I. O. U.

Where do you do your best thinking? For me it is the shower. I can run through to-do lists, upcoming events, life. In other words, I can think. Uninterrupted thinking - a beautiful thing when you have an almost-18-month-old running laps around you most days. 

Well, tonight I was thinking. Dear readers, I owe you not one, but TWO things. I'm so sorry!

  1. The blog has reached 100 followers, which means it is time to giveaway a Fishnoodles Solo Flyer All in One diaper (my favorite, as you may have read). 
  2. November has ended (shocking, isn't it?!). It is time to give away November's WAHMlight goodies
Therefore, I put forth this IOU that I will be back tomorrow, December 14th, to post both winners. Stay tuned!

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