Belated News: Peachy Green!

Peachy Green News!

If you've ever had a chance to flip through the blog, or been around for a while, you likely know my love of Peachy Green diapers runs deep. Really deep. Like, I'll tell anyone who will listen deep. Read more on the deep-seated love here

Well, in mid-2012 we started to have conversations about possibly acquiring Peachy Green (!!!) and by Christmas it was all figured out. To sit on the news for almost three months until the official acquisition date of March 20th was terribly hard. Just ask the ladies who work at our shop - I practically stopped talking about Peachy Green completely. I was so afraid I was going to spill the beans (promise to anyone who has told me a secret, I am an amazing secret keeper when they are others' secrets - my own - well I get a really funny guilty/fish-face/giggling-thing and it just deteriorates from there until I spill, so I just avoid the subject instead).

So it is official, Itsy Bitsy Bums now owns a diaper brand. A long-time goal realized. Having worked in sourcing, and fashion, and diapers, it really brings all my worlds together! 

What is means?

Party with US!
A few spots online you might want to check out:
Peachy Green Diapers Facebook don't miss the photo contest on now through April 25th!
The Peaches a spot to hang out with fellow Peachy Green addicts

Dawn, Original Lady Behind Peachy Green
Dawn is still living in St Louis and works on her other business, Diaper Sewing Supplies. For a long time Peachy Green and DSS existed side-by-side, so that is why you'll see some familiar prints over there. If you know (or are) a home-sewer, check out what she has to offer! She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to these materials.

The Sewing Facility
Located in central MO (convenient, no? halfway between Dawn and IBB), will remain the same. For those who have asked if I'll be sewing the diapers, first, you are too kind. I have no domestic skills to speak of. Also of note, Dawn has been using this facility since 2008, so the brand has long roots with these sewers! We had a chance to tour the facility, and I'm so impressed with their production.

The Patterns
We are keeping all of the Peachy Green designs and adding some more! Stay tuned for what is to come. We have heard your requests and have some ideas of our own up our sleeves.

Learning Curve
At the shop, when demo'ing Peachy Green, I'd often say: 'One thing that Dawn does so well...' in reference to the trim fit, or how the leg casings are sewn, etc. And now my employees will interrupt with an 'ahem ::throat clear:: ahem Abby, what you do so well.' LOL. Still learning! These diapers are still Dawn's diaper in design, but it now has the Abby stamp on it as well.

Fabulous Retailers
Some have asked if we'll be bringing PG in house as a private brand. Nope! We have fabulous retailers all over the world (yes, the Peachy Green love is worldwide!). Once production gets up and running with the next collection, we will be accepting more wholesale accounts.

We will be handling all warranty claims. If there are any issues, please contact us at peachygreendiapers at gmail dot com. We are working hard to make sure nothing is lost in the transition, and please bear with us through these growing pains. If you have any questions about your diaper, please contact us and we will get it figured out!

Right now the Peachy Green website is still the same, if you've ever poked around over there. Over the next weeks we will be transitioning it to a new platform. Ideally these changes will be barely noticeable from your end, but if the site suddenly has gone MIA, don't worry! The diapers are still there, just floating suspended in the interwebz.

If there is anything I missed, feel free to email me at peachygreendiapers at gmail dot com. A note - this is a temporary address as we get our new website site up. Once that is done we'll have a more official means for contact.

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