My True Love Gave (Giveaways) To Me....

For me, the days following Christmas are a bit sad. No longer is anticipation hanging in the air, nor presents tempting from beneath the tree. So I figure, let's cheer up these post-holiday blues! Let IBB be your true love, and give you something special. Presenting - 

The Twelve Days of Christmas, IBB Style


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 
Babylegs in a pair three!
(that is, three pairs of Babylegs)

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 
a small wet bag,
and Babylegs in a pair three!
(that is, a small wet bag and three pairs of Babylegs)

The Details
  • Every day I will announce the giveaway item or items (each giveaway will be announced on both Facebook and the blog at 9am CST)
  • Every $50+ purchase that day will go into a hat, and the following morning I will announce the winning order
  • If no orders are received, the prize carries over to the next day (so, in theory you could wait to order and try to get multiple prizes, or order immediately if you really want said prize(s) and hope for no other orders)
  • Your winning item(s) will ship with your order
  • Unlike previous giveaways, trial package deposits will count as a qualifying purchase 

So, all $50+ orders received today (12/26) go in the hat for the following items:
First Day (12/25): 3 pairs of Babylegs
Second Day (12/26): Small Wahmies Wet Bag

And stay tuned for the remaining Twelve Days of Christmas, IBB Style!
Third Day (12/27): TBA
Fourth Day (12/28): TBA
Fifth Day (12/29): TBA
Sixth Day (12/30): TBA
Seventh Day (12/31): TBA
Eighth Day (1/1): TBA
Ninth Day (1/2): TBA
Tenth Day (1/3): TBA
Eleventh Day (1/4): TBA
Twelfth Day (1/5): TBA

And I'll be singing Faa la la la lahhhhhhhh all the way to the Post Office with your goodies.
Your IBB true love.

ps. I truly hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I certainly was very blessed to spend so much time with my dearest friends and family.

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