Friday in January = what better time for another giveaway!

If you are a Facebook fan, you probably have noticed the giveaways the last two weekends. Why stop there? Another weekend is here, so time for another giveaway!

Winner's Choice
For every $10 you spend between now and Sunday night, your name goes in the hat once. Spend $100, your name goes in 10x. Spend $15, your name goes in the hat once. Etc. Etc. (Whenever I string together more than one 'et cetera,' you know what I think of? This!)

Fine Print
  • All purchases must be made by 11:59pm 1/23/11 
  • Winner will be announced via Facebook and contacted via his/her Paypal email address to pick giveaway diaper. **Please ensure you add my email address to your address book. Nothing worse than trying to give you a diaper and instead be filed away as spam.**
  • If winner does not reply by 1/24/11 11:59pm s/he forfeits the prize. And the prize(s) will then go up for next weekend's giveaway. 
  • All Friday - Sunday orders will ship Monday, 11/25/11. 

ps. did you know the 'hat' your name goes in is actually the bucket to my package scale? I used to use random.org to generate the winner after compiling a spreadsheet in excel. But you know what? After 'random' picked the number 'one' three time in a row, I decided my mitts could do a much better job at being objective. 

pps. uncanny

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