Baby Steps

After a two week hiatus, I'd like to welcome back Marky Baby to the land of IBB. 

Have I told you (nope, I'm positive I haven't, but the phrase makes a nice transition don't you think?)... every Monday Mark emails me his post, typically jotted down on his lunch break. Today's post arrived pre-lunch, as he likes to see the whites of his deadline's eyes the early email caught me by surprise. As I read his thoughts, it just struck me as so meaningful, and all around quite sweet. For those who don't know me well, or even at all, I've had several health issues over the years. Nothing that I left ever keep me down for long, but some days can be very, very challenging. Today was one of those days. 

Anyways, what I mean to say, his message rings so true and I thank him for the lovely post. I hope you all enjoy it. 

From the Desk of Marky Baby...

As my little baby starts to walk run, climb stairs, climb on things like the dog, her walker and pretty much anything else that sits still for too long, I have realized something.... it all starts with baby steps. 

Abby, Avalee and I strolled the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City on Friday night after a refreshing dinner at Blanc (Editor's Note - if you are local, you *must* try this place! especially the truffle fries!) and a quick trip to the Gap. We happened to have two ways to get back to the car - a. take the slow creepy elevator back to the parking lot, or b. walk up the three flights of steps. With the sun setting at our backs and the dinner sitting heavy in my stomach, I wanted to go for the elevator. Avalee seemed to have other ideas. Her eyes lit up when she came upon the steps and, her little fist in mine, she pulled me towards them. 

My thoughts were as follows, in no particular order: 
  • Fight or flight, I'm going with flight
  • Whose daughter is this really? Three flights of steps in the KC heat. What? 
  • She'll definitely be pooping out, or should I say, get tired in the middle and stop.
  • Who's going to help Abby up the steps? 
  • Who's going to help me up the steps? 
  • Why aren't there hand rails? 
  • What genius decided to put so many steps outside? 
  • Oh look, a bird, Kaw-k-Kaw

Anyways, step by step Avalee climbed with minimal assistance. Then she stood still long enough that I thought she was done, so I picked her up and started to climb. Avalee seemed to have other ideas. She quickly wiggled to get back down, and her trek resumed. 

With people looking on, cheering from the McCormick and Schmidt's patio, shrimp cocktail in one hand and a cocktail in the other, Avalee kept going (Editor's note - I spy a wee bit of fiction Marky Baby). It wasn't until close to the top when an older gentleman passed us by, saying 'someone's going to sleep well tonight.' He obviously doesn't know Avalee (Editor's note - while I may have chronic fatigue, my apple fell very far from the tree). Anywhoos.

She finally made it! She climbed her Everest! When I turned around and looked to where we started I was shocked! She really did it! It just goes to show you slow and steady wins the race. My little girl showed a lot of heart and determination. So, next time I am faced with a momentous task, my own Everest, I shall attack it with one baby step at a time! 

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