Tiny Tush Love

Of course a store called 'Itsy Bitsy Bums' should love something called 'Tiny Tush.' I mean, they are practically the same thing (diagrams help, right?): 

Itsy Bitsy = Tiny
Bums = Tush

And anyways, aren't most cloth diapering items/accessories/stores/fan clubs/cult followings' names all just euphemisms for adorable teeny gluteus maximuses (or should that be maximi? hmmm)?

I digress. 

I was excited to see an article about Tiny Tush's founder Charlene Foster and wanted to share it with you all. I have been nothing but impressed with Charlene's products, and cannot wait to see where her business goes. Being a fellow Cheese-head, I also feel the home state pride for her! 
I've known about the Tiny Tush brand for quite a while. In fact, Tiny Tush's liners were one of our very first cloth diapering purchases. However, I'm quite surprised there isn't more fanfare for the Tiny Tush Elite One Size Pocket Diaper. I am so impressed with this diaper! 

So customizable - two microfiber inserts, four rise settings, aplix closures. 


Well designed - reverse pocket ensures both that the microfiber inserts are completely covered and, in addition, no nasties get in the pocket when you are spraying it. 

So, if you know someone looking for a one-size pocket diaper with a fantasically tall rise, send them to Tiny Tush. And if you are a fellow Wisconsinite, join me in beaming with pride. 

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