wish I had more of these awesome diapers!

  2. Yay, Kyndal, I'm glad you chimed in! I love how well they fit your little man!

    (And I'll have to revise baby boy's weight in my opening comment - my poor memory!)

  3. Abby - his Oh Katy is in the wet bag but once I get my laundry caught up I will take some better pics and send them to you because the fit is incredible! :-)

  4. That would be great, thanks Kyndal!!