The Great Fluff Hunt of 2011

example only - do not start hunting on the above!

Think you know your diapers? Let's win us some good stuff!

How it works - 
  • Through Monday, spectrum photos will be periodically posted on Facebook (photos will also be posted on Bitsy Buzz immediately following the Facebook post). 
  • The diapers will be numbered (see above photo as an example). 
  • Your job, should you decide to partake, is to hunt down each and every diaper pictured. 
  • Note the brand and color or print name of each
  • Email your completed list to itsybitsybumscs AT aol . com (yes, this is different than the usual IBB address) 
  • Each round will have ten winners (possibly 11) 
    • First ten forms received with at least 90% of the answers correct each earn one entry into the drawing
    • First form received completely correct earns 25 entries 
    • Note - only one entry per round per person - you must choose, and choose wisely. 
  • Once all winners have been identified, the round will be closed. This will be announced in the Facebook photo's caption as well as on Bitsy Buzz. 

Wonder what you are playing for? IBB's Black Friday-Cyber Monday raffle (not even yet announced, although I can spill that the grand prize rhymes with schmergo). 

May the fluff be with you, and happy hunting!

Fine Print
  • Each rounds' winners will be notified via email.
  • No purchase necessary. 
  • Cheaters never prosper. 
  • Stay tuned for raffle details. 
  • Limit one 25-entry win per person. If you already won that 25-entry spot, you are welcome to participate in subsequent rounds and, provided you are one of the first ten forms received 90% correct, you will still earn one-entry.