Mini Party: 4,100 fans!


When? Tonight 7pm ct through 7pm Sunday evening ct

Up for grabs! Limit one of the following per order 
  • Orders $59-$98.99 two Planet Wise food bags (value $15.98)
  • Orders $99-$148.99 one-size diaper (min. value $17.95) 
  • Orders $149+ Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag or Blueberry Wet/Dry Hobo (min. value $28.95)
Buy Something, Get Something! No limit per order. Can be combined with the above.
  • For every dozen OsoCozy prefolds or flats purchased, get a free Snappi ($3.95 value)
  • Spend $99 on AppleCheeks products and get a free AppleCheeks size 1 storage sac ($12.95+ value)
  • For every Fuzzibunz, Rumparooz or Charlie Banana One-Size Pocket purchased, get a free hemp doubler (min. value $4.75)
  • Spend $45+ on GroVia items and get a free GroVia wet bag
  • Thirsties Bakers Dozen! Buy Twelve Thirsties All-in-Ones (any combination of sizes, closures and solids/prints) and get a thirteenth free to order this, please drop me an email rather than going through the website

Fine Print
  • Preloved items do not qualify towards 'Buy Something, Get Something' totals - they do count towards your overall order total on 'Up for Grabs.'
  • Newborn diaper rentals, gift certificates, trial packages, and newborn diaper rental store credit bumps do not count towards order totals. 
  • Due to expect order volume, Bitsy Bucks will not be applied any party order. Yes, still cranking away with the BB calculations so if you are waiting on that amount rest assured you are still on my to-do list. 
  • IBB loves you XOXO

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