Sized versus One-Size, How Do I Choose?

When people visit our local store, usually the very first question when they walk in - 'how on earth do I decide?' Fair question, certainly, as we have more than 40 brands staring back at them. I do what I like to call a 'diaper diagnosis,' asking questions about budget, washing frequency, convenience-factor and so on. Once I know a family's priorities, it is then fairly easy to pull down a few options from the shelf that match all of their metrics.  

Well, one of the questions we discuss - do they prefer a sized or one-size diaper? We then review the pros and cons of each - 

Pros: Sized diapers will always be the trimmest option, sized diapers tend to last through multiple children as the diapers are not used as long
Cons: require two or three purchases from birth to potty training


Pros: An economical choice as one-size diapers grow with your baby and ensure you do not need to buy more diapers as baby grows from an infant to a toddler to potty
Cons: thanks to daily wear and tear over two or three years - one-size diapers may not last well through multiple children, most one-size diapers start to fit around 9 or 10lbs - thus necessitating a newborn diaper solution, one-size diapers are bulkier on small babies

As you see, you trade off trimness with a one-size diaper, but you also have a diaper that is going to work from 9- or 10lbs through potty. But with a one-size diaper, what do you do for that newborn period? Sure, there are newborn diaper solutions (enter newborn diaper rental!). But what if you could use a diaper that always was decently trim, started to fit from birth and accommodated even those chart-topping toddlers? Enter a third style of diaper - the two-size diaper.

Pros: trim-fitting, start to fit a smaller weight range than one-size diapers and will go to a larger weight range than one-size diapers (oftentimes at least 35lbs, if not closer to 40lbs)
Cons: when you initially switch from size one to size two - the shift in fit can be shocking (suddenly you go from a diaper that is almost outgrown to a diaper that completely envelops the bum) 

Want to check out some Two-Size diapers? Thirsties and AppleCheeks are two brands that excel with the Two-Size diaper system. Thirsties Duo All-in-One, Duo Wrap and Duo Fab Fitted are all examples of Two-Size diapers, and AppleCheeks entire line is built around the Two-Size fit premise. 

When you think about it, keeping your baby in cloth diapers from birth through potty means you will inevitably be sizing up, even if you go with a one-size diaper. 

One-Size Diapers
1. Newborn Diapers
2. One-Size Diapers

Sized Diapers
1. Newborn Diapers
2. Medium-Size
(3. some larger toddlers will need to go through)

Two-Size Diapers
1. Size One
2. Size Two

One final advantage to a Two-Size diaper system is the overall economic advantage - the less wear and tear your diapers experience, the longer they will last and the higher the resale value. As Two-Size diapers cover a more equitable range (Size One usually going until somewhere around 15lbs, with Size Two picking up wherever One leaves off), your diapers are likely to wear better and show less age. 

With that, IBB-folks, I present you with a third diaper option to consider - the Two-Size Diaper.

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