When Bad Things Happen to Good People

my friend Allison's washer after a recent detergent mis-measure
don't worry, no diapers were harmed in the making of this picture

As most people quickly realize when cloth diapering - you need far less detergent than most manufacturers would lead you to believe - for top loading machines, you need 1/2 of the recommended amount, for front loading machines, just 1/4. Have you translated this knowledge to your regular laundry routine? Unless your load is heavily soiled, you are using too much detergent! Think of all the money you could save only using half to one-eighth of the usual amount!

I'll admit, growing up and even into my college years, I believed is some is good, well then more must be better. Wrong! And guess what, I was not alone in my assumption! Check out this great article on detergents. I especially like the four concluding points, the first of which is "a) First, look inside your washer after each use. If you're seeing suds at the end of the machine's cycle, you're using too much detergent." LOL. Sounds like a line straight off the Babycenter Cloth Diapering board (I'm Ms Scarlett in KS, by the way)! Just another example of cloth diapering knowledge spilling into other areas of your life (my favorite discovery - the benefits of cooking with coconut oil, but that is for another day). 

Time to share the good news, when it comes to detergent, less is best! Now when it comes to diapers, on the other hand, fewer is.... well I'll leave that decision to you. 

Happy Sunday folks! 

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