Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy: Let's Celebrate

The traditional first anniversary present is paper (you'd better believe I'm not giving anyone paper  diapers)! The modern first anniversary present is a clock. Hmmm... clock. Tick, tock, knock, knock, what on earth to do with a clock? 

Naw. But I cannot not have a gift (yes, I pulled the double-negative). Let's see..... I want it to be personal. I want it to be meaningful. And I don't mind teasing the recipient with a few hints along the way. What is a cloth diaper lady* to do? (*Yes, there are many children out there who refer to me as the diaper lady. I don't mind, in fact, I like it. I do wish I had some glass slippers though.)

The skinny....

Two ways we are going to celebrate!

Facebook Freebies: I'm going to ask IBB-trivia throughout the weekend. The first person to correctly answer the trivia question snags the freebie! (No, definitely will not be anything rivaling Trivial Pursuit. Instead, these questions will be based on the information you can find here or this very page. Study up party people!).

Freebies will wax and wane throughout the weekend. All orders $45.99+ qualify for freebies. Limit 3 freebies per household. Please specify 'girlish,' 'boyish' or 'neutral' as well as your baby's approximate weight at checkout. If you do not have access to the email account of your Paypal address, please be sure to also supply an email address at which I can reach you. More fine print specified at the end of this post. Please be sure to read thoroughly as no exceptions will be made.

Note - I'll update the list below throughout the weekend, noting the winner of each freebie as well as the winners of the giveaways. Feel free to ask on Facebook where we are at any given time. If I don't respond, chances are I'm chasing a toddler. <3

**Round #1
(first order received = #1 = Laundry help; second order received = #2 = CJ's; etc etc etc)
  1. Laundry help - 3 Rockin' Green detergent samples + 3 RLR Packets ($6.90 value) - Sophie L.
  2. 3 CJ's BUTTer samples ($4.50 value) - Teela G.
  3. Rockin' Green Pail Freshener ($6.50 value) - Heidi S.
  4. Green Body Basics Deodorant ($7.00 value; I'll email you to confirm your scent choice) - Leslie L.
  5. Flip Organic Insert ($7.95 value) - Shannon M.
  6. GroVia Wet Bag ($8.00 value) - Stephanie J.
  7. GroVia Wet Bag ($8.00 value) - Laurel M.
  8. GroVia Wet Bag ($8.00 value) - Missy T.
  9. GroVia Wet Bag + GroVia Shell ($24.95 value) - Melissa S. (Giveaway #1 winner!)
  10. Preloved Item of your Choice (your choice of any available preloved item or items totaling $20 or less) - Clare L.
  11. Grandma El's Rash Cream - 2oz Tube ($9.99 value) - Michelle C.
  12. Party In My Pants Liner ($9.99 value; you choose style and cotton or flannel) - Missy T.
  13. Chewbeads Cornelia Bracelet ($11.50 value) - Sam M.
  14. Teething Bling Bangle ($12.75 value) - Haley R.
  15. CJ's Vegan BUTTer Sampler ($13.50 value) - Tina L.
  16. Flip Shell ($13.95 value; you tell me closure-type) - Lisa P.
  17. First dibs on the next Woollybottoms stocking, and $15 off the WB soaker of your choice (or you can also choose one of the currently stocked styles as well) - Jennifer
  18. IBB Wipes Sampler ($15.99 value) - Holly W. (Giveaway #2 winner!)
  19. Wahmies Regular Wet Bag ($16.50 value) - Diane B.
  20. $20 off any Amber Teething Necklace of your choice - Cynthia F.
  21. AppleCheeks Swim Diaper ($18.80 value) - Haley R.
  22. Teething Bling ($19.10 value) - Lindsey K.
  23. Fuzzibunz Wonder Wipes (21.00 value) - Sally W.
  24. Chewbeads Jane Necklace ($29.50 value) - Jesse M. (Giveaway #4 winner - grand prize!)
  25. Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag ($29.99 value) - Tara H.

**Drawing #1 - closed
Once the 25th order is received, all orders will go into a hat. One lucky winner will be drawn to receive four fabulous All-in-Ones ($100+ value):
  • bumGenius One-Size Elemental AIO
  • Bright Star Baby AIO
  • Bottombumpers One-Size AIO
  • GroVia One-Size AIO
  • GroVia Wet Bag
Congratulations #9 - Melissa S.! 
And then it starts again!

**Round #2:
  1. Wipes Wet Bag ($6.00 value) - Tanya W.
  2. 2 CJ's Lip Balms ($6.60 value) - Cassie P.
  3. CJ's Small Stick ($6.75 value) - Vanessa C.
  4. GroVia Wet Bag ($8.00 value) - Kathleen D.
  5. Econobum Cover ($8.95 value) - Becky M.
  6. CJ's Large Stick ($10.75 value) - Helen C.
  7. 2 Rolls of Diaper Liners ($13.90 value) - Erin K.
  8. GroVia Shell ($16.95 value; you tell me closure-type) - Jeania D.
  9. GroVia Shell ($16.95 value; you tell me closure-type) - Shelby C.
  10. GroVia Shell ($16.95 value; you tell me closure-type) - Erika S.
  11. GroVia Shell+Cotton Soaker ($25.92 value; you tell me closure-type) - Eric M.
  12. 2 Grovia Shells ($33.90 value) - Heather D.
  13. 2 GroVia Shells + GroVia Wet Bag ($41.90 value) - Helen C.
  14. Bestbottom Shell+Stay-Dry Insert ($20.90 value; you tell me closure-type) - Teresa B.
  15. Bright Star Baby AIO ($21.50 value) - Elizabeth R.
  16. CJ's BUTTer Large Stick ($10.75 value) - Cynthia F.
  17. Wahmies Pail Liner ($17.95 value) - Laura T.
  18. BabyKicks Hemp Fitted ($19.95 value) - Haley R.
  19. Mama Package - Green Body Basics Deodorant, 3 Mother Moon Lay-in Liners and Party In My Pants Pixie Pouch ($20.50 value) - Teela G.
  20. Thirsties Duo Wrap + Thirsties Hemp Prefold ($19.25) - Melissa C.
  21. bumGenius Elemental ($24.95 value) - Cassie P.
  22. itti bitti tutto ($26.95 value) - Ingrid P.
  23. AppleCheeks Little Bundle ($28.80 value) - Sally W.
  24. Fuzzibunz Pocket+matching leggies ($29.98 value) - Kristie H.
  25. Teething Bling gift set ($34.50 value) - Diane B.

**Drawing #2 - closed
Once the 50th order is received, all orders received thus far (aka all orders from Rounds 1 & 2, except the winner of Drawing #1) will go into the hat for an All-in-Two sampler ($100+ value):
  • Bestbottom Shell + Stay-Dry Insert + Hemp Insert
  • Flip Shell + Stay-Dry Insert + Organic Insert + 3 Disposable Inserts
  • GroVia Shell + Cotton Insert + 5 BioSoakers
  • Thirsties Wrap + Stay-Dry Insert
  • GroVia Wet Bag
Congratulations Holly!

And third time's the charm, right? 

**Round #3
  1. GroVia Wet Bag ($8.00 value) - Jill B.
  2. GroVia Wet Bag ($8.00 value) - Terryn W.
  3. OsoCozy Fitted ($8.50 value) - Heidi S.
  4. CJ's BUTTer Spritz ($9.00 value) - Jenni S.
  5. Party In My Pants Liner ($9.99 value; you tell me style and flannel/cotton) - Amanda R. (Giveaway #3 winner!)
  6. Grandma El's 2oz Tube ($9.99 value) - Mary R.
  7. Wahmies Small Wet Bag ($9.50 value) - Traci R.
  8. CJ's Body Lotion ($12.00 value) - Heather W.
  9. Party In My Pants Pad ($12.99/$13.99; you tell me style and flannel/cotton) - Briannan
  10. Teething Bling Bangle ($12.75 value) - Thomas N.
  11. CJ's Bug Banisher Spray ($12.97 value) - Andrea D.
  12. Flip Shell + Stay-Dry Insert ($13.95 value) - Andrea O.
  13. $15 off any amber teething necklace - Sara B.
  14. bumGenius 4.0 Stay-Dry ($17.95 value) - Heather D.
  15. Wahmies Pail Liner ($17.95 value) - Amber G.
  16. Rockin' Green Detergent + Scoop ($17.45 - $19.45 value; you tell me Soft, Classic or Hard) - Roxxie (whom I affectionately know in my head as the BSB queen! bet you didn't know that Roxxie)
  17. AppleCheeks Swim Diaper ($18.80 value) - Amanda H.
  18. Planet Wise Medium Wet/Dry Bag ($21.00 value) - Vanessa C.
  19. GroVia One-Size AIO ($22.95 value) - Mary R.
  20. 4 Soft & Sweet Bottoms Hemp Doublers ($19.00 value) - Desiree C.
  21. Bright Star Baby AIO ($21.50 value) - Ebay in Georgia
  22. Bright Star Baby AIO + matching tee ($34.50 value) - Beth H.
  23. itti bitti tutto ($26.95 value) - Kristie H.
  24. Chewbeads Jane Necklace ($29.50 value) - Aleah P.
  25. Softbums Shell + 2 Bamboo Inserts ($31.20 value) - Michele A.

**Drawing #3 - closed
Once the 75th order is received, all orders (aka all orders from Rounds 1, 2 and 3, except the winners of Drawings 1 and 2) will go in the hat for an Innies+Outties sampler ($100+ value): 
  • Thirsties Duo Wrap
  • Econobum One-Size Cover
  • Flip One-Size Cover
  • Thirsties Hemp Prefold
  • BabyKicks One-Size Hemp Fitted
  • Tiny Tush One-Size Hemp Fitted
  • Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted
  • Flip Organic Insert
  • Flip Stay-Dry Insert
  • GroVia Wet Bag
Congratulations Amanda R.!

    **Round #4 is the knock-out round, and a bit different.

    Every order received after order #75 will not have a designated freebie. Rather, for every $10 you spend your name goes in the Drawing #4 hat one time (spend $25 = two entries; spend $100 = ten entries; sales tax and/or shipping charges do not count towards your order total). No minimum order requirement for all orders past #75, no restriction on the number of orders you can place, and orders go into the hat until 23:59 central tonight (7/24).

    **Drawing #4 will happen when the clock strikes midnight (central), and the weekend has ended. Note, we must reach a minimum of 100 weekend orders for Drawing #4 to take place. As of 18:55 we reached 100 orders! Who goes in the drawing? All orders received through the weekend (except those lucky folks who already won Drawing 1, 2 or 3) will be entered (and those who shopped during Round #4 getting an extra bump in their entry count).

    Congratulations Jesse M.!

    The swag - a full stash! That's right, over 20 diaper changes + accessories worth over $300! 
    • Bottombumpers OS AIO
    • bumGenius Elemental OS AIO
    • Bright Star Baby AIO
    • 2 GroVia Shells + 2 Cotton Soakers
    • Softbums Shell + 1 Super DryTouch + 2 Bamboo Pods
    • BabyKicks One-Size 3g Pocket
    • Wahmies One-Size Pocket with Hydroassure
    • bumGenius 4.0 Stay-Dry One-Size Pocket
    • Thirsties Duo Wrap
    • 4 OsoCozy Flats
    • 5 OsoCozy Prefolds 
    • Tiny Tush Hemp Fitted
    • 2 Soft & Sweet Bottoms Hemp Doublers
    • 3-pack Snappi
    • Disposable Liners
    • IBB Wipes Sampler
    • Leggies (aka BabyLegs)
    • CJ's BUTTer 4oz Tube
    • Planet Wise Wipes Wet Bag
    • GroVia Wet Bag
    • Planet Wise Medium Wet/Dry Bag

    Fine Print
    • The full 25 orders of the round must be received before a drawing will occur. If Sunday 23:59 rolls around and we have only partially completed Round #1, 2, or 3, then the giveaway swag will be prorated to the number of orders received. In other words, if we are 15 orders in to Round #2, then 60% of Giveaway #2 will be given away. 
    • Round #4 '100 weekend orders' refers to orders placed 7/22/11 10am central through 7/24/11 23:59 central.
    • Due to the nature of the giveaways and freebies, any items ordered from 10am central 7/22/11 through 23:59 central 7/24/11 can only be returned for store credit. Due to expected order volume, no cancellations on any weekend orders will be accepted. 
    • Gift certificates, trial and rental package orders ineligible from participating, and will not count towards the order count. One exception - if your rental order or gift certificate purchase also includes regular items, the total of which is $45.99 or greater, then you will qualify for the freebie and be entered in the drawing. 
    • You specify colorway preference - boyish, girlish or neutral - and baby's approximate weight, and closure-type as relevant. IBB will choose the specific color/print of your freebie. 
    • Avalee reserves the right to inspect your order and add any items she so chooses. These items can vary from Lego people to bubble wrap to colored pencils. Ok, not really, just checking if you are actually reading the fine print. 
    • Due to the super-duper freebies for the weekend, Bitsy Bucks cannot be applied to any freebie orders. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
    • IBB strives to ship all orders within 24 hours of receipt. However, please understand if it might take an extra day or two given the turnout to the sale. Orders are packed in the order in which they are received, barring any out-of-stock issues (of which you will be notified via email). 
    • Facebook fine print: By purchasing you agree to release Facebook of any involvement, and that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Your participation provides Itsy Bitsy Bums with your name and shipping details, and Facebook does not receive any notice of your personal information.