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I still remember stalking my first Pooligan (during her very first stocking, no less!). Marky Baby was watching Saturday football, and I had my eye on some Teal Giraffes. And I got them. Super trim, super absorbent. I was in love! 

Ange' is a sweet, compassionate lady whom I have since gotten to know well since bringing home my Teal Giraffes. And I'm excited to introduce you to her and her fabulous wares. 

Welcome to the WAHMlight Pooligans! 

ps. stay tuned at the end of the interview for information on a giveaway and ways to stalk one or two (or more? oh my!) Pooligans for yourself (I mean, your baby's bum). 

Itsy Bitsy Bums: Please tell us about yourself - your family, your likes, your dislikes. 
Me and My family...
I am a wife, the mother of three, and daughter first an foremost. I was born and raised in the Portland Metro area in Oregon and haven't strayed from the area that is my heart. My parents are still married and madly in love. I was fortunate enough the grow up in the same home my entire life and now watch my children play in the very same place.  I have been married to my wonderful husband for 5 1/2 yrs. I have a beautiful 11 year old daughter from a previous relationship and my husband and I have two boys together, 5 and almost 2.  I learned to sew from my mother.  Sadly on July 30th, 2008 she fell and is now a quadriplegic.  There are times that I am called upon to provide from her as well.  

Like and dislikes... 
Well, I am obsessed with babywearing, wool, and diapers of course. I swoon over beautiful woven wraps, hand-knit longies and shorties and hand-dyed yarn, as well as all of the awesome fabrics to be had and the diapers I can create from them. 
I love chocolate and coffee!  I hate oysters and asparagus. 
I love the smell of a freshly washed baby. I hate... well.. you know. No one wants to smell a stinky baby. 
I love it when rain is falling on a sunny afternoon.  There is really no way to describe how beautiful it is.  
I love where I live. We have the coast, rivers, forests, mountains, snow, and the desert all within driving distance. A day trip to any of these is totally achievable. On the other hand... I can live without the 90+ degree days we get from time to time in the summer. 
IBB: When did you start making diapers? 
Poo: I began making diapers when my youngest was 3 months old.  It started with fleece soakers and then on to making wool soakers.  First I bought some Kissaluvs fitteds and then I bought a [Bagshot Row Bamboo] and some [Goodmamas] and thought to myself, "I can do that!" I originally had no plans in regards to selling to the public.  I was busy trying out different fabrics and buying up diaper cuts to make my own when lo and behold... a [Babycenter] mama asked me to make her some diapers and the rest is history.
IBB: Where did you find the inspiration for your brand- and product-names? 
Poo: It just came to me. I know that sounds completely goofy but that's truly what happened. My hubby called our eldest boy a little hooligan and thus the name lil' Pooligans was born. Some of the product names are thanks to some wonderful friends. I remembered a mama saying that she would love to try a "Poo In Two" and it stuck.  Originally my swim diapers were called POOLigans but some mamas got confused and a customer mentioned "Swimligans" and that stuck. For the most part, after tossing ideas back and forth with a group of wonderful friends the other names pretty much just fell into place with a -ligans on the end.  Dorky... yup.  But I love it!

IBB: Where do you like to picture your brand in, say, one year? Five years? Any new products in the works? 
Poo: I want to stay small. Maybe bring in a helper to relieve some of my stress but really... I have no want, need, or desire to go huge. I think that will remove the personal touch from my products. I do plan on continuing my business for a few years. I love what I am doing no matter how stressful it gets. Maybe 5-, 10-, 15-yrs down the road I will change my mind but right now I would like to continue down the path I am on always striving to be a better WAHM.

Well... other than products like pockets I have pretty much covered it all. Right now, I offer [one size fits most] knit fitteds, woven fitteds, two styles of nighttime diapers, AIOs, AI2s, swim diapers, toddler fitteds, boosters AND extra inserts. Right now I am working on finalizing my newborn pattern and bringing my trainers out of my head and into the real world. I am also debating stocking one custom diaper bag a month and dabbling in the world of wetbags.  I'm sure there are other products that I could offer but I also firmly believe that there is a such thing as too much. 
IBB: What is your favorite Pooligans' dipe stocked at IBB? 
Poo: Now this is a hard one.  Hands down, Nighty Nights are our go to night time diaper. While we do have back up systems I always reach for our "NNs" first. When all of those are dirty than we use a Poo 'n Two Simple (editor's note - aka - Pooligan's All-in-Two) with a stay-dry hemp doubler for bedtime.  My PnT Simples play a few different roles in our diaper stash... I keep my diaper bag always stocked with a couple of Simples covers and inserts.  They are also what I reach for when Terry is clothed in "real" pants. When our washer broke a couple of weeks ago our Simples covers saved our rears. Instead of having to buy mainstream disposables I just used biodegradable inserts in the covers. If I had to choose just one type of diaper to keep in my stash it would be various types of fitteds. 
IBB: Anything else your readers should know about you? 
Poo: Hmm...  My favorite thing about being a WAHM is knowing the joy that my products bring to families. Being a WAHM is not easy and there are times when it's a thankless job. I know that my product won't work for every baby. While I may not hear "thank you" for most diapers I ship off into the great unknown, the few times I do makes my jobby totally worth it. I love to see babies in their brand spanking new "Poo" and to read the pure excitement in the mama's words. While, yes, there are times I may get behind I will always get ahead. Every gushing letter and comment makes the struggles involved with being a WAHM totally worth it.

Time to Stalk!
Pooligan's Poo N' Twos and Nighty Nights will stock at Itsy Bitsy Bums at 7pm CST February 1st. Like a preview? HERE!

Interested in winning a custom Pooligan for yourself? 
  • Post a picture of your little one wearing your favorite Pooligans diaper to the IBB Facebook page or email me your submission and I'll post it
  • All entries must be posted by February 28th
  • Feel free to submit as many photographs as you'd like
  • I will select a winner the first week of March
  • Winner will be announced both on the IBB Facebook page as well as on this very blog
  • Any and all photographs you post must be your original artwork and, by submitting, you agree I can use the winning photograph for my blog or website

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