Bottombumpers One Size All-In-One Photo Review

Have you seen the Limited Edition Winter Bottombumpers?! Oh. my. goodness. Just when I think I've figured out which is my favorite (penguin), I do one last pass over all four and change my mind yet again (pink owl, wait, blue owl, nope, penguin).

Preorders for these amazing All-in-Ones (and matching tees!) go up Monday morning hereOk, once and for all must decide....penguins? No, pink owl. Wait..... 

Rather not wait until the preorders ship in December to try a Bottombumpers for yourself? Buy two or more in-stock One-Size Bottombumpers (colors or limited edition fall prints) between now and Thursday October 27th and get a bonus Bottombumpers surprise or two with your purchase.*  

Wondering if this is a diaper that will fit your needs well? Check out this review from our guest blogger Anna......

Compromise - penguins *and* pink owls - yup.

*Limit two Bottombumpers surprise packs per household. Not good on prior or pending purchases. 


I love Bottombumpers!  I especially love the attention to detail that makes them one of the best looking diapers on the market.  I know it's silly, but one of the things that bugs me about most one-size diapers is the smattering of snaps scattered across the front of the diaper.  It doesn't irritate me  enough to keep me from buying or using those diapers, but it does make me wish they weren't there :)

When I found out about Bottombumpers innovative hidden snap-down rise on the inside back of their new one-size version of their fabulous side-snapping AIO's,  I couldn't wait to get my hands on them!  I already knew I loved the design and construction of the sized Bottombumpers AIO's, so I was pretty excited that the OS version didn't mar the aesthetics of the diaper with front snaps.  It's been over nine months now since I started using our new OS Bottombumpers, and I'd like to show you all of it's nifty features!

Brand: Bottombumpers
Style:   Side-snapping, one-size, All in One cloth diaper.
Material:  Outer:  PUL, Inner:  100% organic cotton, Insert:  100% organic cotton topped with bamboo velour.
Size range:  Bottombumpers OS AIO's fit most babies 8-28lbs, with a rise of  13.5"-18" and waist size of 12"-22"
Price:  $22.95 for solid colors, $24.95 for prints.

 Front,  From the front, the Bottombumpers OS has the same smooth & sleek profile of the sized version.    The waist panel curves ever so slightly upward with the snap tabs wrapping gently around the side.  In my opinion, you will not find a better looking front on a One-sized diaper!

Side.  One thing I've noticed about about other one-size, side-snapping diapers is that once the baby passes the newborn stage, the front panel snaps in the front at the hips--not at the side of the waist.  I really appreciate that both the front snap tabs, and the back wing snaps really extend far enough so that the diaper can truly be snapped at the side.  This ensures that the same clean side-snapping look you loved on your infant will continue as your babe grows into toddlerhood!

Crotch.  You can see from looking at the diaper from this angle that it truly is a trim OS diaper!  The other thing I really like about it is that it is not cut nearly as wide as other OS diapers.  It is however, cut slightly wider through the crotch than the small & medium sized Bottombumpers.

Back.  Ahh!  I love the polished look of Bottombumpers!  You'll notice a refreshing lack of visible snaps!  Although the insert snaps in the back inside of the diaper, you won't find any of the snap caps on the outside.  The only thing you might notice, is the little bump formed by the snap-down rise inside the diaper.  This little bump really doesn't become apparent until it is on the baby...

In the back, you'll alsofind the gentle gathers of the elastic at the waist, which not only helps ensure a good fit on your little one, but also provides an extra barrier for messies that might try to escape. 


Open the diaper up and you will find where the true brilliance of this diaper lies...the hidden, color coded snap down rise & snap-in soaker.

Color coded snap-down rise!  
BLUE:   1  week- 6months, Rise 13.5-15", Weight 8-15lbs  Simply snap the BLUE snaps into the GREEN snap socket, attach insert to the white snaps & you have a Newborn-small sized diaper!

ORANGE:  3-12 months, Rise up to 16", weight 12-20lbs.  For Small-Medium, snap ORANGE snaps into GREEN socket and attach insert. 

YELLOW:  12 months to potty training, Rise up to 17", 16-28lbs.  For Medium to Large setting, snap YELLOW snaps into GREEN and attach the insert.

WHITE:  15 months to potty training, up to 18" rise, weight 25+ lbs.  Simply leave unsnapped & attach the soaker!

These pictures were taken this week.  My daughter is 13.5 months, 18lbs and is wearing the diaper set at the Small-Medium (ORANGE) size.

I am happy to report that Bottombumpers OS diapers excel in the performance department!  Not only are they trim for an OS, they are absorbent as well.  We can use this diaper anytime during the day--at home, for naps, for outings, even road trips!  Up until J was about 10 months, we were even able to use this diaper overnight without wicking or leakage.  Never have we had poo escape, even when it was still the runny breastmilk poop.  The diaper in the pictures above was purchased in November 2010 and has been a consistent part of our rotation since that time.  As you can see, it still looks great!  (To prevent your Bottombumper from getting holes in the lining, be sure to unsnap the insert before washing).There is no question about whether or not this is a good diaper--it is.  If you value having a natural fiber diaper that is good looking, trim and can grow with your baby, this is a great option for you!  

However, if you value appearance over economy, definitely check out the sized Bottombumpers  as they do not have the little bump in the back :)  
If you are a Bum Genius Elementals or GroVia AIO user, you probably would like the Bottombumpers AIO.  But don't take my word for it--try one for yourself!

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