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I'll often receive messages from those just starting their research. They've started reading reviews, finding information, bookmarking sites - but just don't quite know where to go from there. I empathize, as I remember that exact feeling! So many ideas, so many options, then there's the upfront expense. How can I know I'm making a good decision?

The following is how I break it down for people who come in to our store - for 1:1 consults, for 101 classes or just starting their research on their lunch break. If the following sounds a bit off-the-cuff, it is! An email reply I typed up tonight, and then realized it was high time I share this with all!

So here goes:

My favorite recommendation - start with the preloved newborn diaper rental. It gives you a chance to see how you like cloth diapering, and if you decide it isn't for you, you have just a minimal investment (even using the rental just a few weeks will already be saving you money over disposables).

If you are having a good experience (out of our hundreds of rentals, I can count on one hand those who haven't gone forward with cloth), do a trial package alongside the rental (thus ensuring you aren't left in a limbo period without enough diapers). The trial will let you test out several types and brands to see what you like best.

Then, after the rental and trial periods are up, trade in the whole thing for credit for your permanent diaper stash.

I think the best part about this^^ is that it lets you dip your toe in slowly, without having to jump in with hundreds of dollars. Each step of the way allows you to do a lot of research before making the next step. Hope that helps!

Want to do some more reading? Check out our 'help!' section, which walks you through step-by-step the usual research questions.

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  1. We did a trial package and are so glad we did. I highly recommend it to everyone!