WAHMlight: Jingle Bell style

Welcome to the WAHMlight Cloth! is the New Diaper! I have known Mel, the WAHM behind CND! (the typical abbreviation for the brand) for what feels like years, but in reality it is more like 15 months or so.
case in point, my lovely Baby Girl wearing a CND! fitted last fall

And I'm so excited to introduce you to her and her diapers. Please stay tuned at the end of the interview for a giveaway opportunity.

Without further ado, welcome to the WAHMlight Cloth! is the New Diaper!

IBB: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
CND!: Well, first and foremost I am a mother and wife. I have a wonderful husband who, in reality, belongs to the US Military and not me. I am so thankful for him and the sacrifices he makes so that I can stay at home with our children who are Kaylah (age 10), Rowan (age 3) and a new baby joining us in mid-February. Aside from being a wife and mother, I love to write, read, sew, play the Wii with my kiddos and cook, not that I have time for the majority of those things, LOL.

Cloth! in Action

IBB: When did you start sewing diapers?
CND!I started sewing diapers when my son was around a year old. We had starting using cloth diapers when he was 6 months old, and quickly realized I wanted to save even more money so I decided to try and sew my own. I literally started out using old sheets, t-shirts and receving blankets!

It's A Wonderful Life

IBB: Tell us about the start of Cloth! is the New Diaper.
CND!I decided to test the WAHM waters last summer when my husband deployed for the first time during our marriage. I figured I needed a hobby or something to help keep my mind off the news and off his absence. Like most WAHMs, I did a few rounds of product testing and decided to give it a shot.

The name of my business comes from a combination of my favorite celebrity blogger, Trent who owns and runs "Pink! is the New Blog," and a desire to have a business name that wasn't overly cutesy and that reflected the overall rise in the cloth diapering trend. Since the birth of my bussiness, the nicknames "CLOTH!" and "CND" have taken hold, both much easier to type out. :)

Mel's Fabric and Snap Stashes

IBB: Where do you see Cloth! in one year? Five years?
CND!: I see it right where it is now... a small WAHM business that generates just enough funds to feed my own CDing and wool addiction!

Miracle on 34th St

IBB: What is your favorite part of being a WAHM?
CND!: My favorite part of being a WAHM is knowing that something I made is being loved and used by so many people. It really is a pleasure and an honor to have people from all over the world love your product so much that they come back for more.

IBB: What is your favorite Christmas or winter fabric stocked at IBB?
"White Christmas"--the one with the skiing monkies! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. My second favorite would have to be "Nanook of the North."

Nanook of the North
(that shiny bit at the center is a quarter, meant to give you a sense of scale)

IBB: Anything else we should know about the fabulous Mel?
That I'm not really fabulous! ;) (Editor's Note - Yes she is!)

Now that you've met Mel and CND!, you can shop her amazing All-in-Ones here. So often people ask why buy cute fitteds if you have to cover them with a waterproof layer. Well, now you have the best of both worlds - an über-cute diaper with the waterproof layer hidden in the shell! Not to mention that her soaker is topped with a stay-dry fleece layer, so your baby will always feel dry. 

WAHMlight stocked a bit early (just in time for Black Friday), so early birds snagged some of the diapers. BUT, there are still three adorable prints in stock (one of which is my ultimate favorite - note the action shots of Little Girl above). 

Now for the giveaway.How about $10 to spend at IBB? Here's how to win:
  • Post a picture of your little one wearing your favorite Cloth! diaper to IBB's Facebook page
  • All entries must be posted by December 31st
  • Feel free to post as many photographs as you'd like
  • I will select a winner no later than January 2nd
  • Winner will be announced both on the IBB Facebook page as well as on this very blog
  • Any and all photographs you post must be your original artwork and, by posting, you agree I can use the winning photograph for my blog or website

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