Back to School!

I love the next couple of months -

The ridiculous heat will finally break, and give way to a new season.
J. Crew will send me my fall preview catalog, and I'll dog-ear every other page.
The trees will begin to change, and I'll yearn for the lone tree/overgrown shrub in our yard to turn that brilliantly-bright candy red you only see in movies.
 Sunflower-yellow buses will travel down our street, and I'll be so jealous of the children headed off to school. 
Target will put out school supplies, and I'll desperately try to find a reason I need 24 No.2 pencils. And a new stapler. And a couple of notebooks. And, oh, look at the pens. I probably need this 24-pack of Sharpies.

Yes, school supplies. I have a thing for them. I worked in the corporate world for three years, then returned to the Ivory Tower to pursue my Masters. And you'd better believe one of my first actions as a returning student was to buy my school supplies!
Now IBB doesn't sell school supplies, but I do believe diapering accessories and other such extra bits come a close second in terms of getting my heart to pitter-patter. So why not celebrate the coming of fall, the beginning of a school year, and some fabulous accessory items and brands?

Up first, CJ's BUTTer! Yum! Snag all of your favorite CJ's Products at 10% off (all the details can be found here, and orders will also be placed on that page; note that this sale is set up a bit differently as it is a preorder - future Back to School sales will be straight up discounts).

Sharpen your pencils, folks, and pay attention. Another special will be added each Friday!

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