Starting Out: What Do I Need?

The first question we get in the store from those beginning their research - just what do I need?

While it may seem there are a ton of diaper and accessory options out there, there are ways to get your horse blinders on, and funnel yourself towards just those items that will work best for you.
First, your shopping list. In other words, just what on earth do I need to make cloth diapering work for me?

There are six catagories you will consider when shopping: 
  1. which diaper(s) will you use?
  2. how will you store the dirty diapers until laundry time? aka storage
  3. which detergent will you use? 
  4. will you use cloth wipes
  5. what will you use when baby gets a red bum? aka rash cream
  6. how will you deal with poop?
Over the next blog posts we'll consider each of these six categories!

Anxious to begin your research now? Check out our 'help!' section. It takes you through your research, step-by-step. We know there are a lot of options out there, and we want to be sure you find just what will suit your family's needs best!!

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