Leaving on a Jet Plane!!!

IBB is headed off, off and away!

Having taken one day off in the last 99, I'm super-duper^10 excited to report that our family is taking a bit of time away. 

Do not fear, we have lots of ideas so the mice can play while the cat is away. Watch Facebook and Bitsy Buzz over the next day or two for more details. 

Some important tidbits - 
  • We will be closed for shipping and emails Monday night through Feb 27th. 
  • All orders placed by Monday evening and all newborn rentals with EDDs pre-3/18 will be shipped before we close. 
  • Exception to the 'no-shipping' clause - any items purchased off of registries will still ship while we are gone. 
  • We have fabulous folks who will be manning IBB's Facebook page in our absence. They will be able to answer any questions regarding washing, trials, diaper options, or where the heck the usual IBB folks have gone off to. 
  • I'm still working through my inbox for all messages received to date and so help me I am going to get them all answered before one of two things happens - the flight attendant takes my computer away or it implodes from all the processing. 

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