Preloved LOVE

Considering the Preloved Newborn Diaper Rental for your little one and due in November, December, January or February? This deal is for you! 

Purchase your Preloved Newborn Rental between now and October 7th, and get a free one-size diaper (min. value $19.95).  (ps. When all the math shakes out, if you take advantage of all the freebies and offers, you've cloth diapered your newborn for just a nickel, or even less!)

How, you ask? 
  1. Free one-size diaper with a minimum value of $19.95 - the $50 rental fee (aka your out of pocket at the end of the day) essentially has dropped to $30.05. Imagine that, 12 weeks of diapers for just $30.05!
  2. Opt to receive your deposit back as store credit rather than cash - you will then receive a $30 bump in your deposit (from $145 to $175)! You've essentially paid $.05 for 12 weeks of diapers. Pretty snazzy, eh? 

Wondering if the Rental is right for you? 
  • Check out the Newborn Rental FAQs here and here. Please do me a giant favor and read through those two links before emailing with questions. I worked very hard on those novels - ahem, FAQs - to cover any possible question or scenario that has come up over the last 16mos. If you still have questions after reading please feel free to ask! 

Ready to Book? 
  1. Email me to confirm availability for your EDD. Please do not book your rental until I have confirmed a package for your EDD. In your message, be sure to provide: EDD, colorway preference (boyish/girlish/neutral), anything extra I should know (ie. APO address that takes three weeks to receive mail, twins, history of going early, etc).
  2. I will reply with availability confirmation.
  3. Once you receive this confirmation, you will have 24 hours to pay for the rental in full ($195). Sorry for the tight timing, but due to anticipated interest I cannot guarantee packages longer than that. Miss your 24 window? Please email again to confirm availability. 
  4. Once payment is received, I'll confirm I receipt.
  5. You are set! Rentals are guaranteed to arrive by your EDD. If any questions come up in the meantime please let me know!

Fine Print and Other Good Stuff to Know
  • One-Size diaper will ship with your Rental.
  • You can opt any time during your rental to take the deposit back as store credit or cash. Booking during this promotion doesn't lock you in to a store-credit deposit refund.
  • Due to anticipated response to this promotion - no rental cancellations will be accepted.
  • Free One-Size Diaper only available for those who haven't yet booked, or who thus far have only put down a deposit (are you one of those who paid your deposit already? I'll be emailing you to confirm if you'd like to pay this week to snag the OS freebie). 
  • Store credit bump to $175 was effective 10/1/11, and available to any rentals not yet refunded. This is not a promotion, and instead the new store credit deposit refund value for both new and preloved diaper rentals. 
  • At this time, rentals are only available to US addresses (including APO). 


  1. what about if you are having your baby in march??

  2. Hephzibah - Unfortunately I can only extend to those due through Feb. Anything further out is too far for my scheduling to accommodate.