Snip, snip

Do you ever buy six-packs? Of pop, I mean (yes, 'pop,' thank you upper-Midwest). What do you do with that plastic-connector-thingy once you are done enjoying your beverages? 

I'm sure there are an intrepid few amongst us who have brilliant craft projects designed expressly around these rather benign objects of the everyday life. But what about the rest of us? Do you just toss them in the trash? 

May I encourage you to take a quick extra step? Consider cutting the plastic rings apart before throwing away. 

Why? Imagine scavenging animals digging through landfill-bound trash bags. What happens to one of these animals if a ring was to get caught on its snout, clamping its mouth shut?

While I'm positive a host of doctors and my mother would encourage me to stop drinking my body weight in Whole Foods Orange Creme Soda (gah, POP!), I would hate to imagine my sweet tooth ever hurting an animal. 

So, next time you finish off your six pack (of pop), consider grabbing the scissors and quickly snipping all of the rings apart. Not only will you potentially save a raccoon, but you also might discover a good test of hand-eye coordination and reflexes (word of warning, never cut while trying to stop your toddler from putting applesauce in her hair). 

ps. to those creative ladies amongst us, what kind of crafty projects could you do with one or more of these thingys? 

pps. if you know the technical term for the 'thingys' please let me know!

(p^3)s. 'soda,' 'pop' or 'coke?' 


  1. We always snip those plastic thingies. Nope, don't know what they are called!

    I am from Georgia, so every soda is a Coke.

    Waitress: What would you like to drink?
    Me: A Coke.
    Waitress: What kind?
    Me: Sprite, please.


    - Christine

  2. I always snip those "plastic thingies" too. I also do not know what they are called. I live in Kansas as well (for the past 10 yrs) but grew up in Upstate NY so I say Soda and I correct my husband every time he says pop! It's quit comical.

  3. I call them Soda rings. And I'm from Middle Illinois and we all call is Soda. I Dislike the word pop. It's not even a word, it's a onomatopoeia. LOL

    And I've heard you can make snowflakes out of the rings? But I never buy or drink Soda anymore.

    Oh and a tid bit. If you don't have scissors, just use your hulk muscles to break them. Burn calories AND save the world.

  4. I call it soda... And I have no idea what the plastic thingies are called, but we buy the 12-pack boxes, so we never deal with them anyway. Buy in bigger packs = save animals! hahaha :)