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Very excited to welcome Anna as a guest blogger on Bitsy Buzz. A lovely mother to two equally lovely girls, she also has a secret project up her sleeve for the store. Stay tuned for more details on that. ♥

And a quick editor's preface to this review - GroBaby rebranded to GroVia in 2010. With the switch in name, they also shifted their AIO focus from a sized diaper sold under the name 'Dreameze' to a one-size diaper 'GroVia All-in-One.' If you like the look of the Dreameze - know that you can still find them on various resale sites. Please note that GroBaby sold both Dreameze All-in-Ones and Fitteds, so make sure your seller notes what type of Dreameze is listed. 

A GroVia Comparison
by Anna Johnson

My sweet, tiny baby Jocelyn is now six months old!  Already I’ve packed away her newborn clothes and XS Bum Genius all-in-ones (AIO’s).  Last month I packed away her 3 month clothes.  Then, last week as I was putting her small Dream-Eze  AIO’s on her, I realized that they too were in fact too small.  Once again, it was time to grieve the passing of a size.
Putting away outgrown baby clothes and diapers makes me a bit sad.  I think it is because it forces me to come to terms with the fact that a precious time of life has passed—never to be revisited again—at least for this baby.  Fortunately, the silver lining of this cloud is that the passing of the old means there is room for new!  Every day Jocie figures out something new—how to do “raspberries,” how to sit up by herself, trying new foods, etc.  I get to unpack the next size of clothes and viola! She has a whole new wardrobe of cute clothes.  It also means it’s time for new diapers!!

As I started to put the small sized diapers away, I started to wonder how the small Dream-Eze AIO’s compared to the smallest size setting of my new GroVia AIO since they are both made by the same company.  My thought was that if the GroVia AIO on the smallest setting was as small as the small Dream-Eze, it might be worth “de-stashing” my 6 Dream-Eze and replacing them with the one-size GroVia.

One-Size (OS) diapers are a brilliant idea:  one diaper that will grow with your baby from the newborn stage all the way through to potty training so you can save money and only buy one set of diapers!  Sounds too good to be true, eh?  Well, I decided to put the GroVia OS AIO to the test.  Out came the small Dream-Eze from the bin along with the GroVia and my trusty camera.

So, here it goes!  The cute owl diaper is the GroVia AIO and the fabulous chartreuse green in a small Dream-Eze.  I have the GroVia snapped up to the smallest setting.  Side by side, you’ll notice that the Dream-Eze looks a bit more compact—and indeed, it is a little bit smaller.  From a tactile sense, the Dream-Eze is quite dense and the PUL is heavy and thick feeling.  The GroVia is feels substantial, but “fluffier” than the Dream-Eze and it feels almost silky! 
Put on top of the GroVia, you’ll notice that while the Dream-Eze is a bit smaller, the difference is quite minimal.  Unsnapped and placed side by side, you can see that the difference in length is maybe ½ cm.  The biggest “difference” is the width of the crotch.  The Dream-Eze is narrower through the crotch and the front panel.  You can see this best in the photo with the Dream-Eze placed on top of the GroVia.
The question is, does this make a noticeable difference on a small baby?  I’ll let you be the judge!  Although I think Jocie is unbearably cute, she no longer falls under the “small” baby category anymore, so I borrowed my 3 year old’s life-like dolly.

For reference, the doll is 18” which is somewhere between preemie & newborn length.

Pretty impressive huh!?!  Now, I don’t think that the GroVia AIO will replace XS/newborn size diapers, but in my opinion it definitely can take the place of the Dream-Eze AIO!  So, long story short?  I sold my Dream-Eze!   Should we ever have another little one, I might just be tempted to try some of the new GroVia newborn size. ;)

So now the question is, are my One Size Bottombumpers really One-Size? 

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