Fabulous Hats

What: five amazing hats to give away

Why: because they are amazing and fabulous

When: Black Friday & Cyber Monday; 8am - 5pm CST

How: watch Facebook!

I will make periodic announcements throughout the day Friday, then again on Monday. 

The announcement will look something along the lines of: 'The next person to purchase a red diaper* will be the proud owner of a 0-6 month polka dot hat.' The first purchase that comes through Paypal will earn said hat! 

The times will be random, but no earlier than 8am and not later than 5pm (yes, I know you stalkers are sitting at your workstations, BUSTED). Please note the CST.

Easy peasy, right? 

*It will always be a red diaper. So, feel free to pre-shop the red diapers available in several amazing brands: Fishnoodles, Bottombumpers, Fuzzibunz, Tiny Tush, Cow Patties (red must be the predominate color in the print) and Cloth! is the New Diaper.
no snow, so sad.....
ps. you don't want to know what sad stuffed animals are contorted to make those hats semi-stand-up

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