New Website: Housewarming Party Swag!

The new website is up and running! Welcome! I'd love to give you a quick tour of our new digs

New Product Lines
  • Episencial - natural skin care for the whole family

  • That Time of the Month - Lunette menstrual cups and Pink Daisy reusable pads
  • Lunch supplies from ECOlunchbox - brown bagging it never looked so green

New Tutorials, Didactics and Help
check out the 'help!' section for the complete 411 on the 101 
  • The Great Diaper Comparison - puts all of the metrics in one place 
  • 'Abby adds' - you've read through the product listing, but wonder what else there is to know? I've included my two cents on several products through the store - from diapers to body products
  • For Locals - Class Reservations & Open Hours now available online for a quick reference. 

Website Features!

Specialty Shops!
We've organized several of the most common metrics into handy-dandy, easy-to-navigate categories. Including: 
  • Made in North America
  • Newborn Diapers
  • Stay-Dry Diapers
  • Nighttime Diapering help
  • and more!

New Products - Updates
  • Thirsties Newest Print - Argyle! - Available in both Duo Wraps and All-in-Ones in-store and ready to ship

  • Peachy Green - next release scheduled mid-July - previews released daily on Facebook

Now that you've had a chance to check out our new home, sit back, relax, and don't forget to take home your swagParty ends June 25th at 23:59:59 central. 

How it Works
  1. Fill up your shopping cart with your purchases. 
  2. Add coupon code. Note - do not add desired freebie(s) to your cart - we do that on our end. 
  3. Anxiously stalk mailperson. 

Orders $49 - $88.99
  • free CJ's BUTTer sample + Planet Wise Food Bag (a $9.49 value) code: SWAG491
  • free full-size CJ's BUTTer (a $9+ value) code: SWAG492
Orders $89 - $108.99
  • free One-Size Diaper (min. value $17.95) code: SWAG891
  • free Episencial suncreen (value $15) code: SWAG892
  • free Jellystone Organic Necklace (value $15) code: SWAG893
  • free Snack Pack - 3 Planet Wise Food Bags (value $23.97) code: SWAG894
Orders $109 - $179.99
  • free One-Size Diaper (min. value $23.95) code: SWAG1091
  • free Mama-Deserves-Some-Pampering set (a random - and delicious - assortment of CJ's, delish, Jellystone and/or chewbeads - total value $24+) code: SWAG1092
Orders $180 - $249.99
  • free Blueberry Wet/Dry Bag (value $28.95) code: SWAG1801
  • free One-Size Diaper (min. value $28.95) code: SWAG1802
  • free Chewbeads Necklace (min. value $29.50) code: SWAG1803
Orders $250+ 
  • free That Time of the Month sampler (an assortment of Lunette Cup + mama cloth pad(s) - total value $49+) size 1 Lunette code: SWAG2501a | size 2 Lunette code: SWAG2501b
  • free One-Size Diaper Sampler (a random assortment of three one-size diapers - total value $50+) code: SWAG2502
  • free Wet Bag Sampler (Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag + 2 GroVia Wet Bags - total value $43.99) code: SWAG2503

Fine Print
  • We try to ship all orders within 24 hours. Due to anticipated order volume, this might take a hair longer than usual. 
  • IBB picks the color/closure/scent/etc for your freebie. Do not add the freebie to your cart! Just the coupon code. Please, please don't email me that you must have a pink velcro diaper or vanilla-scent or your dog will cry or your life will be forever changed for the worse. I will feel guilty and my shippers will want to tear their hair out (and we like them with hair). We try to offer a wide variety of freebies to suit every party person and cannot offer further customizations. 
  • Cannot be combined with newborn diaper rental package reservations or payments. 
  • Customer limited to one code per purchase, and each code can only be used 1x per customer. If multiple swag codes are applied to the same order, IBB will disregard all but the appropriate order total code. 
  • Not valid on pending or prior orders. 
  • Promotion good while supplies last. Some freebies are limited in quantity. Every tier does include at least one freebie with high-stock, far more than the freebie will require. So you will still get swag, no worries there. 
  • Free one-size diaper can include two-piece diaper systems - in which case the total value of items included will meet or exceed min. value of said freebie. 

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