I Love Diaper Laundry

I often hear from those considering switching to cloth that they are worried about the added laundry. Fair question, as I know sorting, washing and folding a family's worth of laundry sometimes seem to consume things. Goodness knows we've had a basket or three sit next to the couch for [I plead the fifth] days waiting for its turn to be folded.

laundry time!

So, just why do I love diaper laundry? And what makes it so different from the usual day-to-day laundry? 

1. It is already sorted! Just grab the pail or wet bag and head to the washing machine. 

2. Nothing special required. Once you establish your diaper laundry routine, that's it. No need to look for stains to pretreat, jean pockets to empty or errant crayons to retrieve. 

3. No ironing! And most days, no folding. Yup, on busy days the diaper laundry comes out of the dryer, lands in a basket, and that basket sits by the changing table. 

4. and this is my most favorite reason There is something very satisfying about doing diaper laundry. This tangible act is keeping diapers out of the landfill, chemicals off our baby's bottom, and money in our wallet. It is something so simple, but it has transformed our lives in such a huge way. 

I believe there is a reason cloth diapering parents bond so easily - the decision to use cloth, for most people, runs deeper than just changing a fabric diaper. Rather, you share similar motivations and goals, and are participating in something bigger than yourself. And I find that positively amazing. 

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