AppleCheeks: The Skinny on Fit, Absorbency and More

A giant kudos to the ladies at AppleCheeks for continually reaching out to their customers, offering education on everything from supply chain and sourcing to continually updating product materials! As a retailer, it is so helpful to have these tools I can then pass along to you. They recently published two amazing visuals, which you'll find included below (to view either in more detail, click on the image and you will be taken to a zoom-able view). Also included below, my two-minute take on these diapers, as well as a short AppleCheeks shopping guide.

New to AppleCheeks? My two-minute take:
  • Fit: Super-soft leg and waist elastics offer a nice fit, particularly on babies with sensitive skin or chubby legs.
  • Sizing: The two-size system offers a fit from newborn through large toddler.
  • Functionality: Use as an All-in-Two or Pocket.
  • Customize! The shells and inserts are sold a la carte, so you can mix and match just what you need! Natural fibers, synthetics, stay-dry, bamboo, lots of absorbency? light absorbency? yup, they have it all!
Ready to give AppleCheeks a try? Here's what to purchase:
  • Using as an All-in-Two? Purchase a shell + a couple of inserts (unsure on which insert you'll like best? get a 2pli and a stay-dry). This will let you see how you like using the shell back-to-back. 
  • Using it as a Pocket? Purchase a shell + insert (unsure of your preferred insert? try both the stay-dry and 2pli bamboo - OR - already have a bunch of inserts? just buy the shell and stuff your favorite inside the pocket) 
  • Want to dip your toe further in the water? Try a Starter Kit! This gives you a day's worth of diapers. 
  • Want a full stash of AppleCheeks? Check out the Full-Time Kits! A full stash of AppleCheeks, just ready and waiting for a new home.  

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