Black Friday

A tumbleweed rolls by as the dust clouds swirl on the horizon.
The lone filling station clerk leans against the wall, scanning for signs of life. 
Cue desolate music, with some ravenous bird screeches thrown in for good measure.

No, you aren't in the middle of my latest half-hearted attempt at fiction. Rather, the same solitude fills the halls of Bitsy Buzz. 

Yes, I admit it, I've been quite absent with my posts as of late. And poor Marky Baby Mondays, won't even get you started with my backlog of great Mark tidbits just waiting to be relayed. 

Wonder where Bitsy Buzz had flown off to? Me too. Haha. I had no idea how wrapped up I'd find myself in my first Black Friday stocking. And I'll admit, I liked it. A lot. Planning the varied goodies to bring the lovely ladies and gents who shop at IBB was just up my alley. 

So, without further delay, I introduce to you two of my favorites -

BSRBs, with a smattering of AIOs, TIANs and LBs for good measure

some amazing Christmas fabrics which soon will be Cloth! is the New Diaper All-in-Ones

Also rolling out a new trial package and new brands (can you say For Crying Out Loud!) and items (Fishnoodles snap-in hemp doublers!). 

Lastly, don't forget the giveaways and sales. Wahmies wetbags, Fuzzibunz items, BabyLegs.... the list goes on and on. 

For the most up-to-date list of goodies and giveaways, visit the Black Friday Preview Page.  

Even the Itsy Bitsy Spider has decked his halls.

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