Congratulations Nacho Dipe contest winners!

Yes, that's right, I said 'winners.' Plural. Winners. That darn Russian (Filipino) judge just couldn't make up his mind! But, unlike those finicky Russian judges, this Filipino has one strong sense of humor! 

So I give you the two winners for the month, congratulations Autumn G. and Laura M.! You've each won $10 to spend at IBB!

10 points for that landing!

toe pick!*

Thank you to everyone who submitted your cutie patooties' photographs! I adore looking at all the smiling faces, pudgy legs and bum shots! Truly, thank goodness Mark has to pick the photos as I'm sure all would be declared the winners if it were on me to decide.

Don't forget this month's giveaway. Details can be found here

*for all you 80's children, you will appreciate the reference - 

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