Whoopies Stash - 'Honey, I forgot the diapers.'

Ever get somewhere and realize you forgot to pack diapers? Did a one hour coffee date turn in to an afternoon out with friends? Little one decided to poop four times during errands, and you are now considering wrapping him in the paper napkins spilling out of your glove box?

Consider a Whoopsies Stash! In sum, a stash of diapers and accessories intended to be stored in the car.

In ours? 

Why do I Love This Assortment?  

  • The wet bag is the perfect size to hold all of the supplies until needed but not take up much trunk space
  • The prefolds and cover both work as one-size diapers - simply trifold the prefold and fold it in to the cover (diapering a newborn? consider also adding a Snappi to your kit, so you can fold and secure the prefold around baby) 
  • Disposable wipes dry out in the car over time - cloth wipes can be wet from my water bottle
  • Economically-minded prefolds and one-size cover keep the overall price low 

Murphy's Law

If you use your whoopsies stash, be sure to get them back in the car asap, lest you decide to have a Whoopsies Whoopies stash. For, as theory goes, as soon as your emergencies supplies are forgotten, that is sure to be when you'll need them again.

Happy Travels!


  1. My car stash is similar (I call it the "oh sh!t bag"). Two flip covers (blue, leftover from kid #1, this baby is a girl so we have girly covers in regular rotation); a few prefolds; the homemade wipes that are fraying; a wet bag with a print I'm not fond of. My additions: a small spray bottle with a distilled water/witch hazel/essential oil concoction because if I need it, I won't have my bottle of water with me; and I store it all in a cheapy formula-company diaper bag from the hospital, because otherwise things would be strewn about and lost. Also, a pair of baby legwarmers and a T-shirt in case clothes gets ruined.

  2. aptly named, Lisa! I agree, a few extra clothing items are a great idea, I need to get on that. Right now DD has three sweatshirts and at least 6 pairs of sunglasses. Now that assortment would get us quite a ways! :D